Fishy odor after sex
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BV - October 15

How in the world can u get clindesse without a prescription. This stuff is 10X stronger than cleocin but similiar. It's one dose that is equivalent to 7 doses of cleocin. Quick and easy ridding of bacterial vaginosis in one dose, cool!!!


toasty - April 16

nothing to worry about. look into Bacterial Vaginosis


Cathys - July 16

I had similar symptoms too, only after removing IUD Mirena and following some natural procedures I had these symptoms gone. I frequently get yeast infection as well as bacterial vaginosis. I would smell fishy right after sex., this made my sex life a question. I understood you have to keep pH lower than 4.7, but sex actually increases this vaginal pH therefore you are more susceptible to these bv infections. But following a trick from this ebook after sex helped me to alleviate the bv infection completely


S.MonizBabyy - August 7

I have this also, & I have been to the doctor 4 times because of this & each time she Mis-Diagnosed me...I have been trying to conceive since last september buy No luckk .... :( I NEEED HELPP


daisy1979 - October 14

Go ask 4 a herpes test



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