First time on chlomid
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ttclilmama - April 6

Had my after clomid check up today, Dr is pretty sure i ovulated doing blood work to make sure, should find out tomorrow. If i did and have not started in 10 days i will be taking a pg test. I am so excited, cant wait to see what happens. :)


hopeful70 - April 17

Hey Everyone!!! I did my first round of chlomid in March, but I had not had a period in 4 months, and have been TTC since June'10. My Dr put me on Chlomid to help jump start Ovulation. Two weeks after Chlomid I had a period, I am a little confused because everyone is talking about taking chlomid on days 3-7 or 5-9, and my dr wants me to take preg test on 04/28 and if its neg start chlomid on 04/29, but I will not be on a period again by then, to take chlomid with my cycle. I have started an Ovulation predictor kit for curiosity to see if it picks up me O, since I have been off of my period now for 3 days. Does anyone have any advice?


hopeful4#1 - April 19

Hi Everyone,
This is my first month on clomid. My husband and I have been trying for 15 months to get pregnant. I took my clomid (50mg) on days 5-9. I went in yesterday for my scan (CD13) and my doctor was very happy to see that i had taken well to the medicine and had 4 mature follicles on my right side ranging in size from 20mm-30mm.
Now its the dreaded 2 week wait.Hoping and praying that this will be our month!

Baby dust to you all!!!


Tiffers - April 28

May i join in with you ladies? I am going on my first round of clomid this month...hopefully. I am currently on day 7 of provera to jump start AF again. She has stayed away since 2007. I'm suppose to take provera for 10 days and have a visit fr AF 5 days later, cross my fingers. Then, I will start clomid days 5-9 of my cycle. I'm 30 am I'm worried that the clomid will result in triplets. I will be thankful and grateful for whatever I get...just very nervous about the entire process.


hopeful70 - May 31

Just wanted to tell you Good Luck. I took prometrium to jump start my cycle, and then I started 100mg Chlomid on day 3 (Sunday), I am keeping my fingers crossed that something happens this month. We have also been trying for a year. Baby Dust to you


ttclilmama - June 6

So how are thing with all of you? Any luck. Since my last post I did not ovulate :( and there was a BIG mix up on my... well what would have been my 2nd cycle of clomid. Called Dr for Rx and the nurse never forwarded the message to him. So long story short I did not get to be on my 2nd round of clomid. I will be calling the Dr tomorrow to get my clomid and try this again. No sure what the dosage will be. Will keep you all posted. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL


hopeful4#1 - June 6

Hi Ladies...

It has been awhile since i last posted, Unfortunatley our first round of clomid was not a success. So we went for round 2 and stayed at 50 mg since I was so sensitive to the low dosage. Took the clomid from cycle days 5-9 and once again had very good scan. 5 follicles on my right side and 2 on my left. We did the 2 week wait and aunt flow showed up last week. This time around was pretty tough especially since i had to attend a baby shower for a friend just days after finding out the clomid did not work again. But we are going again and my doctor has decided to raise my dosage just slightly to 75mg. I PRAY I PRAY I PRAY that third time is the charm!!!

Baby Dust To You All :)


mtb1121 - August 2

Hi all! This past month was my first time on Chlomid 50mg. I started on the 3rd day of my cycle and I go for blood work on Thursday. I took the ovulation tests and found that I was ovulating 4 days in a row. I'm not sure if it was a fluke test or if that is correct. I read online that it was possible that I caught it early on and now at the end. Either way I'm just excited to be ovulationg! Good baby luck to all!


Josie12 - August 11

Hi All, really love this site - really helps me get thru the low moments.
I've finally been put on 50mg clomid, which i am extremely happy about. I am due on within the next few days so will start taking from day 2-6. Can anyone advise what happens after this, i have been told I have a vaginal scan after 14 days - is this right and if so what will this determine whether ive ovulated? I really hopes this works this is all i think about day in day out x


melkrac - August 29

Hi all - i have been reading your comments for the last few weeks andd it seems this conversation is dormant lol. I have 2 children ages 8 and 5 concieved naturally (but not with my current partner) when my daughter was one i had a large cyst and my right fallopian tube removed. That was 2007. I havent fallen pregnant once since then. But before then i had my kids and 3 other pregnancies. I started clomid 50mg last week on days 5-9. Gosh I Hope it works :) I hope everyone who has wrote on this forum is pregnant or has had there miracle baby xx


bubs88 - October 1

hi all! is this forum still going??


Josie12 - October 3

Yeah bubs88 - ask away or share your story. I bob on now and again so happy to lend an ear on give any advice I have x


bubs88 - October 3

hello josie. just wanted to share my story really and i have a couple of questions. i did write in another forum but il paste it on here. Me and my partner have been ttc for 3 years now and have been through all the tests. i was diagnosed with pcos 5 years ago and i was given metformin (1500mg daily) when we started ttc. i have never fallen pregnant with it and i have no kids. i do have regular periods though which im shocked at because everyone i know with the syndrome has had irregular periods. i was given clomid to try this month. 50mg on cd2 - 6. im now on cd15 and i havnt had many s/e apart from there was alot of discharge the other day?!? just wondering if there is anyone else out there thats similar to my situation and if anyone fell pregnant on first round etc??? what i really wanted to know was is i have to go for my cd21 blood test but its on sunday and they do blood tests then, would it be ok to go on the friday before which would be cd19? or maybe i could go on cd22?

whats your story josie and how are you getting on?


bubs88 - October 4

sorry i meant they DONT do blood tests on sundays x



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