Ovulating on the 17/18th... anyone want to wait together?
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Alyssa - September 11

I will be ovulating on the 17/18th and just wondering if anyone wants to wait together to help the time go by quicker.


Alyssa - September 11



miranda - September 11

HI, I should be ovulating around then also. This is my 1st month on clomid 50 mg days 3-7. I am now on estradiol days 8-11 (for drying of clomid) then after ovulation I will use prochieve to support a pos. preg....Are you using clomid or anything? Will this be your 1st?


Alyssa - September 11

No i'm not on anything. Last month was our first month trying for our first. I actually did get pregnant, had 4 possitive pg tests, and then miscarried shortly after. I believe that I will be pregnant this month! I hold on too that speaking possitive things can really change the course of things.


miranda - September 12

sorry for your loss....i went to a "reader" of angel cards and got a great reading. that helps me stay positive. she told me that i would be preg w twins in the next month or two. and at the same time my dh and my mom got readings w diff. people and were all told the same....so my hopes are high....she said to watch my signs and everything around me is about twins...on tv, in person, dreams ,etc.


Alyssa - September 12

I would love it if God blessed me with twins! Anythings possible. Hopefully we will be seeing a BFP for you this month!


miranda - September 12

That is my dream although 1 more will be great also. I have 1 son now and it took 3 1/2 yrs to concieve him (naturally) so we decided to go ahead and get help this time around....I have pcos so its hard...


M'Rita - September 13

Hi Alyssa & Miranda,
I should be ovulating around 14-17. It's our second month TTC. I came off bc on the 16th July. I'm hopeful for this month, but to tell you the truth I'm going crazy...
Alyssa - sorry about your loss.
Let's hope that this month would be our month girls.
Love XXX Rita


Mia - September 13

Hi i should be ovulating on the 22th/ 26th.This will be our first month of ttc since i mc (7wks) May2004.fingers crossed.


Alyssa - September 13

M'Rita - Good Luck! I know what you mean about going crazy. My DH says just to be patient, but it's so hard. At least one more day down... slowly but surely. I'm starting to notice my ovulating signs - pretty exciting! Us women here on these sites, I bet people get a kick out of our excitement over CM! Oh well.


Alyssa - September 13

Mia - sorry about the m/c I've been through one also. It was hard but now i'm looking ahead. I'm really excited for this month. I wish you all the best. BABY DUST TO EVERYONE... I believe some (but praying all) will get a BFP this month!


miranda - September 13

rita and mia are you taking any fertility drugs?


miranda - September 13

I know what you mean about getting excited about cm lol :) but this month since im on estradiol (which produses lots of cm while taking it) I cant tell if its close to o time or not...i assume it is because of the timing...I hope so...all this waiting drives me crazy....baby dust to all....


Alyssa - September 13

baby dust to you too!


M'Rita - September 14

Hi Ladies,
Miranda - no, I'm not on any fertility drugs.
Alyssa - my DH also tells me to just relax and not to worry myself over it, but it's easy for them to say...
I know about the CM. Yesterday in the evening I noticed some tiny amount of stretchy one...I was so happy...but then this morning I didn't see any...I'm just wondering what this could mean? Any ideas girls?


Hi Fellow O'ers! - September 14

I will be O'ing this week also. I just started charting my temps last month - so I think it should be the 17th.
We have been TTC since April '04 - got PG in Sept and had a m/c in Nov - I had a D&C and then didn't get AF again until this past April, so we've been trying since then.
I hope its this month! I'm so ready!
Does everyone here chart there temps?
Will you be BD every day this week or will you be doing it every other day? how do you know what is best?
Thanks and babydust to all of us this week!


Alyssa - September 14

M'Rita - You could have ovulated already but I don't think so. If you start becoming more "dry" then I would say you have, but your body could just be starting your fertile days. I would for sure start BDing at least everyother day! Don't want to miss it!
To: Fellow O'ers - I don't chart my temps. I just started trying last month. I Keep track of my ovulating days and also my CM. And about BD every day. We did that last month and I got PG (but m/c'd) Some recommend not BD everday to give time for your husbands sperm to catch up but I also think it depends on both your bodies. Like we will probably do it everyday simply because we are both very fertile and I don't need to worry about that very much! We also have no caffiene and "try" to eat healthy - which can affect sperm. So all the blessings and baby dust to you too!



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