Female Infertility

There are many different types of infertility experienced by women. Many of the fertility problems can be easily treated. However, the sooner you get a diagnosis, the better your prognosis will be. In this section, you'll find explanations for numerous female infertility disorders.


Some of the most common causes of female infertility include polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids and endometriosis. However, there are several other reasons why a woman may experience fertility problems, such as ovulatory disorders (like anovulation), premature ovarian failure and uterine factors. Egg quality also plays a role in infertility in many women.

The female reproductive system is a very delicate structure that is easily affected by even the slightest change in your body. Because of this, it can be dangerous to alter the system too much. menstrual suppression, for example, can potentially lead to infertility. Maintaining your health can also help you avoid some infertility risks, like luteal phase defect.

Women with eating disorders find it very difficult to conceive. Anorexics often stop menstruating, making pregnancy impossible until the eating disorder is corrected. Alternately, plus-sized women can also find themselves dealing with various fertility issues. Infertility When You're Plus Sized outlines some of the more commone problems experienced by overweight women and what can be done about them.

Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer may feel overwhelmed at the the thought of treatment. If you have been diagnosed and are in your childbearing years, then you will also likely feel some anxiety as to whether treatment will make you infertile. Take a look at Breast Cancer and Fertility to find out what kind of impact this deadly disease may have on you.

Sadly, many women are able to conceive but have difficulties carrying a pregnancy to term. Women who experience multiple miscarriages should make an appointment with their doctor to find out what is causing their infertility.

Worried that there may be drawbacks to infertility treatments? There are a few, including the increased chance of having multiple births.

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hi has any one used parlodel after trying clomid?
Sarah Achieng oremo
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Hello everybody, I am trying to conceive for last 3 year. I want to get valuable information to clear my doubts regarding infertility possibility with appropriate medical way. We try each and every method but not succeed. I want to overcome this stressful life at any cost that ruins my life day by day. I have real bonding with my husband to get balance in marriage life. I want to know about infertility possibility in easy method to overcome this horrible situation to conceive effectively. We consult with many gynecologist of Ukraine to get permanent solution of my infertility problem. I got this post valuable that have sufficient information to understanding infertility problem in professional way. I hope this online forum feedback help me to conceive easily to enjoy my marriage life with healthy baby gift that is dream of every woman to become perfect mother.
Hi I am 32 years old and planning for the baby since two years. But, couldn’t able to become pregnant. I have consulted a gynecologist and after performing all the infertility tests, she told me that I have blocked fallopian tubes. I want to ask few questions from you. Is IVF is the only option left with me? What are the risk factors associated with IVF?