Can I drink wine when ttc?
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Ann - February 10

I am not sure what Emily meant. I hope she doesn't mean that she started drinking after she got her bfp. I usually drink French Bordeaux, Spanish, or Italian. If I am splurging, I would pick Chateau Belair or Chateau Magdelaine. I had 7 Deadly Zins a short time ago (right after my last af arrived!), but I was sick and couldn't taste it hardly at all. Everyone else liked it, though.


too funny - February 10

ann, you are too funny! that was the perfect (subtle) comment (to Emily)!! Love it!


Elyse - February 10

Ann, I'm sure Emily would NEVER do something as offensive to her sensibilities as to have a glass of wine after a BFP - ya think? And if she did get a BFP, I'm sure, being that judgmental, she'll make a wonderful mother.


Elyse - February 10

By the way, I tried 7 Deadly Zins a few months ago at a tasting and it was pretty good.


nic - April 20

I drink quite a lot - almost every day, but just one or two drinks. This cycle I decided not to so for the last two days I haven't. I figure if my AF shows up in a week I'll at least have some consolation - can drink as much as I like!! (I never get myself really drunk though, I can't have more than 3 before puking!!!)


Staci - April 21

Thanks for posting this! I like to drink myself and it has been hard for me not to have a drink or two this cycle. I have caved a couple of times! I am glad to hear the advice and see I am not the only one who hasn't just kicked the habit. Any other time I have mentioned it one here I have gotten blasted, like how could you do that? Don't you know you are suppose to give up drinking before trying? Not everyone has been trying for 1 1/2 yrs! That is a while to give it all up!!


MuzikGurl - April 22

I drank three wine coolers and I was pregnant at the time I didn't know though I barely pregnant according to the dr. didn't have any effects on me whatsoever so, have fun...I mean, many of us were probably conceived while our moms and dads were drunk if you really think about it...I mean, many of us were conceived back during the 60s,70s, and 80s purhaps and well, you know what a lot of people did back, I don't think it will hurt if you have a few but try not to get completely drunk...but if you already are having problems conceiving I wouldn't take a chance but then again I had problems conceiving and I still ended up pregnant but I just got's a gamble your body whatever you wanna do with it...whatever you choose just make sure whatever the conseqences are you take full resonsibility for it...have fun and take care!!!


Cloe - April 22

Yeah, in the very beginning of a pregnancy there are just a bunch of cells multiplying like crazy and a few drinks wont affect that. Actually some doctors around here are even condoning women to have 1 glass of wine, or 1 beer at a time during any part of the pregnancy. Apparently small amounts will not harm the fetus. I will not be drinking at all once I get my BFP but that goes to show its okay to enjoy some wine in moderation while ttc. I think it may even help a little, for the relaxation bit. I think it is binge drinking, or flat out getting drunk that hinders the fertility. I have been trying for over 2 years now, and I couldn't imagine not having any drinks. You know, I started out that way, very tense and wouldn't even take a sip but later realized I was taking it too far. Baby Dust for Everyone!


dea - April 23

Amen sisters-- I like the occasional glass myself. I even went on a wine tour last weekend and bought myself some wonderful wines. I do drink in moderation 1-2 glasses at most. And, like Cloe said- some drs. say that in moderation, 1 drink or so, will not harm a fetus. Anyone from NY?? We have wonderful wines here!! The fingerlakes offer some of the best around. Bully Hill, Knapp, and Hazlit just to name a few. I personally like sweeter wines... the more risidual sugar the better! And cold please... Enjoy the grapes ladies!!


crystal74 - April 23

i'm glad i read this forum, cuz my hsbd and i have had trouble ttc for the past year now and he drank a lot. so we have been sober the last three months. still no luck, and i would kill for a smoke and martini right about now. :);) af just came after not having one since march 11. my normal cycles are always 28 days. so this was a shocker to me but probably due to no detection of o last month. they say that can delay, so tonight ladies, i'm off to the comedy club with some friends and having a drink;) amen


KDR - April 23

Hey girls! I like drinking too... my dh and I go out on the weekends and hang out w/ friends. I have tried to keep our TTC difficulties private so if I stop drinking then my friends are going to bug me about being prego. Not the reason I drink though. It really helps me relax more than anything! Pinot Noir is my current fav. My SIL got smashed during her 2ww not realizing she was prego and her son is 15 months old now and perfect! I even knew a girl whose ob told her it was okay to have a glass of wine 2-3x a week while she was pregnant. AND she did! Her daughter is fine too. So, really, I guess it's a matter of opinion. :)



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