TTC IN 2010!!!
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Toscana - June 23

just poppin in real quick! Aunemom2b I just read ur post! yay girl!! I hope it all works out for u this time! I have a feeling it will!! as for ur dry cm use preseed I don't know if u have heard of it but a ttc sperm friendly lube that mimics ur fertile cm. u should try it! and since its ur cm thats giving u a problem I'm sure that will help the swimmers along! I wish u all the best!!! I'll be back on soon to update everyone and chat some more lol


Aunemom2b - June 28

Thanks Toscana!!! I have preseed - bought it when I bought the FertilAid and fertileCM stuff... problem with that is I have no problems getting "wet" just after the process... do you think it would work if I inserted it AFTER we bd?? I tried it once before and my dh hated it!! When I check my cervix I have fluid! I don't know exactly what amount you are suppose to have... maybe the trip to RE next month after post-coital, they will let me know... I will suggest it - it can't hurt! - right!! I am presently on cd26 and waiting for AF. The clomid the last few months really screwed up my system and I had 35 day cycles instead of 29... We'll see what this month will be without it!! My luck it will be July 4th (when the Dr office is closed!! HAHA)


Aunemom2b - July 2

I called it!!! I started today!!! Since my blood test would be tomorrow and sonogram on 4th (of course they are closed) and OV day - DR is out of town - we are waiting until next month for #4 iui... we will however do whatever needs to be done THIS month - including Mucinex, FertileAid, FertileCM, Metformin, etc... I even got the semen cup...has anyone used this before???


Toscana - July 22

hey girls! I tried to sign on here the other day and started typing and somehow the page messed up and I was too lazy to retype it all lol! but I'm on cd 4! so af found me! ugh!! I was really hoping since af was late that this was the month.. it just kinda felt like it was but NO guess not for me! I was just telling dh the day before af came that I wanted to buy a test. and it never fails the day I test the next day dang af shows up! & then to make things even worse for me I found out yesterday that friend of mines gf is pregnant!! & I'm not too sure that they are thrilled about it just yet as it wasn't planned. but even though it upsets me a little because all I want more then anything is a baby with the Man I love, I'm still happy for them and could never think anything bad about them because he is like a brother to me. but how is everyone else doing? this thread is pretty dead where is everyone at??


Toscana - August 24

hey girls incase anyone gets on af found me yesterday and I have horrible cramps! it really sux but what can ya do. I'm going to buy some opks for this month and start trying a little harder I guess... this natural crap isn't working for me. so hopefully we are able to get insurance in nov!


Aunemom2b - August 24

HAHA - I guess everyone is preggo and no longer on here???? I was wondering the same thing Toscana!!! HAHA!!
I will keep you posted on me - I test again on Friday...


Toscana - September 22

hey ladies! I'm 10dpo today. for some reason I thought I was 10dpo yesterday and I tested and a BFN!! =( so I'm gonna wait a few more days.


hsg123 - September 30

Hello Ladies, I thought I would join you because I can't talk to anybody about my ttc... Or at least not in details. Its not an interesting topic to someone who isn't going thru the same. Its like sharing vacation pictures. It gets boring after the third pic.
So, I'm 36 and only trying for 5-6 month. First I went to the dr with irregular periods, they told me I wasn't ovulating. So they put me on provera for the 1st month and clomid 50 mg. I've been ovulating nicely with the clomid my d23 level is always 30+. I guess at least that worked. I had an hsg test 1 week ago. It was very painful. Tubes are open. Yay! Although my obgyn said that the left one is swollen maybe due to endometriosis. A surgery would tell for sure. I want to wait 3-4 month with surgery and if I don't get pregnant I will do it.they say an hsg can increase your chances by flushing your tubes. I hope its true for me too. I'm on my 2ww right now, cd19. I don't do preg tests I don't want to see the big fat neg! If I don't get af on d28 I will test. My cycles are pretty regular 28 days. I'm thinking about doing iui, have to find out what if anything would be covered by my insurance.
Well good luck for everyone! Keep our fingers crossed! And our legs uncrossed haha!


