TTC Circle of Friends #10 (All welcome)
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dlongen - August 10

hi again - ERICKA- I'm so happy to hear that little chubby cheek Sam is doing great! I can't believe he's already 4 lbs! Man, you are not kidding that time really flies. Phoebe is supposedly about a pound from what I read. From all the sweets I've been eating, I bet she's chubby too! CENDY- I'm curious too about the schedule C-sect. I hope and pray I don't have to have a c-sect and yet they are so common that many women choose them outright. My best friend is a nurse and just finished some OB rounds, and she said it is crazy how quickly docs order c-sects and in many instances it has more to do with time/money/insurance than need. I find that sad. But, as long as everyone gets what they want and are healthy, that's the most important thing. Not trying to be on a soapbox here - everyone should have things their own way in my book. DEA: glad to hear about the insurance coverage. That is great that you have options that won't break the bank! Best of luck to all!


Cendy - August 11

Hi all! Sorry for not posting in a while. My youngest just started kindergarten and I have been extra busy at their school. I went to the doctor yesterday and my doc put me on Lexipro for my post pardum depression (baby blues) because I have had extreme cases of ie with both boys. If I start taking it now, I should be balanced enough to get through the drop in hormone levels once the baby comes. If any of you experience baby blues, please tell your doctor about it. There is meds that can help make things better. When I say baby blues for me, I would cry uncontrollably and not be able to tell you why. It was so miserable. I never had the bad thoughts that some mothers get about their babies, I just cried and felt like I was not a good mother or what have a I done to my life having baby type thing. These are perfectly normal thoughts, but they can be overwhelming and hard to work through. Anyways, I think I am 34 weeks now, so in about four weeks Wyatt will be here. I am having a scheduled c section because with our first son, I went through the trial of labor which was over 12 hours with no dialation, contractions one right on top of the other and no pain meds until they finally told me that a c-section was the only way I could have my son that was a week over due. Because of all my laboring I almost bleed to death after the section. My uterus was so wore out that it would not contract back down to its normal size and instead kept bleeding. I had to have to have a blood transfusion of two units. With my second son, we had a scheduled sections to prevent this happening again and it went well. So long story short, my body can make and grow the baby, it just cannot make the baby come out naturally. Am I ready for the baby, well yes and no. I am not miserable because my son is laying sideways (breach) I could not have him vaginally if I wanted to. So he is not up in my ribs like my other two were. I do not have his room ready or even had a shower yet. I still have so much to get for him. Well, I have to go now. Talk to you all later. BABY DUST!


dea - August 11

Hello All! I had my IUI this morning. One more tomorrow. The count was down- 4 million. Hopefully tomorrow's will be much higher. DH came with me today- he was very bummed about the count and I just didn't know what to say. He feels so bad about my going through all the injections and blood and u/s. But, I don't feel bad- it's what is necessary. CENDY: I'm so glad that science is able to help you have a safe birthing experience. It's amazing how much they can do for you. I have a friend that has had 3 sections (first because she had to- other 2 were for safety resaons). She said that it was kind of nice because she knew exactly when the baby was going to be there! DLONGEN: You are almost 24 weeks?? When is your exact due date? A little after Thanksgiving?? Maybe you'll have Phoebe on my birthday (11-24)... I always tease my cousins about that when they're due in November. Even if it's early in the month. I haven't had a 2nd cousin share my b-day yet--- I have TONS of family. CC: How are ya? ~~DUST!!~~


dea - August 13

bump= hope everyone is having a great weekend!


dea - August 14

bump- where's is everyone?? Hope you all are doing well!


dlongen - August 15

hi guys - CENDY - Thanks for sharing. I am glad you are on the meds and hope this experience is void of PPD for you. It is so cool that you know what your body can do and you have options these days. I am curious to see how this all works out for me since this is my first. Don't worry about the nursery and shower stuff- call in some troops to help you out! The baby won't know any better about the nursery - just buy some diapers and onesies and you'll have some time, right? DEA: I am hoping your counts get better. Sounds like DH is sweet. MY DH felt so bad when I had the ectopic and than all the other testing that is not fun related to infertility. It is nice to have that kind of support when dealing with these not fun issues. I am due December 2nd. So, I'm hoping she does come closer to your bday than to Christmas! I am getting a gigantic belly already - it is crazy - all the weird symptoms that come with pregnancy that I never knew about. I even just found out pregos get carpel tunnel temporarily - isn't that fun? I'm stil waiting for a big kick. Still just feeling flutters here and there. I turn 35 tomorrow so thoughts lately are about being an old mom, but better old than never in my book! Dust to all! Hope all you other ladies are doing great!


dea - August 16

Good Morning Girls: DLONGEN: I hope that Phoebe comes early for you as well- I can see how it would be difficult having a newborn around the holidays. I agree with the whole "better an old mom- than never". I would say the same about a newborn around the holidays!! "Better a newborn during the holidays than never!!" You are about 24 weeks right?? So- the big kick will come-- it's probably just a matter of time. I hope the rest of you ladies are staying busy and lots of good things are happening for you all!! ~~DUST to CC- Belly Rubs to the rest~~


Cendy - August 16

Hi ladies! How is everyone? I am good. The baby countdown has begun. Only 29 days till little Wyatt will be here. I am so excited. I have a baby shower this Sunday and cannot wait to get my hands on baby clothes. I am still feeling pretty good, although a little tired. It is harder to get out of bed in the morning, but other than a little dicomfort walking I am fine. DEA, I understand your disappointment in the count level, but all it takes it one little sperm to do the trick. I have faith that it will work this time. I think that you are a very brave woman to go through all you have to have a child. You will be a wonderful mother. DLONGEN, 24 weeks, wow! Time has flown! I agree with Dea that having a baby is all the matters no matter how old you are or what month the baby makes its final arrival. I was born in December, my wedding anniversary is in December and then there is Christmas of course. Talk about getting the short end of the stick when it comes to presents, have all three of those in the same month and see what you get. LOL. I have to go for now. I will check back later. BABY DUST!


