Fishy odor after sex
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tatianna - September 30

no need to be so rude it is part of human nature!


denise - October 1

try a doush, go to a local dollar store or supermarket, it cant hurt, unless you have an infection or problems. dont use it.


ohdrama0901 - October 2

that fishy odor is definitely bacterial vaginosis and what i found out that helps is i use rephresh vaginal gel that is supposed to replenish the vaginal ph level. you get it at walmart for under 14 dollars and it works. the symptoms do return so i just keep it onhand and yes u should urinate after having intercourse because it seems to occur when u are not following that suggestion.


ohdramA0901 - October 2

i also forgot to say that if u use rephresh as a vaginal lubricant that it really gets worked around inside the vagina by the penis and u will not notice a smell after intercourse. sometimes those reoccurring vaginal infections are tell tell signs that your man could be having more than just one sexual partner which could be why the infection is reoccurring.


BV - October 2

Thanks will try the rephresh and i am getting some body odor blocker pills too. Melanie I shower twice a day it's not that for I am a very clean person. It's just that I have this problem. Thanks ohdrama!!


karen - October 4

girls i have a strange question in reference to this, i notice sometimes after dh does same thing its a strange odor, not exactly fishy, but wierd, and it does dissapear, but in a few days, and it scares me to have oral sex with him cause i think his sperm has that same this crazy? and its not exactly from me it is from him.....i guess it is similar to what i am hearing here, but any advice?


Joy - October 4

I have had BV for a while now and nothing has worked but the boric acid vaginal suppositories. This is what has worked for me. I asked my OB/GYN and this does not prevent you from getting pregnant. This bacteria is in the vagina not in the uterus and therefore does not affect sperm whatsoever. You can still get pregnant. For the ones on this post that made the smart ass comment of "take a shower already", etc. you should save your comments because you never know if it happens to you. This is not because the person is not clean, but it has to do with the Ph balance in the vagina. There is no need to insult people who are going through this ordeal. If it grosses you out so much, then don't read the posts. For the ladies who have this problem please ask your doctor about boric acid vaginal suppositories. They have worked for me and right now I don't have the bacteria. Good Luck!!!!


to karen - October 4

The odor you are probably experiencing comes from after you have sex correct? This could be the norm for you and your hubby. Sometimes it just smells like sex (sorry tmi) afterwards. Is it a rally strong fishy smell, or just kind of an after sex smell? If it a really fishy, he may have somethign going on too. GOod luck!


BV - October 5

Thanks joy for being so understanding. I have heard of the boric acid suppositories but I don't have a doctor so could you tell me what to do otherwise that can help. For me I don't get a fishy odor, i get a musty or something has gone sour smell and the only thing that worked was the acidophilus pills for a while for me and partner but when we had sex it came back. I wonder if cholorophyll works too. Well yea I do deal with being musty a lot and the vaginal area gets a little musty. It's like when I get out of the shower and wipe or smell under my arms I can still smell a little must and it gets in my towels and stuff. Where can I get some boric acid suppos. from without going to the doctor Joy and how many do I need to use and what to do, would appreciate any info about this and what to do thanks again joy.


karen - October 5

thanks girls, but it seems to be for days even after showering and it is with dh, cause when we have oral sex, i smell it then when he ejac. in me as well, i am thinking there is a problem with him, and he has been tested etc since trying for so long but it is driving me nuts.


Joy - October 7

BV. I got my boric acid supp. through a special pharmacy that produces them. They are not sold at just any pharmacy and the insurances do not cover it. If you can go to the doctor just once and ask him about it, maybe he can give you a prescription for it. I used it for 3 months, for 10 days every month. You just can't use it when you have your period so make sure that when you use it you start after your period is over. There are several websites that talk about herbal douches that are supposed to help. The only douches I don't recommend are the ones that they sell at the store because they contain things that are not good for the vaginal ph of the woman. Please stay away from douching with those. I will try and find the websites and post them here. I may have printed some of the information out for myself. I will look for it and give you the info. Good luck and see if you can at least talk to a doctor so that he can prescribe it. There are other forms of boric acid that are available that I have read, but I would have to see if I have any info on that. In the meantime, go online and search for herbal remedies for BV and a lot of things will come up. Let me know how it goes. Good Luck!!!!


BV - October 9

K thanks so much for the info and I am going to do a colon cleanse, it may just be that because I am constipated and not regular and the toxins and stuff build up in your body that has been there for years like 3-8 meals may be sitting in ur intestines rotting and stuff because of not going regular and it starts to come through the body so I am going to do the Dr.Natura colonix program and hopefully this will help. If anybody else wants to do a colon cleanse it is best to do a 3 month cleanse. Go to and read up on it it might be gross but it's the truth. We clean our outside but we forget the inside which is the most important and then we wonder why we stink lol. Get a colon cleanse no toxins in the body, no more smells!!!


Bethy - October 9

Karen, all mens sperm has a certain "smell". Its a bacteria. It doesnt neccessarily mean he has a "problem". This is why women who are promiscuos smell "fishy" (or just reallllyyy nastY smell) as the bacteria from all the men shes with together makes an even stronger smell. His semen should be cloudy white color. Yellow tint is okay, but yellow-green color means infection. A chlorine type smell is normal also. The taste of semen should be slightly sweet due to fructose ( differs between men). I hope this helps


karen - October 10

well thanks for the advice here, bethy i understand what your saying, i never knew that about promisicous women and such, my dh and i have only been with each other since we are 16! so i never understood how women can do it with alot of partners, their business though, anyway good luck ttc to all.


Goodbye to BV - October 11
Check that out and let me know how it goes.


BV - October 15

How in the world can u get clindesse without a prescription. This stuff is 10X stronger than cleocin but similiar. It's one dose that is equivalent to 7 doses of cleocin. Quick and easy ridding of bacterial vaginosis in one dose, cool!!!



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