anyone's belly button hurt?
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Madeline - May 30

Yani, when is your period due?


Drew - May 30

Madeline, thats great!! I broke down too and took one (we were away most of the weekend) but it was negative. I had a dream the night before last that I took one and there was a faint positive. Then last night I had a dream that I went to the docs and he too said I was pg. Dont know if it was just wishful thinking or what. I'm really happy for you though! All I really want is to just see a positive on that damn little stick! lol Anyway, let me know when you do the next one and what it says. Good luck, my fingers are crossed for you!


Yani - May 31

Madeline. my period is due on June 6th. Now I am having this lotion like discharge. It started earlier today.


Sam - May 31

I'm not having the same symptoms as u guys but i'm trying to get preg. my period isn't due until like either between the 6th or the 11th. i'm not sure how this menstrual period things go. i've been feeling alittle nauseated though but mosty after i eat something like when u eat a big greasy burger and get that nasty feeling after but i took two preg tests (fact plus) and they both came out neg. is it too early to test?


Madeline - May 31

Yani, the lotion type discharge is a good sign.
Sam, It is too early to test. You can really only test about 2-3 days before your period is due. You can test 4 days early but the test may not be very reliable.
Drew, I have taken many other tests that say positive. I go to the doctors tomorrow for blood work I think. I have raelly bad cramps which makes me nervous b/c of my miscarriage. But, I trying to keep positive and am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope next month will be your month


Yani - May 31

Madeline, my period is due on June 6th How soon you think I should test. Also today I have been constipated.


Madeline - May 31

Yani, I would wait until June 2nd at the very earliest to test. Even then, I think the reliability of the test is only around 74% and it can be discouraging. I took my test 3 days early and it was very, very, very faint. Two days early and my test were much easier to read. What other symptoms do you have? Constipation is a symptom although I don't know how early on.


Yani - May 31

Well my nipples are sore. I'm also having these cramps that come go around my lower abdominal area.


Yani - May 31

I am on my 2nd cycle of clomid by the way. :)


Drew - June 1

Madeline, I'm prayin for ya hon! From what I hear though, cramps are not all that uncommon, but still, I know its scary! My af was due yesterday, and never came. But I am so unreliable that way who knows! I too have cramps, not really bad, but noticeable. But they are really low, like just above hair line. :0 lol My cervix is very low and soft, and lots of cm. My hips are sore too. I'm so scared to tke a test cause I dont want to see another negative! But I guess I gotta suck it up and do it some time! Hope all goes well for you all!


Madeline - June 2

Drew, I do hope you are pregnant. Is you cycle usually late? Luckily, mine is very regular, amlmost to the hour, so when it's late it means something. Keep me posted


Drew - June 2

Ya, its ALWAYS late! I just never know when its going to show up. I have spent sooooo much money on tests cause its late and I think I feel maybe I am, but I dont want to go to the doc and hear its negative from him. How bout you? Any more positive tests? I'm so happy to hear you may be pg! I am so happy for you! Let me know how its going!


Madeline - June 2

Drew, I've had several positive test and my period never showed up. I had blood work done and a urine test-i'll find out the results tomorrow. Still very scared because of my miscarriage.


glendy - June 2



Drew - June 3

I hope all goes well! Please let me know how your appointment goes. Things will be ok. Its ok to be scared, but try to stay positive!


Madeline - June 4

Drew, my hcg level from Wednesday was 105 and on Friday it was up to 221 which is good. My doctor is now doing a progesterone test. Have you found out if you are pregnant yet? I'm kinda scared right now because I unknowingly had tuna fish today (chunk light kind). I'm worried the mercury level will affect my baby's brain development. Do you think this is possible or is there not enough mercury from one meal? Logically, I know everything is fine but I'm so scared of hurting my baby



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