TTC Circle of Friends #6
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Cendy - March 6

Hi everyone! I hope you all found your way from thread #5. I felt it was time to start a new thread because things have been a little quiet lately. Also, I think new threads are lucky. This thread is for those TTC and those who already have. It is a thread to inspire, console, uplift and share all of you pregnancy hopes, dreams and even your fears. I welcome those who would join our thread and share their experiences with us. I also say a big thanks to those who have helped me through some really hard times through this thread and others. I pray many happy blessings of love and fertility into this thread. Welcome and I cannot wait to get to know you! BABY DUST!


Cendy - March 6

Hello all! Here is my little story. I had TTC for about 15 months when we finally got a BFP with our third child. I have been on Clomid for 6 months, then off for three and got my BFP in the third month. I had an HSG Sept 29 and got my BFP on Jan 11. I tried Evening Primrose Oil, folic acid, Instead Softcups, OPKs, and Menocream (progesterone) to get pregnant. I have thyroid issues, so that made it a little harder to get pregnant as well. Now I am 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant. It was a long wait, but its has been worth it all the same. If you have an update or TTC please post it so that we can all refresh our memories and get to know each other better. BABYDUST!


dea - March 6

Hi girls-- Found you. CENDY: Glad things continue to go well. ERICKA: Any news? Can't wait to hear from you after the conference. My deal: 22 months ttc #1. No luck so far. Low sperm counts etc... Scheduled for IUI #2 on Friday. Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed. I'm a bit stressed that my body won't "o" when it needs to (Fri or Sat) but all charting says that those are the days. We'll see! Thanks to you all for your support-- I would be mental without this forum. ~~DUST~~


Cendy - March 6

Hi! Dea, I know everything will be perfect this time. Your O will happen right on schedule. I just feel it! You have great day! BABY DUST!


Cendy - March 6



dea - March 7

Good Morning! I hope evryone makes it over here OK. The thread has been a bit quiet lately!! CENDY: I hope you are right about this thread bringing luck to those of us that need it!! Me! Me! Me! :o) Have a great day eveyone... ~~DUST~~


dea - March 7

Thanks for the support-- it does make a difference!


Cendy - March 7

Hi all! I am starting to wonder if some of you ladies are lost. I hope you all find your way soon. Dea, how are you today. I agree this forum is wonderful and could not have have survivied without it either. I am doing okay. I do have heartburn today. I thinking that it is a little early to get it, but I have it today. Well, I will check on the thread later on tonight. You all have a nice evening. Hope to hear from you all soon! BABY DUST!


Lashunda - March 7

Hello ladies, just popping in to see how things are going and it sounds good : ) Anywho, all is well my way, baby's moving alot. Well, take care and I'll keep checking back in.


JessicaG. - March 8

Cendy,Dea,Lashunda, how are you all, sorry it has been so long, I started my new job and it is super hard to get on the net at all but at least they are working with me and my doctor appts, anyway my AF came and left already, I accually have already finished my Letrozole(Femara) this month and go in tomarrow for the HCG shot, Me and my DH have been "active" much more this month I think it is because I am trying to take it easy and not just stress out about all of this, we have TTC for 7 or so months, this is the 2nd month of fertility drugs, my DH's sperm is great so it is my PCOS that is doing this to us, but we both have very high hopes...It is great to see that everyone is doing good...Cendy I am so happy for you....Lasunda that is great that you are also doing well, and Dea me and you are in the same boat...trying for the first...does anyone know that you are trying? My in laws know but that is about it, I did not even tell my mom because I do not want her to get upset if I do not get a BFP...well lady's I must go for now good luck to all....


Cendy - March 8

Morning ladies! I am so glad to see more and more of us are making our way to the new lucky thread! Lashunda, I am glad to hear that you and baby are doing well. Do you know if it is a boy or girl yet? I am so anxious to know. Have you picked out any names yet? Keep us posted. JessicaG I am glad your new job is going good and that your employer is being understanding about your doctor appointments. I know you are relieved about that. I know for about 14 months solid me and hubby were in BDing hell it seemed. He felt so pressured and i was not helping things by rushing him to BD all the time. The last month I did not even tell him I was Oing and just nudged him along without stressing him. We actually had a good time with each other and it did not feel like such a chore. I would suggest keeping things quiet and as long as you know when to get things started, that is all that matters. He won't be hard to get in the mood then. Good luck to you. I belive Ericka has her ultrasound this week so lets all be sending her good baby vibes and well wishes. I believe she is in conference for work and will give us an update some time Friday. I go for my us tomorrow. I am so excited! CC, how are you doing? Well, I will check the thread later. BABY DUST!


