anyone's belly button hurt?
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Madeline - May 25

I ovulated about a week ago and now my belly button hurts. Any thoughts? Is this a sign?


Drew - May 25

I dont know if its a sign, but when I ovulate I usually get pain slightly to the left of my belly button. Are you sure you already o'd? Maybe thats what it is?


Madeline - May 26

I ovulated on May 17th and usually get pains in my lower abdomin


Drew - May 26

I o'd on the same day, and I am also getting some pain, but like I said it is a little to the left. Are you on any fertility meds?


Madeline - May 26

No fertility meds but I miscarried in early April so I'ma little on edge about the whole thing. So, we're both waiting for the 31st then?


Drew - May 26

Yeah, but I'm getting a little scared myself, my legs are starting to cramp, which sometimes happens before af for me. So probably it will be on the 31st :( as expected.


Madeline - May 26

Oh Drew, I hope your af doesn't come. This waiting game is terrible For every sign I think I'm pregnant, I get a sign that says af is coming. Let's keep each other posted


Drew - May 27

Thanks Madeline, sorry I've been away for a couple of days. I'm starting to get slight cramping in my lower abdomen, but somehow this all feels different than normal af. Maybe the meds, I dont know. But, test wont show up for a whil yet so its just a waiting game. When is af due for you?


Drew - May 27

Oops! Sorry, should have paied better attention... My mind is way out in left field! I realize we are for the same day. Sometimes I swear I'd loose my head if it wernt attached!


Madeline - May 27

I've also had cramping but have had it since I ovulated so I don't think it's pregnancy related b/c it happened too early. But, if you just started to cramp, it could be a sign. When I found out I was pregnant at the end of March, I had cramps 4 days before my af was due. Sadly, I miscarried a week later so I'm hoping this will be my month. And yours


Drew - May 28

I'm sorry to hear that. By the way, how is your belly button feeling? Kinda sounds funny when I ask that way, but I'm curious. Who knows, maybe its an early sign... they do say every pg is different. Heres hoping!


Madeline - May 28

My belly button is fine now. Possible early signs I have now are big and sore boobs which have come a bit early for me to be af but could be wishful thinking. I still have slight abdominal cramping. And now to be gross but I have remained moist and wet down south which is unusual for me. I do hope these signs aren't just af coming. Do you have any other signs? Will this be your first child. This will be my husband and my first child and we want him/her more than anything.


Drew - May 28

We already have a six year old little girl. About 5 years ago I had gotten pg with twins, but lost them in my 12th week. Since then, nothing but trouble getting pg. Hey, I think you do have some signs. I have been doing some research about early pregnancy, cause I feel like I may have some symptoms. From what I read, your cervix gets low and very soft in early pg, and you do have more cm cause your body is building up your mucas plug, and the extra stress on your uteris. Usually the cm is almost like during ovulation - slippery, but not stretchy when pulling your fingers apart. I too am experiencing these things, feeling sick, dizzy, tired, my areola's are dark, and my boobs feel very sensitive when rubbing my shirt, although they are not really sore yet. I'm just scared these are all side effects of the Metformin though. We too want a baby more than anything.


Madeline - May 28

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I never realized how common m/c was until I experienced one myself. I wouold love twins but will be grateful for just one. I think I may break down and take an early test. I'm just afraid it will be negative and I'll be disappointed that much sooner.


Madeline - May 29

Ok, Drew, I broke down an took an hpt this morning. It came back with a very, very, very faint positive. It's so faint I think I may be imagining it. I will repeat tomorrow. I took clearblue easy with the +/-. I think I'll use the same brand. Good luck to you


Yani - May 29

Madeline, I am experincing the same symptoms. My belly buttons hurt too.


Madeline - May 30

Yani, when is your period due?



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