Provera to start af
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Kim Willoughby - April 11

Has anyone ever had to use provera to kick start af? I have not had a period since 1/3 and stopped the mini pill last Tuesday. I am wondering how long I should wait before af starts on her own.




Mega - April 11

Hi Kim. Provera usually induces AF anywhere from a couple of days to 2 weeks after the last pill. If after 1.5-2 weeks of stopping Provera you still don't get AF, I'd call your dr though b/c something else could be holding off AF. I've used Provera, Prometrium & the PIO shot all to induce AF. HTH. Good luck, I hope AFshows for you soon.


Kim Willoughby - April 11

Thanks! I do to. I need to have a FSH and day 14 estrogen level drawn, but can't until af arrives! We are going to be ttcing later this summer or early fall and would like to get things back on track.n Kim


Mega - April 11

That's a good way to do it, get some of the testing out of the way first before TTC again. Good luck with your FSH & day 14 estrogen tests.



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