4 days late!!!
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jessica21 - April 22

i'm 21 years old.Been trying to concieve for 4 months. also I have a cyst on my right ovary.My period is 4 days late, but i took a pregnancy test today and it came out negative. Could I still be pregnant? Any comments would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!


wannabeamom - April 22

Unfortunately, most likely not. But I have been known to be wrong before. Are your cycles normal? Have you been charting or using an OPK at all? Are you sure you are ovulating? I hope it works out for you.


Mega - April 23

Hi Jessica. You could be pg & just not producing enough HCG yet to get a BFP on your HPT. Are you using a sensetitive HPT? However, it's also quite likely that your cyst is causing the late AF. Most types of cysts don't hold off AF, but there are 2 types that do, I've had that happen to me before. But hopefully you're pg, it's possible to have a cyst & be pg. I'd suggest waiting a couple more days & if AF is still a no show, call your dr & schedule a Beta. Good luck & keep us posted.


britneyhayden - April 24

Hey jessica ive been known to sometimes get cyst and they have never affected when my af was due and i actually had a cyst on my ovary the first weeks i was preggo with my daughter so yes girl there is still hope i would go out and purchase a ept or the cheap walmart brand equate ive heard good things about them and test it up it was about 3 days after af was due when i could finally get a positive test with my daughter so you could still be preggo keep us updated! Babydust!!!


na25 - April 24

Last night my husband and I were wondering if pregnant so I bought that early pregnancy test (answer) and it was BFN :( I was very disappointed. My husband said don’t worry it is going to be soon, but I feel so blue. I woke up at 3 am to go to the washroom (weeee) and had some cramps like my period is starting. By surprise this morning there was no sign of af. I measured my temp and instead of it dropping down it jumped even higher to 98.2. Strange! Before ovulation my temp was 96.8...97.0 after ovulation it was 97.9 once 98.0 and now on period day it is 98.2. My boobs are still one cup bigger, but last night got BFN. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS ALL?:(


Mega - April 24

Na25--I'm sorry about the BFN. But what DPO are you? It could be too early to test even with an early HPT. It's a good sign I'd say that your temp is shooting up. Keep charting & if you temp stays high for 18 days there's an excellent chance that you're PG. Good luck.


wannabeamom - April 24

Mega, you seem so smart about all of this. Are you in the medical field? I am always so amazed at your knowledge.


na25 - April 24

TX a lot Mega. YES indeed you are smart! Well, here it is: my first day of last period was 25 march, due to my bbt chart I ovulated on cycle day 18 and today I am cycle day '31' actually. So its been 13 days past ovulation... there is no signs of my period...I am indeed having 1 cup bigger boobs and mild cramping like never before…. and also this month I started having those hot flushes and never had it in my life before…even not with my 1st pregnancy (my 5yr son)… that BFN made me so blue. (I measured my temp and instead of it dropping down it jumped even higher to 98.2. Strange! Before ovulation my temp was 96.8...97.0 after ovulation it was 97.9 once 98.0 and now on period day it is 98.2)


Mega - April 24

Thanks for the compliment, wannabeamom, that's sweet. No, I'm not in the medical field, I just read way too much about this stuff. I think after all this we probably all feel like we could get our doctorates in fertility, huh?! na25--How long are your cycles regularly? If your LP tends to be longish it's possible it's too early for that BFP or you're simply not producing enough HCG yet. Your signs sound posititve, but unfortunately it's hard to go off signs. But I'd wait a few more days before testing again. AF should probably be due by Wed. or Thurs. I'd say. Maybe if she's still a no show by Friday call your dr for a beta, they're usually more reliable than HPTs. Good luck. Sending you lots of baby dust. Wannabemom--anything new with you? We haven't posted together for a while.


na25 - April 24

hi mega, wannabeamom and everybody else. My usual cycles are 30 days...I didn't mention that on my cycle day 11 I started Ovulex...and my husband Amberoz (fertility aid for men) So i am wondering about that.... But still doesn't explainns to me my high temps. Today my af is due, no signs of it. So I re-tested today and BFN again. I have few more hpts so will wait 1 week and if af doesn't show I'll see...


wannabeamom - April 25

Na25, wait. Kelly on the other thread had to wait 11 days after AF was due to have BFP. So there is a chance still. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


na25 - April 25

hi my beautiful friends :)
Today is my cycle day 32. No af yet. Hmm temps still high 98.0. But my stomach is crawling just as it does before my af starts. O'o hope not. :) I am on Ovulex 20 days. I am wondering could that longer my cycle too...Or due to my temps lets hope i am pg. Good luck to all of you and I will keep you updated.!!!!


central - April 26

I am 12 days late and I have regular cycle from. I was suppose to have A/F april 13, and no show can I be pregnant? i am scare to, I do not wish to see a BFN


wannabeamom - April 26

central, if you are that late then I think you should test. Keep us in th know! ;-)


central - April 26

Yeah that is what I am going to do, but I am so nervous about this testing. i was wondering if i should wait a few more days.


wannabeamom - April 26

I wouldn't. You knwo the worst that can happen is BFN. Either way then you can call your doctor. Keep me in the know!


na25 - April 26

Hiiiiii :) wannabemom how are you????Central test hun! It should be poitive till now if you are preggy. Good Luck! Well today is my cycle 33, temp 79.9 and period 3 days late. I have feeling my af is coming any minute!....will let you know



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