Fishy odor
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Asb1389 - July 1

I have had this fishy odor for the past two days. I got it after I had sex with my bf. I have had this gut feeling he was gone cheating on me. He denies he did and when i told him today and the weird smell, I've never smelt like this after having sex with him before. But he says it cause he had been drinking alot of beer for 3 days before we had sex. Could this smell be caused by him drinking alot or should I go get checked. I'm also 6 months preg could the smell be cause of that?


ElleKay - January 20

If you have a fishy odor it could indicate a vaginal infection. If you are pregnant you need to see your gyno immediately to be treated for the infection so it does not harm your baby. Sorry to hear about your concerns about your BF possibly cheating. I have never heard of a man's beer drinking making a woman's vagina smell fishy... Vaginosis is common so don't freak out too much about your BF. Innocent until proven guilty?


darla - June 10

it's possible that you have bacterial vaginosis. it's a type of vaginal infection. it's not the beer that's causing it and i'm 100% sure about that. so if i were you i'll have it checked.


elaiza - June 22

bacterial vaginosis is what causes fishy smell in a vagina. there must be an overgrowth of bacteria down there. foods and excess consumption of alcohol can also contribute to the fishy smell of the vagina.


wishingstar - July 26

whatever it is, please don't self medicate. see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid more complications, and since you are pregnant, the more you need to worry.



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