Infertility Treatments

Coping with infertility can be one of the cruelest and loneliest experiences imaginable. Perhaps one of the hardest factors to deal with is the feeling that you are helpless in the face of the bad blow nature has dealt you. But the truth is you're not helpless. There are many things you can do to encourage conception. Some of these steps are easy to undertake while others seem outlandish and require a leap of faith—after all, you do want to hold that baby in your arms!

Stimulating Ovulation

One key factor in becoming pregnant is ovulation. We tell you about the various drugs that serve to stimulate ovulation through a variety of means. If your doctor has prescribed a drug regimen and you want to learn more about these medications before embarking on a course of treatment, you can read about these fertility drugs in greater detail right here. We have articles that explain the uses of hCG, hMG, FSH, and LH. We'll tell you all about Clomid, aromatase inhibitors, and pergonal.

Of course, today there is a wide trend for more natural, gentler alternatives. Some of these complement the more traditional infertility treatments while others are useful once you have exhausted other measures. Perhaps you'd like to try alternative treatments before going on to the next, more invasive step. In any case, we have articles about alternative treatments for infertility such as aromatherapy, flower remedies, acupuncture, Tai Chi, Reiki, Pilates, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and fertility yoga. Some women tend to ignore these treatments in favor of more standard treatments, yet some of them have proven benefits.

Calming Fears

Sometimes, your physician will suggest surgery as an aid to conception. This idea is a scary one for most women. Learning about the various surgeries is the best way to calm your fears, since most of that fear relates to not knowing the facts. We tell you all about hysteroscopy, balloon tuboplasty, and laparoscopy.

Besides fixing mechanical problems, there are conception surgeries like IVF and artificial insemination. If you're a stranger to the world of infertility, you'll appreciate having these surgeries explained in terms you can understand.

Some of these treatments involve your husband or male partner. He may be afraid of undergoing these treatments. But both of you can learn about these procedures here so you can make informed decisions. IVF, ICSI, and artificial insemination are just a few of the procedures that involve your partner.

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Earlier this year I over used pill 72 an it has change my reproductive system. I can not even conceive. I just don't know what to do or where to turn . I'm lost plsssss help me because this is my last resort!!
When I have heard that my husband is infertile, I couldn\'t make a sound even a hiss. The tears just dropping down spontaneously. I was really afraid that I could no longer have a baby on my own, our baby. I wasn\'t blaming of my husband\'s infertility but I really wished that he is not. I know that, I wasn\'t the only one who mourn about it, I felt his silence and feeling sorry about the news. For about of 3 days, I have talked to him about the findings the other day, yeah, I am a little bit calm. I encouraged myself that we\'re not too old to not have a baby. So, I did a research what would be the treatments for infertility. I am so glad that I have read so much posts with regards infertility and that it could be reversed by having a healthy lifestyle. It really gives us hope. I even let him take l-carnitine (I buy it here: from BRI Nutrition) because it helps to normalize motility and sperm production.
I have been trying to conceive almost 6 year now, I checked with different doctors and make some test but the results shows that i have no problem, I usually get abdominal pain on my left side 1 or 2 weeks before menstrual period , and my cycle is long cycle 35 days and sometimes more. Can someone help me what can I do to conceive.
hi I've been trying to conceive for almost 2 years now. i have 2 little girls age 5 and 3 very healthy. after my second kid my periods are irregular and very heavy so i don't think I've been ovulating. i was thinking about trying clomid has anybody had any luck with it by the way Im 23 and my husband is 31
Me and my husband are planning for a baby from 2 years. I am under treatment from past 6 months. Starting 3 months my doctor had given me tablets for FSH and LH to come equal ratio and there was no chances to get pregnant during this period but last two cycles i was taking medicines for pregnancy but i did not conceive. My doctor had suggested me to go for HSG test and it has come normal and now my doctor is suggesting for Laparoscopic surgery if incase i do not conceive this month. I am really scared of surgery. Can anyone tell me is it necessary to go for Laparoscopic surgery even though my HSG test is normal. Please advise.