Male Infertility

Male infertility is generally the result of an inability to properly produce healthy sperm or because of a blockage that prevents sperm from joining the semen. Although a man may be embarrassed to admit that he has a fertility problem, it is important that he undergo fertility testing. Male factors are just as likely to lead to infertility as female factors, especially if he is older.

While they are rarer, hypogonadism and retrograde ejaculation are two disorders that can interfere with your ability to conceive. Antisperm antibodies occur when the body develops an immune system response to sperm. Although it is more common in men, this disorder can also develop in women.

One problem that happens frequently in men is impotence. While an occasional bout of impotence is nothing to worry about, a prolonged period of erectile difficulties can signal a larger health problem and warrants a visit with your doctor.

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Hi I am 31 years old and have been trying for a baby since two years. Last year, I suffered a miscarriage due to more number of chromosomes in the baby. I want to know if it is due to low sperm count in my husband. This year, he was diagnosed with low sperm count and poor morphology. Are these all related to each other?
But it can be overcome with healthy diet and regular exercise
Have been married for 20 years to my second wife, no children. My first wife and I had 2. What's up?
To me it is alarming to learn that over 20 million men suffer with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Most men on medications have no clue that they may very well lose their sex drive to ED. In my opinion men are being targeted for chemical castration. Millions of men on cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardio drugs have come down with ED. All that it takes its just one of the meds, but if you are taking 2 or more than the ED condition shows up even faster. I did a blog post google ( Chemical Castration wakeupgethealthy ) - Help us get the word out.
Can anyone tell me that: Thyroid problem can also affect the male infertility ?