Pregnancy after HSG
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Cruisegirl - March 10

So, just to update, I did NOT get pregnant the first month after my HSG, but, I am not giving up hope, I am trying again this month and I plan on doing 3 things different--I am using clomid on days 3-7 50mg for the first time, I will be using PRESEED lube, and I will combine that with using SOFTCUPS this month. Hopefully, this being month 19, one of those new things will do the trick for me! Good luck to everyone!


Tryingat31 - March 8

Hi Ladies, I just had my HSG done this morning, which showed that I did have a small blockage but with a little extra dye my doctor was able to clear everything out. To me it felt like a period cramp for the most part. I did take ibuprofen about 30 minutes before the procedure. I have PCOS and have been ttc for 6 years now. So I am hoping that this helps. My doctor did tell me that he has seen women get pregnant right after having the HSG done but not to get my hopes up because everyone is different. I had this done on day 8 and my doctor told me to start having sex on day 11 and then every other day after that. He also wanted me to start taking clomid with cycle but I opted out because I wanted to see what the HSG would show first. Will post an update in a few weeks. Good luck to everyone!!



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