When will temperature rise (BBT) after ovulation?
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Clara - May 4


I am charting my BBT temperature. How long after ovulation will the BBT rise to the luteal phase ?

Is it within the 24hours after ovulation or only few days after ovluation ?



Carrie - May 4

Hi Clara - my temperature rises a day to two days after I feel ovulation. So last month I felt ovulation on a Friday and my temperature spiked on a Sunday. It may vary with different people though, I'm not sure. Good luck!


Jen - May 4

Check out www.fertilityfriend.com . All the charts there show ovulation as the day before the temp rise, but everybody's body is different. If you observe your CM, temp, and time of month you should be able to estimate your ovulation timing. Also if you do get your period you can count backwards and see what day of the month you are ovulating on on average.


Clara - May 6

Bad news...my BBT doesnt seem to raise after the expected ovulation date..i am at the 23rd day of my cycle already..(i am usually at 32-36 days)

Noticed that ever since I hit 30 years old, i dont ovulate every alternate month (or something along that pattern). Before 30 years old, whenever I take ad-hoc hormone test(to check ovulation), or go to the ob-gy to check follicles, I ovulate...

do you have this problem ladies ??


sas - May 7

My BBT also did not rise. My cycles are 32-35 days. I got a pos LH surge on cd23 and i am now on cd26. I think i need to accept that i have a fertility problem here! Feel very scared about this. Do you think i need to see a doc?


stacey - May 8

SAS- just b/c you had a pos opk, doesn't mean that you Ovulate. Sometimes your body gears up to ovulate, and doesn't for some reason. (stress, sickness). A rise in temp tells you that you already ovulated, so if you don't have a rise, you might not have ovulated yet.


Clara - May 9

So, the general consensus is if the BBT did not raise consistently for a period of few days (at the Luteal phase range of temperature), it means I havent ovulated ?


sas - May 9

Thanks Stacey, I will continue to take my temp every day and see what happens. I have ovulation/period cramps every day and my cm is very wet but not ewcm. (never had that) Still bd every other day just in case. AF due around next Monday. Think I spoke to you last month. Clara I am not sure about your situation but if this has happened for more then one month I would get a Doc to go through your charts with you.


stacey - May 9

Clara-I don't think I ovulated this month, but this is the first time I've noticed it. I am using the clear blue monitor- never got a peak which means ovulation, also my temps are all over the place...
SAS-yup, we did talk before...wet cm is also good - some people don't get ewcm.


lulu - June 3

you may not see the temperature rise. if you have a regular cycle of 32-35 days, you must be ovulating, otherwise, you wouldn't get your period. when you don't ovulate, you can go long (lie 60-100days) without AF. you may be taking your temp at different times, or your rise is so subtle you aren't noticing it. some people have better luck seeing a rise temping vaginally. but i am pretty sure that someone with a regular 35 day cycle does NOT have a problem with ovulation.


lulu - June 3

i forgot i was going to answer your question! there is much information on the correlation between the temp rise and ovulation. the scientific studies basically say that for a variety of reasons, it isn't reliable for pinpointing ovulation. all it tells you is that you have. i looked for the same information and can't find an answer anywhere - but did find out that temp rise only happens for 20% of women studied on ovulation day.. as for the other 80%, who knows when they saw the rise! one website even says you can see a rise before you ovulate. i think you have to use other methods if you really want to know exactly when (like measuring your LH surge). even eggwhite mucus doesn't tell you exactly because lots of people have that for a few days afterwards too.


stacey - June 3

lulu- that's not exactly true, you can't have a period per day when not ovulating, but you can have a bleeding that people may mistake as a period. I read about it in Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Oh, and for the record...I did end up having a really late ovulation this cycle, but my entire cycle was 46 days !!!



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