4 days late!!!
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na25 - April 26

Hiiiiii :) wannabemom how are you????Central test hun! It should be poitive till now if you are preggy. Good Luck! Well today is my cycle 33, temp 79.9 and period 3 days late. I have feeling my af is coming any minute!....will let you know


Mega - April 26

Central--Since you're normally very regular & it's been almost a week since AF was due, I'd suggest calling your dr instead & scheduling a Beta, much more reliable than a HPT & you don't run the risk of seeing that ugly BFN. Good luck. I'd say the odds are definitely in your favor for that BFP. Keep us posted! We've got our fingers' crossed for you. Na25--Oh I hope AF continues to stay away for you. Your temp is still pretty high. Usually when it drops pre-AF it drops more than 1/10th of a degree, it usually drops below the coverline. So hopefully that's a promising sign still. Hang in there. I hope you get that BFP real soon.


central - April 26

Thanks wannabeamom, na25, and Mega for the info. I schedule an appointment to see my Dr 4/29. Still nervous, A/F still no show


na25 - April 26

TX MEGA. It menas a lot:) I hope for that BFP too :)


Mega - April 26

Excellent, Central. Good luck on your Beta appt. on the 29th. Na25--You're welcome. :) Keep us posted. Hopefully AF is a no show for you, and me too. :)


na25 - April 26

LOL i keep writing my temp 79 don't know why and it is "97.9". Exactly 14 dpo, fuller brests, no period yet, but strong feeling (lasts 3 days) that it is coming and then nothing happens..Got on 10dpo and 11dpo BFN and got sad so didn't test anymore since then...Mega what is your temps???How long dpo are you???


na25 - April 27

HI, i just found another useful website abut fertility (http://www.conceivingconcepts.com
"Fertility- 101 "Answers" It has answers to almost everthing about fetility ie. 9. Which of the following over the counter product(s) may increase your uterine lining, thus encouraging implantation. a. baby aspirin b. Robitussin c. vitamin E d. all of the above answer (a) there is some evidence that baby aspirin increases blood flow to the uterus, thus providing a better environment for implantation. However, you should always discuss adding any medication with your doctor. (As a side note, one of the many components identified in the herb, dong quai, is salicylic acid - a.k.a. aspirin. This component obviously is one that helps to "increase the metabolic rate action within the uterus," a benefit touted of this herb, which has been used to help promote fertility by the Chinese for thousands of years.) etc. TAKE A LOOK!


Mega - April 27

Hi na25! So your temps are still high, holding steady. Still sounds good to me. I have my fingers' crossed for you. I don't chart BBT anymore but I'm due for AF (to stay away) this weekend/early next week. I just did injectibles for the first time this cycle so I guess I'm just trying to be cautiously optimistic, though I don't really have any signs. Last month I had signs all over the place & a BFN. So who knows. Anyway good luck & thanks for the site recommendation. I'll check it out. I know someone who credits the fact that her current pg is going so well (she's due in June, after having 2 previous m/c) with baby aspirin but when I asked the dr who did my IUI about it he said it wouldn't hurt but he doesn't really think it helps either. I think though if you have recurrent m/c it might be more of a help though.


na25 - April 27

HI MEGA, wannabeamom, central and everybody else :)I am 15 dpo and just few minutes ago tested BFN, so I am definitely “not pregnant” and it seems to be just Ovulex making my cycle longer. If I was pregnant it should have shown + till now…..I used hpt that tests at a HCG level of 20 mIUs. I wish my af comes as soon as possible now, so I could start all over. :( Good Luck to you


central - May 3

A/F still nos show, I now miss count of how mant days I am late. I had a Dr's appointment 4/29 and i missed it. so now im schedule for an appointment 5/6. I tested yesterday it read negative for the first 10 min and then it change to a clear postive a few hours later. So i ams so confused.


DestinyJx88 - May 3

I have a question if you ladies could help me out. my last period was may 31st the last day of may so it went threw april. but i havent had once since that. so was that my april period? or my march? ive been trying to get pregnant since january but i stopped taking the pill in December. last month i went 38 days, and it hasnt been 38 days yet but i usualy dont wait that long it usually comes 31 days. im about to give up. it seems i cant get pregnant. do you think i could possbily be pregnant? or should i just keep waiting for my period?


central - May 6

I believe there is a chance of u might being pregnant. You shouldnt give up. I actually was about to give up and I was saying to myself "hey I just cant get pregnant" and look what happen, I finally got my BFP yesterday 5/4 and i was not expecting it. I was TTC for three years and all it took was the HSG to clear out my tubes



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