In this section of you can find everything you need to know about the female reproductive system and how to maintain your gynecological health. The female body is a marvelous thing but its workings are quite complicated. Here we try to simplify things for you by breaking it down into laymen's terms you can understand.

You'll learn all about Pap smears and why having one each year is crucial. You'll learn about the connection between Pap smears and cervical cancer. We'll even explain what it means to receive an abnormal result on a Pap smear and how you should proceed should this happen to you.

Sensitive Subject

We also treat the subject of pelvic pain. In this subsection you can find articles on difficult and sensitive subjects such as painful sex, uncomfortable menstrual periods, and fibroids. Learn the mechanics behind the pain and how to discuss these problems with your physician. Get the facts about the various treatment options available to alleviate pelvic pain.  

Women with urinary problems tend to keep their problems quiet. They are embarrassed to speak up about leakage and incontinence, for example. They'd rather wear a double pad and suffer in silence. But no woman should bear the weight of these problems without getting help, when help is so available and effective. Here we discuss these topics in a frank and open manner.

We explain some of the causes of urinary problems, for instance prolapsed organs as a result of the aging process and the weight carried during pregnancy. We discuss urinary tract infections: their causes, preventative measures, and treatments. We also tell you all about Kegel exercises which can maintain the integrity of the pelvic floor.

Female Cancers

Last but not least, we delve into the topic of the various cancers that affect a woman's reproductive system. There are a number of articles on breast cancer with information on monthly self-checks, how to know when to see the surgeon for a suspicious lump, and the various treatment options available. We talk about lumpectomies versus radical mastectomy and chemotherapy versus radiation.

We discuss ovarian cancer risk factors, symptoms, and treatments. As with any form of cancer, catching it early is the key to recovery and may make all the difference in the world.

We also describe cancer of the fallopian tubes: risk factors, causes, and cures. This is a very rare form of cancer but spotting the signs means you can be treated early. That could be life-saving!

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hello, am 32 years and am finding it to get pregnnant, whenever i undergo a scan all they usually says is that " multiple follicular cysts were noted on the right ovary with the dominant follicle measuring about 15 x 12mm please what is the meaning of this, can gynec on-line please help me out of this situation
priya dharshini
Wat r the reasons for irregular periods??wat is the solution for that problem?
Hi,I'm 28years old,and not had a period for 16 months now. is it still possible that I can still become pregnant.and how Will I know if im ovulating
what can i use to make my menses normal cos they come once and disappear for almost a year?
FISHY brown odour after intercourse and I use lactacyd, what could it be and what can I do to get RID of this?? HELP HELP