TTC Circle of Friends #10 (All welcome)
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dea - August 2

Hello friends! I hope everyone found your way from thread #9 and those who have stumbled upon our thread will join and share. This thread is for all things pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Feel free to vent, cry, shout or just plain pour your heart out if you need to. This thread is to help us and those around us get through what sometimes can be a very hard road to travel. TTC is easy for some, but for a lot of us it has been long and draining. I invite you to join us in sharing our ups and our downs, our smiles and our frowns and anything else. Welcome to TTC Circle of Friends! I look forward to chatting with you! BABY DUST!


dea - August 2

TTC #1 for 25 cycles. DH 33, I'm 32. Currently on injections- getting ready for an IUI.


CC - August 2

Dea, Im glad you are back on the train again! You know I wish you all the luck in the world this time!


dea - August 3

Hi CC: we will probably be VERY close in the tww. I start double injections tonight. Follistim and Lupron. What are you on?? I could be doing the next IUI as early as next Saturday! It seems so fast- but I don't mind... ~~DUST to you!!~~


CC - August 3

Dea, I think your IUI cycle is going to move faster then my IVF cycle. I wont be in the 2ww until 8-18 when my transfer is. With IVF they dont really use calendar days. I start stimming tomorrow (Menopur and Gonal F)...We have the Lupron in common though, I have been getting those shots since 7-26. Its amazing how fast the cycle goes really. Please-keep me posted on how you are doing. When will you go in for an u/s??


dea - August 4

Hi CC: I have blood work and u/s scheduled for next Mon and Wed. I am only on 75 for the Follistim so they are going to see if that is enough. They might increase the dosage after seeing the results. I read that women usually take the Lupron 10 days before the next AF, skip AF, then start the other meds. I jumped right into the two shots a day phase. I'm glad, too, because I thought I might have to wait 20 days before starting the next try with IUI. So with my crazy math- it seems like I might be about one week ahead of you. When do you have your next app't? What are they going to do?? CENDY, NICKIH, ERICKA, DLONGEN, TAMMY276, LASHUNDA, I hope you guys find your way over here!! What going on ladies!?!~~DUST!!~~


Cendy - August 4

Hi all. I am so sorry about the false positives ladies. Keep a positive outlook and look at it as your bodies responding like they had not before. I think, even though this may sound odd, it is better to get a false positive than to not get one at all. Ericka, Samuel Wyatt is my pick as well. I think us both using Wyatt is great! How is everyone doing? I am doing good. I am counting the days for my dh to get home. He has been in Mississippi for almost two weeks, and the boys just started school and I am exhausted. I do not see why anyone would want to be a single parent. It is just way to hard especially when you are pregnant. Well, I will be 33 weeks this weekend. So that is about 5 more weeks till my c-section. I can hardley believe I will be holding him soon. BABY DUST.


Lashunda - August 4

Hello ladies, still hopeful for you all that are in the trying stages. I hope you get a BFP soon! As for me, I'm tired. My hubby's been working hard so he's not up with me during the nights and he leaves Sunday for two weeks. I'm dreading it. Cendy, you're having a C-sect? Was it scheduled? Anywho, guess I'll be going. Take care all.


dlongen - August 7

hi guys - found ya! bunping us up! DEA and CC - I'm excited for you girls. I hope all the injections and the IVF work quickly for both of you! ERICKA - I wish I could say the kicks were amazing, but I'm still not feeling anything major. I still feel the little flutters and that's all. It's not even always clear to me that it's the baby! Wahhh..... I'm hoping any day I will feel something major. I'm 23 weeks so it's TIME! I am going to join the votes and say I like Samuel the best. I've always thought Sam was a solid name for a boy - someone you can trust. And I've never met a Sam that I didn't like. I have been ultra-clumsy lately - let me count - stubbed my toe last week and split my toenail. Then rammed my elbow into our paper cutter at work (not the blade-side-whew!) Then cut my elbow in my car on my CD rack (no clue how I managed that one). THis morning, I tripped going up the stairs and skinned my knee pretty good. I am starting to think I should travel in a bubble. Is anyone else feeling extra clutzy? I went to get some maternity clothes this weekend and I don't know about y'all, but that experience sucks. I am right between needing a regular size XL and a 1X and I can't find shite for maternity clothes! The places that do have any 1Xs have like 5 things to choose from! ARGH! Sorry to vent! Y'all keep up the happy vibes! -DUST!-


dea - August 7

Hi Girls: Well- right now my R ovary shows at least 4 follicles and the L shows 2. I will probably be ready for the IUI on Thursday or Fri. Works for me- the sooner the better. CC: Any updates on your injections? Are they going to monitor with blood and u/s? DLONGEN: Hope your "clutziness" subsides soon! I'm sure Phoebe will be kicking hard very soon. LASHUNDA: I'll feel for you when dh is away. I sometimes watch my cousins 2 little boys and I am always ready to give them back when she returns. (They are both under 2- so they can be exhausting!) CENDY: It was very exciting getting the positive. I know that my body is responding and the meds are doing what they need to. I am hoping and praying that this month the BFP will stick. With at least 6 eggs- at least one sperm has got to get in there for the long haul!!! ha!! How ironic if I end up with twins... hmm. Well- then we would be done. Anything God gave us after that would be loved and welcomed, of course. But twins would definately call it a day for us. Take Care all- ~~DUST~~