Lashunda - March 9

Hi ladies, I had my ultrasound today and its a girl. We're not 100% sure because the legs were only so far apart and we couldn't see anything "sticking out" so unless something does, its a girl for now. Hope you all are having a nice day : )


dea - March 9

Good Morning Ladies! JESSICAG.: Nobody knows that we are trying. I'm actually kind of glad for that- I would hate to be asked a lot of questions. My family can be very intrusive and pushy (it's their way of showing they care). Glad to know that your employer is OK with all the appointments. .......So- it's been almost 2 years. Tomorrow is the big day. Tonight we are going to drop one sperm sample off and then do another 2 tomorrow. I haven't gotten a +opk yet- I guess that's good. Except now I'm starting to wonder if I am going to 'o' at all. Any stories to share re: opk ladies?? I would love to hear them. CENDY & LASHUNDA: Sounds like everything is ticking away nicely :o). ERICKA: Thinking of you! CENDY: I think I'm going to take your approach about bding with DH. I've learned that he is completely clueless about a woman's cycle. EX: I was poas to check for "o". He asked "What are you looking for?" Me: "Two lines". Then: "Hey- there's two lines!! Are you finally pg!?!?" Duh--- "Honey- It's an Ovulation Predictor-- the two lines indicate that the LH hormone is in my system- when the first blue line is darker etc... yadda yadda, yadda." Can you guys believe that!! 2 years into this deal and he still doesn't understand the cycle of a woman. ---sigh--- And he wonders why I am on this forum all the time. You guys know the deal... :o) Have a great day!~~~DUST~~~


HopefulK - March 9

Hi girls, I'm 7 wks 2day. My story is that I ttc with my first pg for about 23 mths, no reason for the not catching but suddenly we did. Got to 28 wks then sadly our daughter contracted infection in the womb and died 7 hrs after she was born. 3 mths later I caught again, total shock to be honest but here we are. I have a heart shaped uterus which means that I'm prone to bleeding and spotting and even losing clots in my early pg. That's whats happening now, I have had spotting on and off and lost a clot earlier in the week. My dr says its normal for this stage in pg especially with my history and situation. Anyway, I am so glad your doing well CENDY. It makes me smile. DEA, I'm sorry your having such a hard time hunny, but with everything your doing I'm sure your determination will see you trough and you'll get your bfp soon. LASHUNDA yay a girl. Send baby dust and good luck to you all. xx


JessicaG. - March 10

Hey my ladies, hope all of you are doing wonderful as usual, well I have some good news, I found out today that my new insurance will cover IVF, if I need it, I would love to conceive with out all of the meds that you need from that but it is good to know also today I am Oing, so we have been busy I am really hoping this time, I have a good feeling ....anyway...Lashunda!!!!! a girl thats great....just think, you will love it!!! I am so happy for you.....dea sometimes some people not knowing is just better that way, and that is why my mom does not know, she too would just pest me about it "all in good spirts" but it just is less stressful for me....Cendy how are you doing? I am so happy that you are going through this well...****BABY DUST******


JessicaG. - March 10

Also lady's I was reading another post and it reminded me of this, me and my husband did this about 2 weeks ago, and I sent this to everyone that I know so that they could sign if they wanted to...Go to it is the 109th Congress (2005-2006), legislation has been introduced to require insurance coverage of infertility services. The Family Building Act of 2005 (HR 735), thanks ladies!! PASS IT ON


Ericka - March 10

Hi Ladies. I just got back from my conference and am exhausted from a 5 hr car ride. Just wanted to say hi and give an update on my u/s. Everything went well, doc had a hard time finding the heartbeat, but she said it was because my little peanut was so deep. After a little probing she found it. I'm going in again on Wed for another one. One thing she did say was, after looking at my ovaries, she said it seemed as though I have pcos and to cut back on carbs and sugar. I've heard of pcos, but don't know much about. I know with pcos it is hard to get pregnant, but do any of you ladies know how this can affect you while your pregnant? I haven't read up on any of your posts, but I'm about to fall asleep in front this computer, so I’ll catch up tomorrow. Have a great night.



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