anyone's belly button hurt?
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Madeline - June 4

Drew, my hcg level from Wednesday was 105 and on Friday it was up to 221 which is good. My doctor is now doing a progesterone test. Have you found out if you are pregnant yet? I'm kinda scared right now because I unknowingly had tuna fish today (chunk light kind). I'm worried the mercury level will affect my baby's brain development. Do you think this is possible or is there not enough mercury from one meal? Logically, I know everything is fine but I'm so scared of hurting my baby


Drew - June 7

Madeline, I'm so sorry I haven't been on, it was a very busy weekend! I am so happy about your hcg levels! Sounds great. I'm sorry I don't know anything about tuna and mercury. What does the mercury come from, the fish or the tin can? I dont imagine one meal will have a bad effect on your baby. I'm so happy you got the good news you have been waiting for!


Madeline - June 8

I called ask a nurse and they assured me eating tuna was ok. Did you find out one way or the other if you were pregnant? My progesterone was 19.2 which the doctor said was good. I have an ultrasound on the 21st of June.



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