Can I drink wine when ttc?
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Wine lover - February 9



Ann - February 9

There are many opinions out there, but I will tell you what I do. It takes 6-12 days for a fertilized egg to implant, so I still have wine for 5 days past O. I am a wine lover as well. Hope this helps!


Wine Lover - February 9 you get blitzed though or just have a glass or two. I love it so much.


Ann - February 9

During that time, I just have a glass or two. Once af safely arrives, I may have more or even a cosmo or two!:)


soimpatient - February 9

I love wine too! I used to make my own so I'd have 30+ bottles in the house at all times. I finally stopped doing that though because we've been having problems ttc. I figured that I'd only have wine on weekends while ttc. I guess it is a small sacrifice in the big picture.


Ann - February 9

So what is/are your favorite wine(s)?


Chas - February 9

I like wine too.. I don't really worry about anything until af is late..... I don't get just trashed or anything. I love Cafe Zinfandel !


Chas - February 9

p.s. After 14 months of trying I need some kind of relaxation and release after so many disapointments !!!


Elyse - February 9

Ann, here you are on another thread - and a cosmo girl, too. We have too much in common. I am a Friday night cosmo girl. But lately, I am a "night that af comes" cosmo girl! I don't get blitzed on wine wither, but a couple glasses while ttc should be fine.


Ann - February 9

So, what is your favorite wine, Elyse? Chas, I can relate to needing some relaxation from all this. I have been ttc for almost 2 years. When af arrives, I need to drown some sorrows!!


hopeful06 - February 10

I'm a wine & cosmo girl too....and I'm really glad I read this post because it's been over 3 months since I've had a drink....I wasn't sure, so I just didn't do it! (even after af) Maybe I'll get a glass now--af just came....... :( I could use one! (or two...)


Elyse - February 10

I am a big fan of the Australians and the Chileans and, of course, the Napas. Zinfandel (not white for those of you who never heard of the red zinfandel - it's wonderful) has become the recent favorite. I try not to stick to one particular vineyard - I'm an experimenter.


Mega - February 10

Oh, I'm a big (red) Zin kind of girl myself, Elyse. I also like Shiraz a lot, esp. Austrailan Shirazes. And during AF, I like a nice tall Vodka Tonic. That hits the spot. I'm glad I'm not the only one who still drinks wine during TTC. :) I also do what Ann does, I avoid wine from 4 or 5 days post IUI until AF comes, otherwise I drink wine at least a few times a week.


Ann - February 10

I am not a huge Zin fan, but I tried one a few weeks ago that I really liked. It was called Pezzi King.


Mega - February 10

I'll have to look for Pezzi King, Ann. Elyse, have you tried 7 Deadly Zins? That's a really good one, I bought that to a wine tasting party a friend of my had, we did a blind tasting & it scored the highest of all of them. Do you have any recommendations? Ann, what kinds of wine do you like? What about everyone else?


Emily - February 10

you ladies are something else. I never drank before I got my bfp!


Ann - February 10

I am not sure what Emily meant. I hope she doesn't mean that she started drinking after she got her bfp. I usually drink French Bordeaux, Spanish, or Italian. If I am splurging, I would pick Chateau Belair or Chateau Magdelaine. I had 7 Deadly Zins a short time ago (right after my last af arrived!), but I was sick and couldn't taste it hardly at all. Everyone else liked it, though.



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