CC - August 16

Hi Everyone, just wanted to check in quick. My cousin was here visiting from the east coast, and we were ending our IVF cycle so there was a lot going on. Dea, your in the 2ww...I've been thinking of you. All the pregnant ladies sound good. Sammy is gaining weight, Wyatt is getting ready to make his grand entry in the world, and Phoebe is growing like mad! All is good! Im doing well, had egg retrieval yesterday, and they got 22 eggs. I told myself anything over 15 and I would be happy. Waiting for my RE to call with the fertiliztion report, to see how many of the 22 they were able to fertilize. Then we will have the embies transfered back in on Friday, 2 or 3, depending on the quality. Im with you Dea, I would take 3 over none any day. I dont want 3, but after all this time, Im afraid if we have 1, we wont be able to have another. If its all you knew, I dont think it would be too bad. You just have to do it! Anyway-Im glad you are all doing well. Dea, come Friday, I'll join you in the 2ww!


Ericka - August 16

Hello all. Dea, I'm sorry your numbers are not what you hoped for, but hopefully that special one (or two or three), will be mixed in there somewhere. It is great to hear that you have such a positive attitude about all the things you have to go through. CC, I hope you get a good report on the fertilization. I'll be thinking of you on Friday. I know you will have wonderful quality embryos to transfer. Cendy, Glad to hear you are doing so well this close to the end. If you don't mind me asking how much weight have you gained? I'm doing ok, but this pregnancy is really taking a toll on my back. I've had a bad back for years now and the extra weight is just killing me. I can't stay in any position for more than 5 minutes without getting a shooting pain down my back. Oh well, only 10 more weeks to go and it will be all worth it. Dea and CC, sending you guys tons of Baby Dust and fertile thoughts,


dlongen - August 17

hi ladies - CC- I'm really excited to hear about the fertilization. I bet you get to implant three eggs this round! That is so exciting! DEA - keep us posted on the 2WW. I am sending lots of dust your way, ladies. ERICKA- I empathize on the back pain, and I know it will just get worse. I had back surgery about 10 years ago so have spasms pretty frequently and this added pressure is not fun. I know for me, walking helps normally, but not so much lately. I had gained 6 lbs at my last appt, but have to go again next week and am scared because of my ice cream treats every day. The doc might have to give me a talking to. I really need to curtail the sugar, especially since i have the glucose screening coming up at week 28. One thing you might try if you haven't already is a maternity belt - they sell them at BabiesRUs and other stores - they go under the belly and around the lower back and help lift the weight off the sciatic nerve. I bought one for $15 and it helps when I'm on my feet for a long time. CENDY - I'm thrilled for you that you can count by days now! Less than a month! Have a great time at your shower! I bet you get lots of cute clothes for Wyatt! Take care all!


Cendy - August 17

Hi all! CC, I am praying that the fertilization goes well. I would not mind having all three of my children at once, if there was a chance that I could not have them at all. It would be a lot of hard work, but worth it all the same. Ericka, I have gained about 12 pounds total. Which is weird because with both my boys I gained 26 and 25 pounds. I guess I am just more active with this one and do not get to lay around as much as I would like. I have back problems as well, but not as bad as your seems to be. I believe this baby will be a lot smaller than my boys as well. He is not in my ribs like my boys were. That was the main discomfort with my boys. I cannot be on my feet very long or walk long distances because I hurt so bad in my pelvic area. I guess Wyatt is in the birthing position now and my pelvis is spreading. Have you gained much weight? Dlongen, how I would not worry about you icecream intake. This is the one time you should be able to eat what you want. As far as the sugar screening, if you fail the test and have to take the three hour test, I feel for you. Mine was that way, and passed. I do not think your icecream will hurt you. Just don't eat any the day of the test. Well, I have to go for now. I will talk to you all later. BABY DUST!


dea - August 18

Howdy- nothing new brewing (maybe a baby!). Last night I felt three seperate twinges in my uterus....hmmm...... implantation? I am 8 dp IUI today. It sounds like all the pg ladies on the thread are doing well. CC: How are the injections and all that going??? ~~DUST~~


dlongen - August 18

Cendy - Man! - Only 12 lbs! I have a feeling I'm going to be a house before this is over with. That is amazing that you've gained so little. I started this pregnancy overweight, so am really hoping I can keep it in check. I've been bad lately though.....need to change my eating habits. DEA - I sure hope those twinges are implantation! I have high hopes for ya! Take care all!


dea - August 20

bumping us up girls-- 5 days until my blood test--- Take Care!!


CC - August 21

Dea, how are you doing during the 2ww? Anxious??!! Only 4 more days..
We tx'd 2 "perfect" embies on Friday...Now, all I can do is wait! Hope everyone else is well!!



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