TTC IN 2010!!!
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Toscana - December 28

Hey Girlies!!!!! ok so we voted for new thread as the old one was waay tooo
long!! for those that don't know I'm Toscana.. aka Mandi or Amanda lol I made
this thread for girls who are TTC of any age that would love company or just ppl
to relate to and be there for each other through this heartbreaking time in Our
lives... someone to vent to and a shoulder to cry on when we need... we have had
many BFP's in this thread are continuing to do so and am hoping for many more
blessings in this New year! the girls in this thread are awesome and I have made
many great friendships! if it wasn't for u girls I don't know where I would be
right now with all this!.. haha prolly insane! LOL but I am currently waiting
for My BFP! and so its been a weird cycle for me! also if anyone of u need info or
have a question feel free to ask us as we are all very knowledgable in this
area!! I wish u all Many Many!! Blessings and hopes and great BFP's!!!!!!!


Toscana - December 28

oh also forgot to mention I'm on cd 24 and I' posted it in the old thread but I've been havin sore bbs and its really weird for to be having it this early.. its normally before af and normally I O about cd 26, but I think I may have O'd earlier this cycle so maybe I'll have a short 32 day cycle and thats why I have sore bbs.. I dunno its so weird! but I hope that u all had a great Christmas!! I did! talk to u soon and have a safe and Happy New Year!!


angelmonkey - December 28

hey toscona......hopefully you'l have some good luck....just popping to wish you all a happy new year and hope everyone had a good christmas....i hope 2010 will be full of bfp's for you all lots of baby dust xxx


Toscana - December 29

hey Angel! thanks so much! I hope u had a good Christmas as well! and a Great New Year!! do u have any plans for the new year? so hows ur baby bump? how far along are u? update me girlie!! I wish u would pop in more just to talk about whatever! lol I miss talking to u! I hope u and ur family are doing awesome! ..... but I hope I have good news too! but Im trying not to get my hopes up though. how early did u experience sore bbs? or more like I have have sore nipples lol but I hope everyone else finds the new thread! talk to u all soon!! =)


Heyrod24 - December 29

Hi my name is Kayty I'm a proudmommy of 2 beautiful kiddies a little girl named Triniti born 7-5-06, and a little boy named Todd Jr. born 8-29-08. We have plans to get married Feb. 27th, 2010. And also trying to concieve our last child. I've had alot of problems with depo, birth control pills, and condoms that me n my fiance sat down and just talked about having our last child, and we figured it should be set to go then I'm just getting my tubes tied. My last shot of depo was End of August Beginning of September for my son it took 7 months before I got pregnant after depo. So far it's been about 4 months so I hope it'll go just as quick. I was wondering seeing that it's been 4 months or so from not having depo if I tried taking anything to help would. Not sure if anyone had that experience after depo or if I just should wait it out. When I was on depo it would give me alot of sists, 14 on my left ovary and 4 on my right. And my dr. wanted to take me off of it anyways b/c of the problems I was having with it. The pills always made me so sick feeling to my stomach. I'd like to chat with anyone, my christmas was good my kiddies got spoiled. Glad you had a good Christmas too. And hope everyone's new year is brought to a good start ;-). Have a good day/night. Byes.


dahope - December 29

hi toscana.. I'm new here,,,I'm on cd9 should ovulate cd11 or 12...this my last time tryin naturaly before iui...because of my work schedule i can't seem to get my re to give some info hopefully you ladies can help ....Happy New year....Babydust for 2010


Toscana - December 30

hi and welcome Heyrod24 and dahope! glad u could join us! heyrod24 my friend was on the depo and she had been on it for years and then she got off of it for some reason and a month later she was pregnant. so everyone is different, and the time it takes for the depo to get out of ur system is different with everyone too. sorry I couldn't help more but good luck to u and I hope we all get our bfps!! ..............dahope I hope this is the cycle for u so that way u don't have to spend money on the iui lol keep us updated! =)


