Ovulating on the 17/18th... anyone want to wait together?
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Alyssa - September 14

M'Rita - You could have ovulated already but I don't think so. If you start becoming more "dry" then I would say you have, but your body could just be starting your fertile days. I would for sure start BDing at least everyother day! Don't want to miss it!
To: Fellow O'ers - I don't chart my temps. I just started trying last month. I Keep track of my ovulating days and also my CM. And about BD every day. We did that last month and I got PG (but m/c'd) Some recommend not BD everday to give time for your husbands sperm to catch up but I also think it depends on both your bodies. Like we will probably do it everyday simply because we are both very fertile and I don't need to worry about that very much! We also have no caffiene and "try" to eat healthy - which can affect sperm. So all the blessings and baby dust to you too!


miranda - September 14

Yes I chart. My dr said to bd everyday days 10-16 this month...Alyssa, you have a great chance of concieving this month because you are extremely fertile right after a m/c. Good luck!!!


Alyssa - September 14

miranda - thank you so much for that! I always get mixed responses about the whole m/c thing! Some people find they can't get PG after one for a long time, but I'm going too! Thank you again that helps me ALOT.


Alyssa - September 14

Ovulating early! My CM tells me that I'm ovulating. We BD last night and we will be tonight and tomorrow! Wish me luck!


miranda - September 14

oh thats great!!! good luck!!! youre in my prayers....


Alyssa - September 15

Thank you. BFP here I come!


Kay - September 15

I'm ovulating a couple of days before that. Pretty much right now. I'm so exciting. I wanting a baby so bad. I hope this month is my lucky one. I wish you all the best of luck. I think it is good to have a positive outlook on things, and I try, but it is hard. Good luck!


kat - September 16

hi everyone can i join you? im katrin call me kat . trying for first time i ovulate around 21.22 and i cant do this all by myself.


mia - September 16

Hi ladies, no miranda i'm not on fertility drugs either.


spring - September 16

hello ladies i also ovulate on 19 , is my first time ttc. i went to my doctor this morning and she said i can have sex 3 ,4 time s a day during Ovulation so im hoping husband can keep up that much!good luck to all of you and hope for lots of +++++++++


miranda - September 16

welcome kat and spring....my dr said and all the research i have done says you dont want to bd more than once a day or the sperm count will get low so be careful of that spring......i thought i o'd yesterday but i guess it was just a cramp since my temp didnt rise....i have a little bit of ewcm but it could also be left over preseed from last night...it hurt to bd last night so i know im close!!! baby dust


miranda - September 16

finally!!! ewcm....its soooo close ,lol...I hope this month works for me...and all of you....you are all in my prayers! lots of baby dust to us all!!!!!


Robyn aka Hi Fellow o'ers - September 16

Hi Ladies!
Its getting close! I hope we all get lucky this month!
For those that haven't charted their temps - be wary of when a doc or friend may say you should be ovulating - an average time to ovulate may be 14 days after AF, but its not true for everybody. Before i started charting my temps, i followed what others told me and BD'd around that 14 days, but since charting my temps, I have found that I don't ovulate until 20 days after AF. So the whole time we had been TTCing, we were doing it too early!
Anybody can be sooner or later - so just be sure to watch for those tell-tale signs and if you can, try to chart your temps to find out exactly when you O every month. You can also try using a ovulation predictor kit.
Have fun getting down with your man this weekend!


spring - September 16

hi miranda , well i know my doctor said i can have 3 time sex a day but i know hubby cant he is too lold ! lol but ya im gone do it once a day so will give sperm some time i also got jelly today so wont have pain that you had ! baby is not here but already we are spending $$$ was driving today and saw kids coming out of school amd i hoped for a day that i go pick him up from school , i will pray tonight for all of us .


Alyssa - September 16

Hey girls! I O'd about 2 days ago! I'm so excited! So when you have sex and it hurts, that's good?? Is that another sign you are ovulating, because it did hurt a couple of days ago. It felt like my cervix was low or something. I'm pretty sure we caught it. now hopefully everything works like it should! It's up to my body and God now and I HATE WAITING! Good luck everyone! Oh one last question, anyone know when you are PG is there a specific side you usually cramp on (right or left?) Thank you!


Robyn - September 16

Hi again!
Alyssa - I don't know if there is a specific side that you cramp on when you're pg - but let us know if you find out!
So - why does it hurt to have sex when you're close to O-ing?

Babydust to everyone!



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