First Time IUI
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Maycee02 - August 29

Don't get discouraged by that massy! I'm guessing you are probably on progesterone? If so that will cause sore breasts and a ton of other side effects that mimick either pregnancy OR AF.. so just wait and see what the test says. I know the 2ww sucks!! It's hard not to wonder what every little thing could be, unfortunately with the IUI's its hard to tell cause all the meds make different things happen in your body. Try and stay posititve! I know it's hard, my problem was I didn't want to be too positive because I didn't want to be more crushed if I got a BFN.. so I totally understand..


massy08 - August 29

No the only thing Im taking is to increase my thyroid hormone production because I am a little low. Im thinking maybe the trigger could be whats causing it but then I dont know because this has happened to me every month as soon as my breasts are sore thats it I get my Af. Thats why ive been kinda down although I dont feel like I always do that i know forsure Im gonna get my af but im not sure how i would handle it not working. Im scared ill fall into a depression again


Maycee02 - August 29

I know it's hard to do, but, keep in mind you are only on day 6 so I would think it would be way too early for AF symptoms?? I know it's so hard to see BFN when it doesn't work, especially when you've been trying so hard and for me I've spent a lot of $$ on it and then I feel like it was just wasted. I know for many people it takes 2 or 3 times because the first time they just don't know how much meds you need or how your follicles will respond.. they've upped my meds each time so sometimes it just takes a few cycles to get it right. I know they work because my husband and I's best friends got BFP on their 3rd try and a couple my husband works with had the same thing, they just had twins from their 3rd iui.


massy08 - August 29

Yea thats true and well today is 7dpiui so i have another week to go till i have to test Im getting a blood test yea and especially when there is so many ppl around you having babies and they didnt even have to try and yea i feel you on the money we had to charge it on my husbands credit card and itd be costly to do another one. Yea thats very true the nurse that helped me out during my iui said and she said not to give up and ive seen alot success stories for 2nd and 3rd but its just so hard to deal with emotionally i cried for an hour last night but atleast i had my husband to give me so support.


Maycee02 - August 29

I know what you mean on everyone having babies thing! My maid of honor from my wedding is pg and her and her BF just decided to get off the pill and see what happens! And another one of my bridesmaids is pg.. and I'm thinking another one of my bridesmaids will be pg again here soon.. and yesterday my niece sent me a message on FB telling me that they were expecting #3 in March... UGGGH just shoot me now!! LOL Not to mention all the people on FB with their sonogram pics and "I am now XX weeks and my baby is the size of a lemon" or whatever crap.. Sooooo frustrating!
I wasn't too bad on my first IUI.. I had prepared myself for it not working.. I was very negative pretty much the entire time so when it was BFN I was sad but was also like.. well I figured.. move on to try #2. I was a mess all last week when #2 was BFN.. bawled and bawled.. was a mess at work.. they probably thought I was crazy! This time if it's another BFN.. I'm not sure how I'll feel.. part of me is like.. well.. guess I can stop spending money.. get back to working out and just living my life.. but still.. I'm sure I'll be super sad because it will most likely be the end of our journey with this. I will find out tomorrow how my eggs are. I'm soooo sick of getting shots in my stomach at night!


sweetcali13 - August 30

Had my first iui today. Dh had a very low count at 8.9 mil with 2.85 mil total motile. I am very disappointed. Dr. Didn't sound optimistic. She said next month we'll be super aggressive and start dh on fertility blend for men now. I had 3 good follies though on left side. Hopefully lying on my left side for 20 min after helped. My fingers are crossed and I'm praying so hard my head hurts.


