Fishy odor after sex
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Anon - May 16

Every time my husband ejaculates inside me I have a fishy odor w/ light discharge for about two days after. Then it goes away. What could this be? Is it normal and could it prevent the sperm from getting to where it needs to be? Can I still get pregnant??


Melissa - May 17

I have to say any abnormal order needs to be checked by your doctor. That is not normal. You should also have your hubby checked since it only smells after him.


For Anon... - May 17

I asked my doc about this because my friend told me the same thing. The doc told me that if you dont shower after it can lead to this. She also mentioned if you dont go pee after sex it can lead to this as well. She says that if you are trying to concieve... wait about an hour to go to the rest room and then shower the next morning. Hope this gives you some light. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Char - May 18

The fishy odor is usually caused by a chemical reaction between the secretions in your vagina and semen. It is usually pretty normal to have this if the semen is in there a while, a little cleaning of the area will get rid of it... and the discharge is most likely the semen coming back out. It is usually nothing to worry about...


Cutie - May 18

I agree with Char!


Anon - May 19

Oh thank goodness!! you ladies are such a blessing! I have been so afraid that this would keep me from getting preggo. I have been actually falling asleep after dtd and not getting up at all until morning to use restroom. So, that definately explains my situation. Baby Dust to you all and again thanks for your help and concern. I hope I can return the favor on one of your posts as I do try to answer others questions when I can. :)


Drew - May 19

Char, you hit the nail on the head! That is exactly what I have heard, and yes it happens to me too. What I do is put a thin layer of underarm deoderant on the inside of my thighs; not to close to your vagina as perfumes can cause yeast infections. Also uncented baby wipes are a God send!!!


Nena - May 19

I think you should check if you have any bacterias because this happened to me and I've done many tests and found bacterias. Usually you shouldnt smell so your partner because anything that smells bad is infection. I am telling this because I've gone through. So I will suggest you to go and check for any bacteria in vagina, cervix and uterus especially if you are trying to conceive. Good luck***


Nena - May 19

I forgot to mention, in case you have bacteria, your partner should be checked as well and in the mean time you shouldn't have sex just to be on the safe side. I suffered a lot from infections so please make sure to do some tests because it's simply and easy. :o)


Az - June 29

Women do have a natural odor, however, I think this woman is referring to something that is out of the ordinary for her. I've seen some of your other postings, Meg, and you're not going to make this woman feel like crap like you have tried to do with other women on this forum. She has a very important question and we are here to help her, not make her feel stupid. Why don't you find another outlet for your negativity.


To Tia - June 29

Yes girls can kinda squirt, though its more like a gush. It happens when your g-spot is stimulated. The squirt or gush is g-spot fluid. Hope this helps! :)


sm - June 30

Fishy odor (everyone has heard the jokes about the fish odor) is generally related to a vaginal infection. Depends on how you interpret the smell, semen usually has a slight amonia (think floor cleaner) smell. Would have it checked out with a doctor, i think the infection which causes it is not hard to treat but obviously any infection would make conceiving more difficult.


Az - July 1

I'm not sure what "ecrap" is. Maybe you should go back to your highschool and learn how to spell.


Carly - July 19

You know actually I have done a lot of studying on this. I believe it could be an infection of some sort (Yeast, UTI, Kidney or maybe a bladder infection). I mean you don't even have to feel different to know you have an infection. So see ur health care provider about test and treatment. Also Char could be right about the fluids mixing, After a few days after sex I still have semen that comes out. Being pregnant it seems I am immuned to infections but I am going through the same thing now, Just check it out with your healthcare provider. P.S. Try eating plenty of yogurt.


Taneka - July 20

Nia yes woman can squirt like men do I was just reading something about it woman can ejaulate just like men do is doesnt have to just ooze out


Monicalia - July 20

That sounds very much like Bacterial Vaginosis... PLEASE SEE THE DR & ASK TO BE TESTED! This is serious & does cause infertility... I have had it on 2 occasions. The first time my Dr. treated it with Flagyl but as it returned a 2nd time, it was due to resistant bacteria & I had to use a 7 day treatment of Metro-Gel vaginal inserts. It is now gone however, they say that once you have BV you are prone to recurrences. I strongly feel that this has affected my fertility, they only found the BV in pre-testing for my HSG. By the time they informed me of my infections I was 3 days out from my HSG appt - they instructed me to start the medication & continue with the HSG. I had this done on 05/26 & have not gotten preg - Ive been TTC for 11 mos w/ no luck. Bad timing on my account & my error in going forward as my Dr. advised as I just runied the fertility window often seen w/ HSG tests! :( Please do not discount it as semen / sexual secretions - bottom line, if it smells fishy - check it out with a Dr. ASAP!!


nene - July 20

can it stop me from getting pregnet



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