Old Wives Tales.........Are They True?? Have You Heard Them?
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What The?!? - June 8

My friends have told after sex to not shower, stay lying down, or even have your feet up in the air, put a pillow behind your back, him being on top...ect etc.. I'm confused? Which one works? Which one is an old wives tale?


Jill - June 8

The only thing my doctor told me was have sex in missionary position, then lay on your back with a pillow under your hips for 30 minutes. After that time, you can do what you want. It doesn't matter if you shower, the sperm is already in your uterus at that time, and water won't hurt it. However, I've read that you shouldn't shower right before sex because it can alter the pH balances "down there." Good luck!


christina - June 8

i have heard this one after you are pregnant-if you have alot of heartburn you child will have alot of hair when it is born.


Lisa - June 9

I have heard so many stories too. One is if you have a craving for something and scratch your face, arm or leg, your child will have a birth mark on the area you scratched. My g/f had a craving for strawberries and stratched her head and her daughter came out with a red birth mark on her head..another one said she had a craving for olives and scratch her face and her daughter came out with a dark birthmark on her face the size of an oilve!!!... so bizarre!


christina - June 9

lisa i am laughing cause heard that too, and i heard if you see someone who is not well, mentally or physically you have to touch your but while in child bearing years so you will have a healthy baby, then my friend told me dont say someone's child isnt beautiful cause it comes back to you,lol......there are so many it is crazy....yet i listen.


Lisa - June 9

Christina..you have me laughing so hard!!! I have heard that one too!! You must be European! Thanks so much for that, I needed a good ol laugh! Anyway, guess we will have to wait and see when our time comes round if we will be the same...lots of baby dust to you!



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