When can I take Clomid
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BabyO - May 20

I have no insurance. My husband has insurance but we can't afford to include me. He feels bad and says he does not want it if I can't have it but I told him to not be silly that it is so cheap for him that he could not afford not to have it. But anyways, I would really like to take clomid because I hear that it works and I have been trying for almost two years. I have been advised that in order to take Clomid I would have to see a doctor that he/she can tell me when I should start it. Now, I can buy Clomid but I don't know when to start taking it so it could work. Also, my period is very irregular and there are some months I don't even get it. Can someone help please?


Kelly - May 21

Baby O,

I am very sorry to hear about your insurance situation because I have been there myself and it is no fun, especially w/ how high medical treatment is. Anyway my doc. had me take Clomid days 3-7. You count the day you start your period as day 1. Then dtd every other day on days 11-18. I hope this helps, but I personally would be scared to take Clomid w/o seeing a doc. first. Also, if you do get preggo prenatal care is very expensive as well. Baby Wishes to you!!!


Cutie - May 21

Hi Baby O , I have talked to you on the other post..... I have been in the same situation when I didnt have insurance, but then things got so bad that I just had to buy it and its a good thing that I did because that same month I was admitted to ER and then to the Hospital for bleedings and really bad pain down there..... Of course they did not find out what it was and I still get that pain now and then, however at least they gave me pain killers - morphine, because I just couldnt stay the pain. Taking clomid would be kind of scary if you dont have a doctor. Sweety, Do you live in the US? ^Talk to you later


BabyO - May 23

Thank you so much for your concern. You both are right about taking it without a doctor. I am currently looking for affortable insurance and I am going to try to do whatever I have to do to get it. My husband said he will take on an extra shift if necessary. It cost over $400.00 to put me into his insurance so I am looking for something cheaper somewhere else. Once again i really am greatful for your answers. Although I wish things were easier and I could just snap my fingers and make it happen I know I have a lot to consider. Hey cutie, nice to bump into you again sweety. Yes, I do like in U.S.


Mindy - May 25

Im in the same situation. i have missed my cycle for 5 months now. I went to a free clinic and they told me that everything lokked fine and that I was not pregnant. I work per diem so my job does not provide health insurance for me. My husband works on private contract so he only get deaths insurance for himself. I live in the US too. I had applied for medi-cal so that I could atleast see a doctor. The case worker told me that we may not qualify because of our income and that it would take til july- aug for her to find out. It sucks being middle incomed family because your either not poor enough or not wealthy enough. Im going to try and call her again to see if there is any progress. Its scary not having a period for that long.


BabyO - May 25

Mindy-I know what you are talking about and it is bad being in the middle of the economic world. Well, I really hope that works out for you. A friend of mine is going to take me to a free clinic in Los Angeles on Tuesday where they do blood test and all sort of things for free. Let's just keep our heads up and not stress on it. Keep me updated.


to baby o - May 25

u can order it off the internet at a small cost!!! x Just take 5mg once a day at night and only take 2-3 days after period for 5 days only xx


Drew - May 25

I know you really want to have a baby...believe me I know. But PLEASE do not take anything from the internet!!! I was watching a news story just this morning about how drugs off the internet are really empty-meaning they are just sugar pills, or they have toxic properties to them. The drug you think you are getting you really are not. One of the women in the story ordered a cancer drug off the internet and is no longer on this earth. It actually was the "Today Show". Please be carefull, there are so many people eager to prey on someone elses wants or needs. Good luck!


babyO - May 25

I will as soon as I get my period, if I do, because I have many pregnancy symptoms. Thank you so much for the info.


BabyO - May 25

Drew- Thank you so, so much. I really appreciate the info. That is so crazy! I will look for other means if necessary and I do need the pills. Thanks once again.


Drew - May 25

Hi, just reading over my post, and I forgot to say that not all drugs off the internet are "fixed", although many are, but you never really do know until its too late. Thought I better cover my butt in case someone reads this and gets upset!


BabyO - May 25

Drew- No I knew what you meant but thanks for the extra information. I will keep you updated if and when I go to the doctor and Tuesday to check.


Andri20 - June 16

Hi everyone. I have PCOS, my doctor had put me on provera to induce my menses and now he has prescibed clomid to me.All he said was to take the pills 3-7 days in my cycle, but I was not told when I would ovulate then I can make love with my fiancee.Could someone help me answer this question?


Drew - June 16

Hi Andri20. When you ovulate depends on the length of your cycles. Now I know that probably doesnt help any cause they are probably so messed up. Mine were the same, and I started Clomid. Didn't get pregnant last month (my first month) but I know I ovulated cause I got my period last month almost exactly when I should have. We're trying to have sex every other day, which we started after my period and that way we shouldn't miss ovulation. Keep track of dates this month...the first day of your last period, the day you started the Clomid and that should help next month to give you an idea of when you ovulate. Also charting bbt and cervical mucas will help you get a better idea of when things will happen. Hope this helps, and this is your lucky month!! Best of luck! ~~~Baby Dust~~~


cinna2778 - June 18

hey andri20 i just happened to find this site and read your post..i also have PCOS and i just went to the DR on the 2nd of this month..and im on the provera also and that has been so fun, anyways she told me to take clomid day 4-9 and that usually you ovulate around day 16 then she said to have regular intercourse and that i could use ovulation kits to pinpoint..but she wants me to wait till day 35 if no period check pregnancy test and if negative to start provera again..im hopin this works..my family has lots of female probs..my one cousin had to take clomis for both her girls ..but the one shes pregnant for now happened by itself..so im hopeful..i hope this helps Andri20


Nic - June 19

You should take Provera first to induce a period, then on days 3-7 or 5-9 (each doc does it differently) you take Clomid. Please be aware though that you can ovulate very late on it - I ovulated on day 22! So you have to keep having sex even after you think it's too late... cos it might not be!


Drew - June 20

I did some reasearch on when you ovulate with Clomid, and it's usually 5-8 days after you have taken the last pill (if you are on an effective dose for you). If it doesn't happen around that time frame, the dose you are on is probably not as effective for you as it should be, and your dose may have to be upped slightly. Can't remember the sight where I found this but if you look Clomid up on google, you could probably find it. Good luck!



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