trying too hard wont work
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Blaire - September 7

My husband and I have just started ttc. I, of course, am so ready am impatient about everything, and he keeps telling me to just relax, and let it happen naturally. My husband,by the way, is a Doctor. He said during grad school one of his "reproductive health" teachers told the class that there have been studies (even though they cant rationally explain it), and the people who have the hardest time concieveing are the ones who worry and try too hard. Its almost like your body senses it, and doesnt react as it normally would b/c of the stress. As hard as it seems....just have fun with the trying process, and enjoy...dont stress abou it


KellyN - September 7

A nice thought, but for those of us with real fertility issues, we have no choice but to try hard. We won't get pg otherwise.


Krystle - September 7

My thoughts exactly KellyN


Amanda - September 7

there ya go kellyn....we have goals and we have to stay geared up ... people kill me when they say relax ... because it is something that takes time and alot of tracking and keeping up with. scheduling and charting and timing everything down pat.. and hoping that one day we will all see a bfp


Mari - September 7

I wish i could relax, but this is my forth iui with injectibles, progesterone, etc. and i just got my AF today. It is heart breaking and in itself strssful, believe me if i could relax i would. But thanks for the advice.


Karen - September 7

I can't speak for anyone else but myself but I find it difficult to relax. I have been ttc for 8 months, which I realize is not that long compared to a lot of women who post on this site, but I do find the whole ttc thing rather stressful. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to "relax" or not to worry so much about it I'd be rich! I think we all ALREADY know we should try to relax, but thanks anyway for the sentiment.


stef - September 7

I agree with you even though i have had a hard time relaxing. I've tried so hard for the past 7 months and nothing. my periods started to get screwed up and then to find out i wasn't ovulating when i started to really try. now i'm on metformin once a day for 2 months and if still nothing i'm going to clomid. yes it can be stressful so i try to keep my mind off it as much as possible. plus i don't let me husband know when i might be ovulating because it then puts stress on him to perform. So even though its really hard if you look at it its always the oops that gets pregnant not the ones that have been trying.



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