Not Deserving???
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Not4me - August 24

I've had three abortions in my life (ages 14, 35 and 36). I'm now 37, married and want a child desperately. I regret ONLY the last abortion; I was pregnant the last two times with my now husbands baby and he did not want it and against my better judgement I had the abortion. I regret it everyday. I am now trying to conceive unsuccessfully. Is there anyone out there who have had multiple abortions and still conceived a healthy baby?


to not4me - August 24

I had a roomate once that had three abortions. She recently had her first baby, and they are both healthy. I feel for you sweetie! I would be feeling pretty guilty too.


D. - August 24

Sweetie, you need to get rid of the "not deserving" attitude. What's done is done. You cant' take it back. But this doesn't mean you're not deserving. We have ALL done things in our lives that we regret. You need to come to terms with your actions and simply accept that yes, you did them, and yes, you think it was a mistake (that's for you to decide, no one else!). Then ask your babies to forgive you, ask for whatever spiritual guidance you seek to forgive you, and let your body know it's ok to move forward and conceive. There is a lot that our minds can do and very often, women who hold this kind of guilt and stress, can't conceive. The mind is a strong and powerful weapon. I know it's easier said than done, but you need to work on forgiving yourself and letting the guilt go. I find it hard to believe that you would be undeserving while a crack smoking, promiscuous, drunken woman can conceive. Don't be so harsh on yourself. And Good Luck!


Sally - August 24

My g/f had 4 abortions in 10 years. She is now 34 and had been trying for 3 years with her DH. She also felt undeserving and felt like karma was coming back to bite her twice as hard. She is now pregnant through IVF and is completely happy!! You need to stop putting blame on yourself and know things happen for a reason.



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