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Kristi1 - June 19

I have been keeping my temps since last Sept and I spot for 3-4 days before AF comes on full force. In the past, my temps have not fell below my cover line during the spotting, it always falls below it ON the day AF starts to really flow. This month I did my usual spotting but my temps fell below my cover line two days before AF showed. Do your temps fall below your coverline before AF or on the day AF shows? Just wondering if this is normal or why this month my temps did that.... Thanks and baby dust to all!


Kristi1 - June 19



pinky - June 19

Kriti1, I am also doing BBT from last 6 months. I used to get spotting 3-4 days before AF just like you. Usually that time my temperature drops but sometimes it takes one or two days to drop. It's normal. Since in last two months I took clomid I didn't get spotting before AF. When you do BBT, try to see trand instead of one day or two days temperature number. Some times I am at very high BBT and all of sudden it's drops day before AF. But this cycle it decrease slowly from 4 days before AF. So, I think it's cycle to cycle different. BBT is usually depend on our progestone level. When it drops our lining starts to shed and we get AF. So, It's completely depend on how progestone react on each cycle.


Kristi1 - June 19

Thanks pinky, that makes me feel better. I am getting to start month 5 of 100mg Clomid. The first few months on 50mg my temps were pretty much always the same as the previous months, but since starting the 100mg, they have been out of wack anyway. My Dr thought the Clomid would stop the spotting, but it has not, so now that I hear it made yours stop makes me wonder why mine has not..... Oh well. Good luck!!


pinky - June 19

Kriti1, Are going to RE or regular doctor. The reson I am asking is I was taking 100mg prescribed by my regualr doctor. She saw my chart, I was ovulating according to chart but it did not have big jump after ovulation as she was expecting. She didn't do any further testing and put me on clomid. Next month I went to RE and He figure out by ultrasound that my lining was too thin and wasn't able to implant. He said it is very common side effect by clomid. So, Please check it that you don't have that problem. Clomid is not good for many cycles, eventually it will thin lining in many woman specially with high dose. So, watch it.


Kristi1 - June 19

Thanks pinky, I have heard that before. I am going to an OB/GYN right now. I actually started Clomid last Sept and got pg on the second month of 50mg, but had an ectopic pg. So started up again in Feb with 50mg for two months and now starting month 3 of 100mg. I think my dr thought I would get pg pretty quickly again, but I have not, so I am having an HSG done this month, probably early next week - AF arrived yesterday and they want to do the HSG sometime between cd7-11, so figure next Monday or Tues. If my tubes are blocked I will then go to a fertility specialist. I will be sure to ask about this when I go in for my HSG and see what she says about it....



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