Any Canadians???
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Apalonia - March 14

Hi Gals,
I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who is from toronto or the GTA and might recommend a clinic. Had to dump my Dr. and I'm extremely open to any info you may have.


Daniela - March 14

Good Morning Apalonia...
I'm from Toronto...... how are you?? Sorry to hear you had problems with your doctor. I haven't been to a fertility clinic... and I am hoping it doesn't come to that. However, my OBGYN.... isn't bad.... but, I was reffered to him by my family doctor?? Can your regular MD refer and send you to someone? Mine works out of the William Olsler medical centre... Dr. Andrew Addison..... wishing you the best of luck!


lovemy3 - March 14

Mount Sinai Hospital has wonderful OBs as well as an incredible Fertility Clinic. The biggest in Canada. Good luck.


Shauna - March 14

I am canadian but not Toronto. I am in Rouleau SK. Near Regina. Rouleau is where they tape Corner Gas. If anybody is looking on here for people from Regina area leave a note and I will try to keep looking for you. cheers


lovemy3 - March 15

I like Corner gas!


Blakey - March 15

My husband is from Toronto, but we live here in Mass. Sorry I am not any help, I just saw Toronto, and wanted to say Hi!


trying4pg - March 15

Hi Apalonia - I'm from Edmonton. Sorry to hear about your Dr. Hope you find someone to give you a good recommendation. Lots of Luck!


Apalonia - March 15

Hi Everyone, call me Polly. Thanks for writing. You can read my story of my Dr. on IUI in March thread. today I got a referral from my regular MD to Mt. Sinai. thanks for the advice. They seem very nice and friendly and HELPFUL!!! Hope it goes well. Say hi to the fellow Torontonians. (Hope you're all Leaf fans! UGH!) Hi to all the Candians.!!



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