Aunemom2b - December 30

HEY GIRLS!~!! Well I am waiting for AF... yet again... 2nd month "on our own" without success... gonna get a house before starting IUI again! My 26 year old niece had a baby (unknown to us that she was pregnant) on Christmas day - in my sister's bathroom!!! - I took it really hard!! (she isn't married - but loves her boyfriend very much) I guess like everyone - I just want it to be ME!!!! :-( I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2010 - check back again soon!! - sorry - I'm going to copy and paste this to all threads!! I'm being LAZY!!


durante baby - December 30

Hey ladies, just wondering if I could pop in and join. Dh and I have 2 sons ages 4 1/2 and 2 years old. We also have custody of my teenage little brother. We have been ttc #3 for about a year now and just started my first round of Clomid today. I have Endometriosis. Had Laproscopy Novemeber 08 with No success of the removal of any of the Endo. I was on Depo Lupron for 6 months, and now the endo has become so bad. This will be the our last pregnancy before a hystorectomy....I started another thread titled "Clomid questions and cycle buddies" if anyone can help answer some un-resolved questions in that post it would be great....Baby dust to all!


angelmonkey - December 31

hey toscona, i do pop in every now and then but dot really want to talk about my pregnany whilst everyone here is ttc.....but as you asked lol im just over 16weeks now Heidi is 11months on the 8th.......this pregnancy is alot different....i was massive by now with heidi and was feeling lots of movments.....this time im half the size and dont feel much movment at all....i had a scare a few days ago i had a midwife appointment and she couldnt find the i had a scan 2 hours later and everything was due june 16th


dahope - January 1

Happy New Year I have strange feeling ...symptons like i'm going to have my af,........,yet ready to habe big O....dh and i getting to ready to go church,,please everyone stay safe ...sorry Aunemom2b I know how you feel while i'm trying my best friend got preggy so i know you feel


Toscana - January 2

hey hope everyone had a happy & safe new year!! mine was AMAZING!! lol I am so excited for this year & hoping for so many things!!..... but wow angel I'm glad that everything is ok! thats so awesome ur due June 16th!! thats My hunny's Birthday! lol


Toscana - January 3

so I just wanted to update u all af found me today so I was right I'm having a short "normal" cycle it was 28 days... hmmm maybe a good thing they are becomming normal?? its seems like it but it doesn't geel good because I've been hoping for so much better news this new year then this... I just feel soo depressed =(


Toscana - January 3

I meant it seems like it but it doesn't *FEEL* like it ha I can't type I'm soo exhausted tired! I hope someone has better news for the new year!


dahope - January 3

hi everyone..find my lh on cd 13 so I should bedding for the next 12-36 hrs ,,,wish me luck ...sorry Toscana.. remember my journey going to be 3 yrs in feb 3 if i'm not preggies...ladies prepare our self for our prayers and cry will be answer ,,have faith and help each other ,,,,through it all


Toscana - January 4

hi dahope! good luck bd'ing! hope u get ur bfp! and thanks! it was a hard day but I'm doin ok now still a little bummed but nothing that my dh can't fix! lol but oh trust me I'm no beginner to this lol I've been ttc for quite awhile now. but thanks for the kind words! =) how is everyone else?


WaiTiNgOnBaBy - January 4

Hello Ladies! Name is Tana. I am very new to posting in forums, so bare with me. I am 22 and DH is 27. We have been married since July 19, 2008 and have been TTC ever since. We have been together for 6 years and have always dreamed of babies. Well, after 1 year of trying I went to see my OB - he started out sending my DH for SA which came back normal - then I went for HSG and tubes were clear. I am getting ready to start my 3rd round of Clomid on January 8th. My OB has been doing Day 21 progesteron checks - on my first round my level was 18 and round 2 it was 19.8. i called today and asked them if I should start using OPK's and they said there was no need just to BD every other day from CD 10 - CD 18. I know this is a mouthfull, but does anyone have any input on all of this? I feel so confused. I didn't realize it would be so hard to have a baby! :-(



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