Any Clomid for sale?
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lookingforclomid - December 14

Hi, just wondering if anyone here has any extra Clomid 100mg for sale. I've been on clomid 50mg for 3 months, but am looking for 100mg now, as I only ovulated during the 3rd time with 50mg.

If you have any for sale, please let me know at: [email protected]



Lucky717 - December 29

Umm...Last time I checked you need a Rx to obtain this medication. Plus you should be monitored while taking it because you can easily hyperstimulate. My advice...go to a dr. They will gladly prescribe it for you.


LauraEssary - March 26

You can buy it on various webistes on the net. I suggest going to freegaragesale (dot) com


laura_mae99 - July 18

i orded mine off line honey... u can too


ElleKay - January 20

Be careful if you over stimulate your ovary and it twists because you don't have proper medical care you can cut off the blood supply and loose the entire organ. Then you won't ever get pregnant. If you have pain go to the ER. I got 2 huge cysts on Clomid 150Mg but I had a doctor monitoring me. Be careful please.



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