CC - August 7

Dea, GREAT response for your IUI!! CENDY, 5 more weeks, WOW! How exciting! Are you ready? LASHUNDA, so great to hear from you! DLONGEN, I have heard that being clumsy comes w/ pregnancy. Other then that, it sounds like you and baby are well. As for me, I have a RE appointment on Wednesday and again Friday for b/w and u/s's to see how many follies are in there and growing. Hopefully there are tons! Send me lots of growing/multiplying thoughts!


dlongen - August 8

hi guys - DEA- 6 follicles is awesome! Twins would sure make up for lost time! When I took the clomid I kept thinking it would be cool if I had twins so I could call it a wrap! GOOD LUCK! CC: I hope you have lots of eggs too! But remember, it only takes 1!!!!!! CENDY - I forgot to post to you last time - I can't believe you're only 5 weeks away! That is so exciting! So Wyatt will be a Virgo - they're known for being Modest and shy, Meticulous and reliable,
Practical and diligent, and Intelligent and analytical. Sounds pretty great to me! LASHUNDA - good luck while DH is gone. Hopefully you will get to enjoy some extra bonding, even if you are hysterical from no sleep. I'll send you some energy. I have tons now that school is out for me!!! HURRAH! DUST!


dea - August 9

Hi All! I still have 6 follicles. It looks as though at least 5 of them will be mature enough to release. I have one IUI scheuled for Fri and another for Saturday morning. DLONGEN: They kept saying at the RE's today- "Remember that multiples is always a possibility with this many eggs." I just keep saying Yup-- yup- we know. Are they kidding? At this point, I'd take anything! Although DH and I have talked about multiples. Twins would be "fun" but if I conceived more than that we would look into reduction. But for now- we will take it one day at a time. And- This tww is going to suck even more than the last one. CC: I'll be thinking of you and hope that there are lots of follicle to help you out. A nurse once said to-- "It not important how many are there as much is it that they are healthy and viable". So i will be throwing healthy follicle dust your way the next few days. Take Care Ladies!


dlongen - August 9

DEA: that is so great that you are going to have plenty to work with! I agree that more than 2 is too much to handle. I say if you only have two boobs, then no need for more than 2 babies at once. But, I saw a show on Discovery Med about a woman who did IVF and ended up with two eggs taking, then each egg split into identical twins, so she had quads and they all made it! She had to have her mom and her mother-in-law help with all the feedings. :-) HAPPY HEALTHY FOLLICLE HARVESTING FOR BOTH YOU AND CC!


Ericka - August 9

Hello everyone. Dea, that is such good news, 5 follicles will give you such good odds. I can't believe you are going to be in the 2WW again already. Time is just flying by. Are you and dh still taking all the same meds? CC, how did the RE appointment go? I'm sending you positive thoughts on many maturing follies. Cendy, how are you doing? Are these last five weeks flying by? If you don't mind me asking is tour c/s by choice or necesity? Lashunda, it is so good to hear from you. How do you find the time to go on the computer? I think I would be napping any chance I get. How is Katricia doing? Is she getting bigger by the minute? I had my second u/s and my glucose test on Monday. Dr. said everything looks good and that Sammy weighs about 4 lbs. The u/s tech told me that it looks like he is going to have chubby cheeks and you can really tell the difference in his chubbiness between this u/s and the last. It is a great relief knowing he is growing ok, especially since we had so many little things go wrong. Have a great day.


dea - August 10

ERICKA: DH is still taking his Clomid. I have been doing injections this cycle. Today I will inject with Ovidrel and tomorrow and Saturday we have the IUI's scheduled. We were talking yesterday and I said "Wouldn't it be ironic if after all this time we ended up with multiples?--- A blessing- but ironic just the same!" The good news is that I called the ins. co. and they said that I am NOT limited to 4 IUI's. I have unlimited because our ins. group doesn't have an ART rider. So, if we still don't conceive after the IVF (if we even need it!) we can still try with the IUI/injections. Next cycle we will go for the IVF if this one doesn't work for us. Sammy is 4 pounds already??!! Where does the time go? You must be sooooo relieved that things are progressing normally and everything is going well- especially after your bumpy start. DLONGEN: I saw that program too. Did you see the one "Surviving sextuplets and twins". That mom had twin girls that were 5 years old and then sextuplets about 18 mos.! CRAZY!! Hubby wanted to stop with the two girls but she wanted just one more----- ha!! And at the end of the program- she didn't sound like she was "done". But, her husband sure did! CC: How are you?? LASHUNDA: You and KATRICIA doing well? CENDY: Is Wyatt getting anxious to come out into the word?? Take Care ladies!!


dlongen - August 10

hi again - ERICKA- I'm so happy to hear that little chubby cheek Sam is doing great! I can't believe he's already 4 lbs! Man, you are not kidding that time really flies. Phoebe is supposedly about a pound from what I read. From all the sweets I've been eating, I bet she's chubby too! CENDY- I'm curious too about the schedule C-sect. I hope and pray I don't have to have a c-sect and yet they are so common that many women choose them outright. My best friend is a nurse and just finished some OB rounds, and she said it is crazy how quickly docs order c-sects and in many instances it has more to do with time/money/insurance than need. I find that sad. But, as long as everyone gets what they want and are healthy, that's the most important thing. Not trying to be on a soapbox here - everyone should have things their own way in my book. DEA: glad to hear about the insurance coverage. That is great that you have options that won't break the bank! Best of luck to all!



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