Maycee02 - August 30

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you sweetcali!! I know it seems low but I've heard some people getting BFP off of 1 mil.. so don't get too discouraged! It only takes 1! :) I had 3 def follies today and possibly a 4th that will mature.. 2 on my right and 3 on my left.. they aren't ready yet as they are only 13-14 in size so my RE is going to call me later this afternoon with the action plan.. but figures it will probably be Monday for my IUI.. I was hoping for tomorrow or Saturday but that's def not happening. Every time I've done it (3rd time now) it's been trigger on Sunday, IUI on Monday AM.. I thought the up in meds would make it progress faster but apparently not.


sweetcali13 - August 30

I felt like poop most of yesterday. I was crampy and my back hurt. Today, wicked bloating. I wouldn't be so irritated about it if I knew it would work. We BD twice yesterday after iui just to give that little extra. New and interesting development, since my follies were all on the left I slept on my left to let gravity help. I'm kinda terrified to lay on my right....what if it messes it up? It's killin me! I know it's far fetched but I woke up a billion last night freaked cuz I was lying on my right side. Ugh. Tww sucks! I'm ready for Sept 12 to be here!


sweetcali13 - August 30

Maycee, good luck! Clomid sped me up to cd 11 this cycle. You have lots of targets for those lil soldiers to get to! Fingers crossed for you!


shagufta - August 30

I m new to this forum. I have started with Puregon and have to do IUI. has anyone done Puregon with IUI.


Maycee02 - August 31

Thanks sweetcali!!! Yes I always have super bad bloating, pressure the day or so after IUI... I hate it!! Just feel like total crap! My RE called last night and I def have 4 follies progressing simultaniously! Scary!! I just want ONE baby!! My DH has a fairly low count, only 8 mil post wash last time so hopefully it will be a good mix to just fertalize one!

Massy... how are you doing??

Sorry Shaqufta I don't have any info on that, but good luck with your IUI!!! :)


Maycee02 - September 10

Hi! I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing? I had my IUI on the 3rd so I'm still a little over a week before I can test.. haven't really had much for symptoms other than getting what felt like a cold a few days after and have been stuffy and congested.. and my back broke out really BAD just the other day! But.. that could maybe be from the Follistim? I didn't have that with the Gonal F... it's so hard to tell when its diff meds..


massy08 - September 12

Hey maycee i hope this is your cycle i got a cold too after my iui but it didnt mean anything because i went last week for my blood work it came back negative i was devistated but i am ok now we cant afford a round two right now just gonna keep natural i am still waiting for my period is that normal? Maycee in your past failed iuis how long did you have to wait for your period?


Maycee02 - September 12

Ahhhh massy I'm so sorry for your BFN.. :( I know how much that sucks! I've been getting them for 3 years and 2 IUI's now!! Sucks that it's sooo hard for some people and soooo easy for others, not fair! I am taking my test on Tuesday so I still have almost an entire week to wait.. BAH! I have always been on progesterone and when my test is negative I stop taking it and then have started my period within 2 days normally.. so.. maybe you should test again? That seems like quite awhile.. normally it comes within a few days.. unless you have really long cycles?


sweetcali13 - September 12

Today is my beta, I'm far from optimistic. I had bfn 12dpiui. I have symptoms like sore bbs, weird cramping, increased discharge and fatigue but I think it's in my head or cuz of AF. I've been in such a terrible mood since bfn that I don't even want to be around myself. This is so much harder then I thought. I thought it would be like all of my natural disappointing cycles but I'm more upset this time. Mostly because I've been miserable for 3 weeks for nothing.
Good luck Maycee, fx for you! Massy, I hope you conceive naturally in the meantime. I'm sorry about your bfn, I know how it feels.


massy08 - September 12

Its ok and yea its really stressful and I can only imagine how stressful its been for you and yea It really is not fair how easy some ppl have it But Ill pray for you that the third time is the charm for you :) And yea i was not taking anything aside from vitamins and a thyroid hormone which i stopped both because I was so depressed and well I really do not have a set cycle because I am irregular but I was thiking that if everything came back negative I should have started my period already its been a week now and I think Ill wait to test aagin I do not want to get my hopes up and get crushed again twice in one month Good luck for tuesday keep me posted :)



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