First Time IUI
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Maycee02 - July 17

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site and had my first IUI a little over a week ago.. We have been TTC for over 2 years... I've read many success stories on first tries and would love to hear others! 2WW is awful and I've just heard SO much about it not happening on the first try that I can't even get excited.. I was on Letrizole and Gonal F then the Ovidrel for trigger... I'm not sure we can afford it a second time so I'm trying to be positive it will happen!


Nikki101 - July 18

Keep the faith unfortunately my iui didnt work, the percentage is lower than ivf. Most people that i talk to it didnt work and sum worked with multiple tries. Ive also been trying for a little over 2 years after my attempt failed with iui i decided not to try it again and just save for ivf so i plan to do my 1st cycle of ivf this october. How much did you pay for your iui? I paid $350 for mine. Goodluck hope this happens for the both of us soon


Maycee02 - July 18

Aww I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you. :( I know the odds aren't GREAT... especially for the first time. Our best friends were able to concieve after their 3rd time but they only did oral meds and no injectables so I'm hoping that will help my chances... I'm thinking we will try twice and if it doesn't work that will be it for us.. we def can afford IVF.. My IUI was about $388 but we also had to pay for the medications so that was the most expensive thing.. Good luck to you with IVF!! I hope we both get little ones!! :)


sweetcali13 - August 9

I'm going to be starting my first iui cycle this month. I'm so excited to just be starting something instead of waiting and having no idea what going on. DH and I have been ttc for over a year now. Had abnormal estradiol test and so was referred to RE. Had my first consult yesterday and since I'm in the middle of my current cycle she said as long as all b/w is done we can start next cycle! She said with my age(25) she hopes to have me pg this year, if not this month. I love her optimism! I hope to be able to read success stories and have one of my own to share!


Maycee02 - August 9

Hello! Just wanted to say HI and good luck to sweetcali! I'm 3dpiui and in the dreaded 2WW... seems like 4ever!! Hoping the 2nd time works for me!! I'm definitely more positive this time than I was the 1st time for some reason... hopefully those good vibes will turn into good luck for a BFP!! :) Good luck to everyone!!


sweetcali13 - August 10

Hi! I know every month the 2ww would snail trail by. It was the worst! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
If I may ask, what was the iui like? This will be my first one and I have no idea what to expect. One more thing, how did the meds make you feel? Any side effects?
Sticky dust!!


Maycee02 - August 10

It was super easy.. it took probably less than 5 mins.. I bet maybe 2 mins.. my DH colleted at home and I took the deposit to the dr.. my IUI was a little over an hour later.. I have a very sensitive cervix so for me it hurt just a little.. kind of like a pinch but not bad at all.. MANY women don't feel it at all, it's very similar to a pap. Once the do the insemination they have this thing on the table that kind of props your hips up so I laid there for 20 mins and then went back to work.. no issues at all. This second time I had a little bit of spotting which is normal because the catheter can bump your cervix and cause that so if you have it don't worry it's normal.
The meds weren't bad.. I may have been a tad bit more hormonal or bitchy but I'm not sure that was really the meds or just the process in general.. just the wondering...being anxious.. worried the "what if" if it doesn't work.. etc... it's just stressful in general. I want to be excited and right now I'm doing pretty good.. but there is that part of me that is like.. I've NEVER been PG and im 36.. makes you guess if it will EVER happen and we can't afford IVF so I'm REALLY hoping this works!
Anyway.. enough about that!! So the only other thing is the progesterone.. you will probably start that a few days after your IUI.. it's not bad but it kind of sucks because toward the end of the 2WW especially you get all the normal PG symptoms.. the progesterone does that.. sore boobs, tired, hungry.. crampy... so you'll feel like maybe you are PG... and sometimes people are!! But lots of times it's just the progesterone.. just don't read too much into the symptoms... could be anything!! I hope this helps!! Lots of sticky dust to you too!!! Keep me updated!! :)


sweetcali13 - August 11

Thanks! That's super helpful. I'm so excited. Do you plan on waiting for b/w to find out if you are pg or are you going to test? I'm such an addict. I know though that with the trigger you can't test early. That would drive me crazy.


Maycee02 - August 13

Last time I tested 2 days early and it was negative which ended up being a true negative.. you have to be careful on testing early because the trigger shot causes positive testing.. I've seen that some women test every day until it goes negative..that way they know the shot is tested out and if they get a positive after that it's a true positive.. my dr. doesn't do b/w unless we get a positive hpt... I'm going to try and wait... I hae to wait until the 21st which seems like forever!!


sweetcali13 - August 21

So? It's the 21st!!! Whats the verdict?
I started my clomid IUI cycle yesterday. I had a moment of "shits getting real" lol. I'm so excited that I'm getting anxious. Next Monday is my US to see how it's going. She said on my cd4 US that everything looks good right now. Hoping it stays that way! My fingers are crossed for you!!


Maycee02 - August 22

Hi Sweetcali13!! Unfortunately it doesn't look like my cycle worked.. for the 2nd time! BAH! I tested Monday and yesterday and both were BFN... now just waiting for AF so we can move on to our 3rd and final attempt... if the third time doesn't work I think we will be throwing in the towel.. we can't afford IVF and that is probably the next step.. I've already been doing oral AND injectible meds so not sure what else to do. :( I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you though!!! I hope it works!! Don't be discouraged by my story because as you probably know, it's worked for MANY people!!! Stay positive!! :)


massy08 - August 22

Hey maycee I have a question for you did you have sex after you did your iui I just did mine firstiui today and my doctor told me to have sex tonight and tomorrow so im just wondering and Im really sorry your second try did not work hopefully the third one will be the charm for you :)


Maycee02 - August 22

Hi Massy,
We didn't this time, we did the first time but not this time. We have another issue, he has high viscosity which means it's hard for his sperm to swim through the semen, I guess it's too thick... my gyno suggested IUI because of this issue. So I have low egg reserve and he has low count and high viscosity.. But.. from what I understand it should help if you don't have the high viscosity issue so you should!! The more swimmers up there the better!! :) Good luck!!


massy08 - August 23

Thank you maycee for your response I did take your advice and got more swimmers up there now im just waiting and scared at the same time Hope it works out for you :)


Maycee02 - August 28

Hi! I'm just checking in to see how everyone is doing! We have now started our 3rd cycle and they changed up from 150iu of Gonal F to 200iu of Follistem. I find out Thursday when we inseminate! Keeping my fingers crossed that 3rd times a charm!! Hope everyone is having good luck with theirs!!


massy08 - August 28

Thats good news hopefully this is your cycle maycee:) Im currently in my 2 wk wait im on 6dpiui and im kind of nervous cuz its my first and im really not feeling that positive especially since my breasts are getting sore and that usually happens before my period so idk what to think....


Maycee02 - August 29

Don't get discouraged by that massy! I'm guessing you are probably on progesterone? If so that will cause sore breasts and a ton of other side effects that mimick either pregnancy OR AF.. so just wait and see what the test says. I know the 2ww sucks!! It's hard not to wonder what every little thing could be, unfortunately with the IUI's its hard to tell cause all the meds make different things happen in your body. Try and stay posititve! I know it's hard, my problem was I didn't want to be too positive because I didn't want to be more crushed if I got a BFN.. so I totally understand..



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