TTC IN 2010!!!
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hsg123 - October 5

Hi Elliemae,
No problem at all.
How long you've been ttc? I too wish you BFP!
For me af is due in 6 days, but I just started to have cramps. I'm sure its period cramping. I don't know how long can I go on with this? It really does suck that ultimately money issue can end my ttc. I couldn't afford an in-vitro.
Toscana, did af arrive yet? I hope not! Keep us posted!
Hi Melip, I don't think my obgyn ever did a progesterone test? What is the best day to do that?
Good luck and baby dust to all of you!


melip82 - October 5


Progesterone tests are usually done on day 21 of your cycle to test progesterone levels after you have ovulated. Doctors usually do one in the beginning of the 3 I believe to see what starting levels are. Levels need to be over 10 at least to be able to sustain a pregnancy. Sometimes a low progesterone levels indicates no ovulation has occured. Progesterone deficiencies can cause infertility and cause miscarriages as well because that is the hormone that sustains the pregnancy until the placenta takes it is a very important hormone! You should talk to your doctor about testing to rule it out. I pray everything goes well for you and af doesnt show!


hsg123 - October 5

Hi Melip, thanks for the info. I'm such an idiot I do have that tested every month on cd23. In fact I had my blood taken yesterday. I'm on clomid, so they want to see if it works or not. It seem to work every time my levels are around 30 every month.
I'm on cd24 now, its so tempting to do a pt, but I don't feel prenant so I won't do it. I think next month will be my month! If I get preggo next month my due date would be June/July. Just what I always wanted, a summer baby :)


melip82 - October 5

Aww I know what you mean about wanting to test. I am on cd 31 right now. I was doing the bbt thing this cycle and come to find out my thermometer was not being accurate. My bf was getting the same exact I had to stop. So I don't even know when I ovulated. The only thing I changed is that I decided to take prenatal vitamins starting about a month ago. I have been having light cramping and pressure in my tummy....but I have no breast pain whatsoever. My breasts are usually sore before af. So who knows if I even ovulated. There were some instanced I felt sick to my stomach and I have been grumpy and tired...but that sounds like af symptoms to me. So......not sure if I should test.


elliemae - October 5


Thanks for the welcome. I have been ttc for over three years. We have had three mc. The last one was October 8th, 2009. Almost exactly a year ago. I was at 12w. I started injects and IUI cyle on Saturday. It is my first IUI/injects. I hope that it will be my last. I want to have my take home baby. I am only ttc for another three months or so then it will be time to move on, somehow Ill have to figure out how.


melip82 - October 6

Hello girls

I have to tell you about the way I felt last was so weird. I woke up about 12am with a good amount of pressure and light cramping where my uterus is. I had light heartburn and just wasn't feeling well. (nauseous). I didn't feel like af cramps, just like a little ball of pressure in one area. I thought maybe I would wake up with af this morning but she still isn't here. Just feel kinda icky and still have a touch of heartburn. I am on cd 32....I want to buy a test..but I don't want to waste money. And my breasts still feel soreness like right before af. Yay for confusion!


hsg123 - October 6

Hi Elliemae,
I am so sorry about your mcs. Did the doctors tried to find a reason for that? I really hope the IUI/injects combination will be the answer to your prayers! keep us posted!


hsg123 - October 6

Hi melip,
cd32?? I would definately do a test! How long your cycles usualy are?
Well, i have to tell you, since I'm on clomid and taking prenatal vitamins I have all kind of strange things going on. heartburtn, bloating, feeling full. Boobs are not tender but my nipples are!
I never really test because i would hate to see a BFN, but at CD32 I would do it.
God, I really hope that your pregnant!! keeping my fingers crossed.
i'm on CD 25, i'm cramping and have all the pms symptoms:(


melip82 - October 6

My cycles can be all over the place, but for the past few months my cycles have been 32 days. The month before those cycles it was 29 days and the months before that they lingered around 33. I believe in march I had a 38 day cycle. My longest ever has been 82 days (I have mild pcos and that only happened once). So...I don't know when I should test. I started taking prenatal vitamins too this past month so that is the only thing I have changed. I have gained weight also in the past year. Went from 115lbs to 130lbs. So from a size three to a size 6 =(. That is more my normal body weight...I was between 100 and 115lbs for the past 8 years due to stress and a rocky maybe my body is regulating itself.

HSG-sorry to hear about your loss! I pray the iui works for you. By the way, I too had an hsg last year. Everything looked good. It felt like the biggest menstrual cramp of my life....but other than that, it was okay! I dont ever wanna do it again though...


melip82 - October 8

How is everyone doing today? I am on cycle day 34 and am trying not to get my hopes up. My breasts started hurting for a few days..not overwhelming. Just feel swollen and sore on the sides. I keep cramping and I think af is on the way...but nothing. I thought for sure she was going to be here this morning but discovered I have lotion-like cm, which is very odd for this part of my cycle. I am freakin starving too and just devoured my breakfast burrito...I want more!..haha. I am too scared to test. So many times been down that road, all bfn's. Its so nerve racking!


elliemae - October 8

Mel~ I hope all the signs are from a BFP. It sounds pretty good. FX that this is it for you.

Toscana and hsg123~ How are you ladies doing?? Hope all is well. FX that this cycle will be your last.

AFM~ I went in yesterday for my monitoring and have responded well to injects. Have 4 follies on the left. I did another stim shot last night and I am triggering tonight at 10:30 then IUI is at 10:30 am on Sunday. I am super excited and praying that this works for us. I know at 41 the odds are not great but I am thankful for any extra help I can get.
Ill try and update sunday but it might end up being Monday.


ingenue - October 8

MeliP82 I hope this month is it for u....we need a bfp to get the ball rolling for all of us!
When do think U'll test?


melip82 - October 8

Thanks girls. I think I will wait until Monday. So many times I have jumped the gun...literally starting af after I peed on the stick..LOL. Monday will put me at cd 37 so I think that it would be perfectly reasonable to test at that point. Unless I have a major like "OMG" sign where I am puking in the morning or something, I won't test until then.

Ellie- I am really rooting for you. I have heard so many positive things about iui, so I am praying it works for you as well. And are you kidding me? 41 is the new 31! ;)


melip82 - October 8

Ingenue-What is happening with you right now?


ingenue - October 8

Hi Mel, I'm just taking those pills, and getting those hot flashes. It really does not feel right...if this doesn't work this month, I don't think I'm gonna take clomid again. I don't understand why I'm on them in the first place...I ovulate on my own. I'm soo frustrated, and sad. I feel incomplete as a woman. Don't know how much more I can handle.. :(


elliemae - October 8

ingenue~ I O on my own and have taken clomid earlier this year. I had mild headaches and a few hotflashes but nothing terrible. The tink I noticed about it was the PMS was TERRIBLE. Not the physical issues but the emotional stuff. I would be so emotional it was so bad. I am thankful that DH is so patient. Just wanted to give you the heads up. The clomid when you O on your own is suppose to help by giving you more targets.



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