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tanner789 - January 28

so disappointing espcially when you think your body isnt responding to the meds. they tried me on clomid cd3-7 and then gonal f up until cd 13-14(?) i had an u/s yesterday which showed my biggest follie was 13mm so i was doubtful it would work, but today proved otherwise i went in today and i had 9 mature follies ranging from 17mm-21mm so they made me sign a form stating i was aware of conceiving multiples, well i did was all for it, but the dr was very against me trying this month saying i would conceive at least 5 or more and miscarry or end overstiumulating and end up in the hospital so thats the end of this month and next month they will do the same thing but lower dose, so i hope for the best anyone gone through this?


Tracy88 - January 28

Tanner, just wanted to say two things. One, sorry your cycle was cancelled. I know how disappointed you must be, and two, I am glad that your follies ended up growing so well. At least now you have a better picture of what needs to be done next cycle and adjustments can be made. You are in a much better position than had your follies not matured much. Good luck and I will be thinking of you!


tanner789 - January 28

tracy-thanks for the support, i think its finally setting in on me that another month is lost, but i can only hope for a better month next time. this is just such a rollercoaster ride. do you think lowering the dose will help produce less mature follicles i hate to see this be a vicious cycle??


pmblake - January 29

Hey Tanner, This happened to me one time also. I was so mad.. My RE was on vacation and an alternate RE told me the same thing you were told. That I would have a litter and if I chose to try then there was always selective aborting. Anway, my RE called me in for an u/s 2 days later to see if I O'ed on my own and of course I didn't. No one O's on injectables w/out a shot sooooo...... he said that he was disappointed with what the other Dr. on call had said. That he would've let me try. He didn't see that many eggs actually being fertilized. GREAT!! I was doubly mad. Anyway, I can feel your pain. What a waste. 2 weeks of shots and all the $$ down the drain. Hang in there! Just know that someone else has been right there with you!


tanner789 - January 29

pmblake-do you remember how may mature follies you had? i think i may have been cancelled b/c i had 9 and they were all pretty big, so that may be why your original re may have let you go ahead. did the next month work for you?


pmblake - January 29

Oh I had 13+.. I remember my estrogen was at about 5,000 which is really high. That number is what the Re on duty used to determine how many eggs I had ready to ovulate. One egg is equivilent to so much estrogen (I can't remember the quotient) Well, no I never had luck on injectables. I guess b/c I was so stressed about what I was going through. I am back on oral meds w/ a trigger shot. I have been ttc #3 for 3 years. I have had 4 m/c's all on serophene (clomid type drug). How about you? Are you going forward w/ more injectables?


pmblake - January 29

oh and they didn't reduce my dosage the next month - i used a shot called ganerellix (SP?) to slow down the dominate ones. I still had 13+ the next month, did an IUI and it failed. That's when I quit. I was exhausted.


maryp - January 29

Hi tanner789.. I know exactly how you feel.. My cycle was cancelled last week as well.. I had only 1 folicle .. apperantly the med weren't strong enough... this seems all bul s--t to me.. when I was taking my meds and had a blood test done.. they said I was responding well.. so what happened? or could it be just a way to take more money from you... I got mad at my Dr.. called him everywhere to leave a message.. explained it seemed inpossible I was responding well 2 days previous.. or maynot... why didn't they Increase the meds then...... Finally I ended up doing IUI (and more money)


tanner789 - January 29

pmblake- i dont understand if the covering re cancelled your cycel and you had 13 follies but your original dr said it would have been fine to continue i'm really lost. and what else doesnt make sense in my case is that we were explained in the beggining how agressive the shots were and the risk of multiples and that we had to be ready for the elective reduction, they dont even know if any of this follicles held an egg or if they did that they would have implanted, i'm calling my dr tommorrow and hopefully can get in this week to get some clearier answers. i didnt waste that much money b/c somehow my insurance only charged 20 copay for the gonal and the ovidrel but its the time and effort and the emtions it was exhausting, thats what i'm pissed we missed out on. and you said your estradiol level wa sin the 3,000 mine was at one point but had gone down to at least 1000 something when they cancelled it, if anyone would have overstimulated you may have but your dr still said he would have let you i'm so confused, guess i have to wai til dr appt, and i swear if this happens again i'll be pissed. maryp as for your case you need to talk to your dr to to understand some things and why you got cancelled maybe with shots they expect more than one dominant follie.-keep me posted


pmblake - January 29

Tanner - My RE said the RE on call was conservative. He was being safe. My RE is very aggressive. He monitors ALOT so overstimming could've been caught and I could've had a shot to control it. He said the chances of having multiples was increased but most likely not going to happen. I think you need to let your RE know that you're willing to take a chance. If you are truly willing to take a chance.... I was - I'm 39 now w/ nothing to lose. You said that you signed a waiver so.. I think it's up to you now. Overstimming can be monitored by sudden weight gain and fever immediately following ovulation. My nurse called me 2-3 times a day checking on me for about 4-5 days. I had levels checked also. I faired through my IUI but I just didn't want to do it anymore. Let me know how your meeting goes w/ your RE!


gmh - January 29

Hi tanner- My cycle was cancel also in early Jan. I stink to say the least. Mine cancelled cycle was much like maryp just did not respond well, and maryp they increase my dosage but the level did not increase & only one follic started. I don't understand either, last cycle I had 4 good follics and I seem to respond well, but not this time.... I have come to the conclusion that hermones have a mind of there own !!! everyone keep our heads up and hope for a good cycle next time.....


tanner789 - January 29

pmblake-thanks i am going to get to the bottom of this and tell her if this happens next month we are going to take the chance b/c like i said you dont even know if those follicles have eggs and if the do will they even implant. if overstimulating can be reduced with meds my hubby was right we should have just went for it, my appt isnt til thurs so i'm sure by then ovulation will have already happened and we will have missed our chance, i couldnt get in any sooner-this sucks now i 'm really bummed.


pmblake - January 30

Don't be bummed out.. really. Your doctor has an obligation to take care of you. Personally I think me RE was a little to easy with me. He kept pumping me full of follistim until I almost burst. Trust me - I would rather have a doctor who took care of me instead of trying to make a statistic out of me. Hang in there tanner. Did you say that you were just getting ready to O? Are you sure that you'll O on your own w/out a trigger?


tanner789 - January 30

no i'm not sure that i'll o on my own i think they are expecting me to, bc i asked if i should get my period on my own and they said yes. i can feel something is happening and my nipples hurt so bad (sorry tmi) thanks for making me feel better about my dr, i was just starting to feel maybe she was after my money or being too careful


pmblake - January 30

When we take injectables we usually don't O on our own... That's what we take the trigger shot. I"m not sure gonal F but I believe it's like any other injectable. Did your dr. tell you to abstain from sex in the event you O on your own? You could be a rebel and bd for the fun of it? Just to see what happens.


pmblake - January 30

On and Tanner, what are you going to say to your dr on Thursday? Do you have questions or are you just going to start another cycle?


tanner789 - January 31

yes we are going to ask tons of questions, like why was it cancelled, what can we do to prevent the same outcome next month, can i go to straight injectables and no clomid, can estradiol level be corrected if it gets too high and worried about overstimulation, do i have pcos, and etc do you have any suggestions? as for us just bding and risking it me and hubby have discussed it but feel we may be taking too much of a chance cause what if shes right i would regret it, maybe things happen for a reason i'm just so sick of being patient ya know. but i think they are expecting me to o on my own i thought the trigger shots was just to make ovulaiton happen on demand. but what do i know. talk to you soon



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