TTC Circle of Friends #10 (All welcome)
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CC - August 21

Dea, how are you doing during the 2ww? Anxious??!! Only 4 more days..
We tx'd 2 "perfect" embies on Friday...Now, all I can do is wait! Hope everyone else is well!!


dea - August 22

CC: How exciting!!! I feel for you- that tww must feel even longer than mine!! I know if I go through IVF it will be (esp. because of the cost---). This cycle I am not testing ahead of time or even temping. I'm just going to wait until Friday-- OK- maybe I'll temp Thursday and Friday- That way my head will be where it needs to be. Two embryos!! How exciting. Now, I know you would love to have at least one (duh) BUT- wouldn't twins be exciting!!! How are your feelings about them?? How are the PG ladies out there doing?? Moms with newborns- are you getting any sleep yet?? ~~Loads of sticky dust to CC~~


Cendy - August 23

Hello all! DEA, I am so excited for you. I pray the twinges are implantation signs. CC, I am very excited for you as well. I have a feeling that both you and Dea will have +HPTs this month. Your babies will be very close in age. Well, I had my baby shower Sunday, but I fell in the bathtub taking a shower, while trying to shave my legs. I got off balance and fell on my right side hitting my head and bruising my shoulder and hip pretty bad. At the time, I just thought I had banged my head a little and that I would be okay to go to the bshower. The baby is fine. As long as he is moving, I had no cramping or bleeding, there was nothing the doc could do. The next day, I could hardly get out of bed. I am so sore. Take my advise you pregnant ladies out there, sit down in the tub or have you dh shave your legs for you. Its not worth the risk. I got lots of cute little boy stuff. My friends put together a cowboy themed baby shower because when you think Wyatt, you cannot help but think of Wyatt Earp. It was so cute. Well, I hope everyone is doing fine. I will post later. BABY DUST!


dea - August 23

Good Morning. CENDY: Thank God you are all right- my friend talked about the difficulties with shaving in her third trimester too. I am glad to hear that everythig is fine. A cowboy themed shower is a cute idea. Definately fitting for your little one's name!! As for me: temps this AM were high (98.6). At this point last month I was starting to fall a bit. No HPT for me this cycle. I am being a patient girl and waiting until Friday! ~~Belly Rubs and DUST~~


dlongen - August 23

hi ladies - sounds like exciting news for both DEA and CC! I am so glad you had two perfect embryos, CC! If I was a betting woman, I would bet that you are going to have success your first IVF go-round! I will keep sending you positive thoughts!!! DEA -way to be patient! just one more day to go and then hopefully BFP!!!! CENDY - Whew! that is scary that you fell and are so sore. I know I've been clumsy lately, so I already sit in the shower, but let me tell you, sometimes it's not easy to get up! I feel like we preggers need some special equip like the disabled have! Maybe some bars installed in the bathroom or those seats in the tub?? I am SO glad your injuries aren't serious. I say let the leg hair grow - I'm sure the nurses have seen it all before! I have about decided I'm going to let a salon take care of my bikini line until this baby comes. I can't even see it over my belly and my DH is a bit too apprehensive to make me feel comfortable that he's not playing tricks on me. :-) Anyway - sticky dust to DEA and CC and extra balance to us preggers.


CC - August 23

Dea, Im excited for you! I think holding out until your beta is the right thing, even though its hard to wait! Keeping my fingers crossed you finally have your bfp! If I were having twins, I would be elated. If I were having one, I would be elated! After this long, Im happy with anything! Cendy, your shower sounds wonderful, and very cute, but your fall sounds scary. How are you feeling now? Im glad you and Wyatt were both ok in the end, although sore. Be careful please!! dlongen, thanks for your positive thoughts. I appreciate them. I am 5 days after my transfer and not feeling a thing. I have cramps, but they occur mostly when I am up, and active. I do have some sitting down, but not as many. The cramps started right after my transfer, so I dont think they have anything to do w/ anything positive. The only thing I can think of, is its everything going back down to size on my insides.
Im remaining hopeful though.


Ericka - August 23

Hello all. Dea, way to be strong. I know after so many dissapointments after testing early why you decided to wait for your beta. At least the temping will give you some information. It would be just wonderful if you and CC both got preggers at the same time. CC, It is still too early for you to be feeling stuff, but hpefully soon you will start feeling some implantation twinges. When do you go in for your beta? Cendy, wow you have only gained around 12 pounds. I'm impressed. I'm 5 weeks behing you and I've already gained about 25. Luckily I'm all belly, but I have noticed my thighs and butt a little bigger. I'm so sorry to hear that you fell. That sure can be scary. I'm glad to hear that you and Wyatt are doing fine, even if you are a little sore. I've been having problems shaving also. It is uncomfortable in any position I try. After this last time doing it I told my hubby that from now on he has to do it for me. He just laughed and I don't think he took me seriously. Besides that everything is moving along fine, except that my back pain is getting worse by the day. It makes me wonder if I would have an epidural, it would make things worse. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Lashunda, wondering how you and Katricia are doing? Have a great day.