Toscana - October 1

hi hsg123, welcome! =) I wish u luck in the 2ww! u are very strong to able to hold out to test till af is late! I really am hoping this is ur cycle and u won't have to do the surgery. that is awesome news that ur tubes are open!

I'm currently cd39 19dpo and been getting negatives on hpt's. I've been using the wondfo internet cheapies and the other night I bought some first response hpt's and did one yesterday morning and it was still a BFN. also I did an opk just to see and it was positive, so now I think I just confused myself even more with wondering if I really am pregnant. I will wait a few more days then test if af hasn't showed and then hopefully that will be enough time for the hcg to pick up on a test! =)


elliemae - October 1

Hello everyone. Its been a LONG time since I was here and even longer TTC. I keep getting e-mails and finally remembered my password so I made it in LOL. I have been TTC-ing for 3+ years. We are TCCing until the end of the year. After that we won't prevent but are comitted to moving forward. I go to the RE tomorrow for my baseling u/s and bw. As long as it all comes back ok I will be starting 225iu of follistim injections and do a trigger and IUI. This is our first (and I hope last) IUI. I am luck because my insurance covers 90% of all infertility except IVF. So meds, IUI, monitoring, all of that is covered.


hsg123 - October 1

Hi again,
Toscana, you've mentioned that you're on cd39. Have you ever taken provera to regulate your period?
Thanks, I hope I don't have to have that surgery. I don't want to miss a month because of that.
I'm on D20, on monday I will have the d23 blood test. Hopefully it will be a good number. On Saturday, the 9th I hope af won't arrive!


melip82 - October 2

Wow, I haven't been on this site in ages! I used to go by the name of "melissap"..I think. Angelmonkey, Durante baby...I totally remember you guys. I can't believe you are still here! Well....I'm still ttc. No babues. I have been through some life changes...I divorced my husband. I have been in a relationship with someone new for about a year and we are ttc. Good to see you all. =)


elliemae - October 4

Melissa~ I remember you. I am sorry about the changes that you had to go through but I hope you are happier where you are. Good luck with TTC. I am on the last leg of my TTC journey. I am going to go down fighting. I want a baby so bad. I started my injects on Sat. Praying this will work for us.

Toscana~ I remeber you how are you doing?
Angelmonkey~ I remember you as well. What is happening in your world?


elliemae - October 4

hsg123~ Sorry I did not mean to leave you out had to post before I was finished, I am at work. I hope that you get a BFP very soon. I know TTC can be a very lonely place when no one you know is in the same place. I wish you the best of luck and I hope your wait is quick. Good luck and glad to have you to wait with as well.


melip82 - October 5

Ellie, I remember you as well! Why are you on the last leg of your journey? I am EXTREMELY happy with my new life. I couldn't ask for a more loving, supporting man. As of right now, I am debating whether or not to buy otc progesterone cream. My levels are extremely low after "O", only a 4 which definitely can not sustain a pregnancy. I am waiting for my insurance to kick in at my new job, which will be another 30 days, then I will see the doc for the pills. But I didn't want to wait so long and was thinking about just getting the cream. Any ideas? I too want a baby so bad and am afraid I will never be able to experience pregnancy. My sister just found out she is pregnant about a month ago, which made me oh so jealous! It is her 3rd. But once I threw my pity party, I became excited....I cant wait to meet him/her!


hsg123 - October 5

Hi Elliemae,
No problem at all.
How long you've been ttc? I too wish you BFP!
For me af is due in 6 days, but I just started to have cramps. I'm sure its period cramping. I don't know how long can I go on with this? It really does suck that ultimately money issue can end my ttc. I couldn't afford an in-vitro.
Toscana, did af arrive yet? I hope not! Keep us posted!
Hi Melip, I don't think my obgyn ever did a progesterone test? What is the best day to do that?
Good luck and baby dust to all of you!



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