Increasing The Odds

Thinking about having a baby? It's only natural that your thoughts turn to the idea of a little physical tune-up. Priming the body to raise it to its fertile best is a good start to making the healthiest possible baby. There are things you and your partner can do to increase your fertility so you conceive as soon as possible. Taking natural supplements is one way both partners can ready themselves for baby mode. Read our list of suggestions and then talk to your physician and get his approval before you begin on a natural supplement regimen for fertility.

Cleansing Agent

Most of us have engaged in activities or eaten foods that have "gunked up" our systems, now you'll want a cleansing agent before you begin the baby-making journey. Try drinking a cup of green tea with your meals. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants clean out the toxins in your body. You can buy the tea loose, in bags, or even prepared in bottles and cans.

Women who have irregular periods or who don't menstruate often or at all may find that chasteberry turns things around. This herbal supplement, available in liquid extracts which you can add to beverages or as tablets, is helpful for women with high prolactin values.


Load up on green vegetables like spinach and broccoli and chomp nuts such as pistachios for vitamin E. Get yourself some Florida sunshine in the form of citrus fruits for the sake of getting enough vitamin C. Vitamins C and E are chockfull of antioxidants. Besides the fact that antioxidants can rid your body of toxins, they also aid in sperm motility. If you can't bring yourself to eat those foods for whatever reason, don't be shy—go buy vitamin supplements!

The amino acid known as l-arginine is a helpful supplement to your diet. You can get some l-arginine by eating soy products but you're probably better off taking an everyday supplement to ensure you get enough. L-arginine is believed to increase sperm count as well as quality.

Eat A Taco

Another amino acid, known as l-carnitine, is very effective in improving sperm motility. Good food sources for this important amino acid are avocados and red meat. Eat a taco and you're halfway there, but purchasing l-carnitine supplements may be a better bet. You want to make sure you get a daily dose of the stuff so you receive maximum fertility benefits.

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