Cendy - August 24

Hyas! Thanks everyone for you concern with my fall. I think I have just about recovered from it. I am just a little bit sore now. I go to my OB for a check up today, so she will be able to make sure everything is okay with Wyatt. I know he is fine because he has been kicking the heck out of me and moving like he has all the room in the world in there. Oh, I am on pins and needs for DEA and CC. I just know this has to be your months. DLONGEN, I think we preggers should have special equipment as well. I did have a shower seat with my boys, but I believe its in storage, and have not even thought of it till you brought up the equipment idea. I will have to get that out and start using it. Having the salon handle you bikini line sounds like a good idea, but I just have my dh do it. I trust him and he does a good job. I don't know that I would feel comfortable in a salon setting. ERICKA, 25 pounds is not bad. My twelve are just a fluke I think. I saw my OB two weeks ago and I am betting when I get on the scale I have gained a few more pounds. I have been eating way to many Big Macs. LASHUNDA, I hope you and your little one are adjusting to one another. It is so hard to get over the feeling of them not being in your belly 24/7. I know I am a little sad my little bean will not be there for me to rub and feel him move. I am sure she is growing like a weed. I wish we could see her picture some how. It would be nice. Well, I have to get to work. BABY DUST!


dea - August 24

Nice to see everyone! Well- I couldn't temp this AM because I had a nasty case of insomnia and didn't sleep longer than three hours at any iven time. (It's God playing tricks on me!) But, the good news is that tomorrow I am having the beta done and will know---. Hope everyone is continuing to do well. CC: I have felt minimal this cycle and a lot of pg women feel nothing during the tww so stay hopeful. Are you scheduled for a beta in 9 days? CENDY: Glad you are feeling better! ERICKA: Hope you back holds out-- do you exercise/yoga?? I know yoga helps with my back (although I am not pg) but I plan to do it while pregnant just so it keeps the pain to a minimum. In fact, I bought a DVD. It's the only prenatal thing I've bought, but I couldn't resist! DLONGEN: Salon for the bikini line hmmm!! Like an idiot, I forgot about shaving in that area. I was thinking only of my legs and making dh do that for I have to re-think this whole thing-- ha! ~~Stay safe our pg ladies...CC, Sticky implantation DUST to you!!~~~


sherry06 - August 24

hey girls, this is sherry from way back when. we are still ttc. last month i was extremely hopeful cause iam never late, and the witch was a full 2 weeks late, and thought i had symtoms, but everything was negative, and provera made af come, so i could start a new. i had a +opk for 3 days stright, and my dh was only up to it, the night of, and the 2nd night. last night i had alot of ovary pain, and CM, and he fell asleep on me, i dressed sexy and all, i felt totally disapointed, and even mad at hime. am i the only one who gets this way? i kept it quiet though. i sware i just knew yesterday was the day to bd, but i did cover the first two, so iam officially on the 2ww. question for you gals. iam having severe af and ovary (mid month) pains, and iam thinking about seeing the dr. so maybe he could do an u/s, or some kind of test to help me with this. i mean i was healthy a year ago, could i have endo or fibroids? i don't know but iam scared, cause my mom had a hysterectomy at 34, and her mom died of ovarian cancer by 40. ughh......i had blood tests when i suspected pregnancy, and all those came out great except my beta was a 2 aka negative:(, but i don't think blood test could detect those other things right? i mean why am i hurting so bad? he just prescribes me pain pills, but i want to solve the problem, not drug myself up. oh well, anyway i hope you don't mind me joining in. iam not hopeful for this cycle, but did bd for 2 good days, so i gotta shot, just wish i got some yesterday *sigh*. why won't dh go to iui and clomid again? his making me go natural for so long, when i think this may never work, is driving me nuts. he is 44 yrs old. think that is a problem? i don't know, iam only 30, but with him thus far only meds and iui has worked. oh well, i hope i can change his mind or get a BFP the old fashioned way. hello to all the girls i did know from the earlier threads, and to those who are new, i do not yet know. baby dust to all! i don't have time to totally update by reading all posts, but i wish you luck dea, and cendy WOW, has the time ever flown. congrats to you:) sherry


Lashunda - August 24

Hello ladies, sorry its been a while. I've been reading but never had the chance to write. My goodness Cendy, my heart jumped when I was reading your post. I'm glad you and Wyatt are fine. I had to sit down shaving to cause it was impossible for me to do it standing. CC and Dea, I'm still rooting for you two and hoping you two get BFPs soon. To all the pregnant ladies, hope you're doing good. I kind of miss being pregnant though, LOL. Oh, I have a myspace page with pics of my family on it, here's the URL:
There's pics on the page and pics in my pics section. Well, I'm going to go. Take care you guys ; )


Lashunda - August 24

Sorry, scratch the URL but go to and click search and in the find a friend box, type Lashunda Pulu. Hope this makes sense. If you find it, leave me a message.


CC - August 24

DEA-Just wanted to say good luck to you tomorrow. Im anxious for you! Sherry, welcome back. If you are having pains, you should see your Dr/Ob/RE and get checked out. Anything is possible, especially given your family history. Could be nothing, but better safe then sorry. You are right, a blood test wouldnt tell you anything along those lines. Has your DH ever gotten a semen analysis? Lashunda, great to see your post..I will check out your myspace now!


CC - August 24

Lashunda, both of your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!


CC - August 25



dea - August 25

BFP!!!!!!!--- more bloodwork on Monday. I can't stop crying I am so happy. I'll keep you guys posted. CC: Your turn. ~~DUST~~



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