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trisha - April 26


Im TTC and lst mnth i came on my period i was so upset, i am due on nxt wk and am so scared as i want a baby so badly.
I normally get menstrual pains a wk before, for the last couple of mths. When i get closer to my period due date i keep getin pains in my left ovary which is rare, cus i neva used to when i was using the condom contracception method. does anyone know wot this means?? and why i get pain there. Can you u ladies out there say a pray for me that i dnt come on my period nxt wk.


Melissa - April 26

Hi Trisha. I starting having 'cramps' in my right ovary and just found out that I have a cyst. However, I hope this is not the case with you. I hope you were able to conceive this month. Also, try not to stress too hard because that could effect your chances of conceiving also. Good luck!



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