When can I take Clomid
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Drew - June 20

I did some reasearch on when you ovulate with Clomid, and it's usually 5-8 days after you have taken the last pill (if you are on an effective dose for you). If it doesn't happen around that time frame, the dose you are on is probably not as effective for you as it should be, and your dose may have to be upped slightly. Can't remember the sight where I found this but if you look Clomid up on google, you could probably find it. Good luck!


mina - June 29

after reading your note, i felt so much for you, because i am also passing through this but i trust god to do it this year for as many of us that trust in him for the friut of the womb, meanwhile i will go and ask my doctor for your reguest and i will keep you informed you can write me at [email protected] good luck


Kelly - June 29

Drew - that sounds right when I was on 100mg of Clomid (taking it days 3-7) I didn't ovulate until day 19. When I was on 150mg I ovulated on day 13. So I guess I found my sweet spot :)


Drew - June 29

Kelly, how long were you on the 100mg dose before you knew it wasn't working for you? This is my second cycle and I'm worried that maybe its not working for me.



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