ladies who doen IUI
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Ann - December 11

katie, I did enter your name by mistake. I guess that is one con for boards that don't force you to log in! You asked me about tests before the iui. I am not sure what, if any, tests you have already taken. After we had been trying for a year, my dr wanted to run tests. First, she had my dh get his "count" taken by giving a sample to a lab. After that came back fine, she did three tests on me. I can't remember what they were all call, but one checks how your eggs are, one tests for ovulation, and one checks for tube blockage. The first two are just blood tests but the tube blockage one is more invasive (think it is abbreviated hsg, if I remember correctly). They insert dye into you and flush it through your tubes. If you haven't done any of those tests, that is probably where your dr will start. Prior to the iui, my dr didn't run any additional tests. When is your appt w/your dr? Has your dr given you anything yet to help you get pg (e.g. clomid, etc)?


Ann - December 11

I don't know what is wrong w/my brain today...I just saw your appt is 12/19...let me know what you have done so far. It sounds like we are in the same boat!!


katie - December 12

HI Ann ,tanks for the answer . i did have test 3 years a go and i got PG after that but lost him after few weeks , i didnt take pill since and is been 2 years we dont use anything but seems like is not as easy at we thought! im healty im 27 and everything is ok just my husband have problem (i prefer not to talk about it ) but we are all here for same reason so i guess is ok to talk about it ! few months after we got married he lost his job hous ......and before that he lost his father,everything together at the same time was too much for him so he got depressedvery deep, couldnt show any emotion , we lived together for a while just like 2 friend you know no sex or anything like that till little by little he got better ,Dr"s said will take years or maybe never until he gone recover so i shouldnt push him , so we took it easy , now we do have sex but he never have orgasm and that maybe sounds silly to many people but that is a trut, we are happy together he try his best toget better and i love him more that words can say and we want to have baby so last Dr told us maybe IUI would be best way ! we see what God wants for us !...... and nothing is wrong with your brain you just have ONE and so many things to think with it! by the way where are you from?


Mega - December 12

Hi Ann, hi Katie. I couldn't get on Friday afternoon to post for some reason. I guess it was being worked on? Anyway, my AF finally came early this morning, after "teasing" me this whole weekend. I was really believing I was pregnant but not producing enough HCG. Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess. I'm going schedule my baseline u/s this morning, I guess the appt. will be Wed. & I plan on discussing doing Clomid again on CD 3 thru 7, & then taking some kind of injectible from CD 8 to 12 or whatever. I'm a slow responder to Clomid, so it should speed the process up a bit, I'm hoping. Katie--Wow, your poor DH has really been through the ringer lately. And you, too, of course. It sounds like IUI might be the answer for you. Feel free to talk about your problems here on this board anytime you need support, okay?! Ann--I'm still trying to figure men out. The only answer I've arrived at is I will never succeed. :) I truly think my DH (& probably yours as well) is concerned about having kids, he just doesn't show it. And it affects them too naturally, but since it's our bodies & with us 24/7, I think it's just more personal some how for us than for them. Or not, I don't know. Have a great Monday, you guys!


katie - December 12

Hi mega , sorry to hear about AF ,you are so stronge and that makes you go ON and it comes a day when you win the fight! seems like over there you can get faster Appt !! how much clomid did you take last time ? do you have idea when you can do your next iui? thans for your kind word is good that we can talk about this thing with eachother my family in law they dont know acctually nobody does beside my mom ! i guess all the men are the same they just dont show what is going in their head ! my husband keep telling me is gone be okay gone have our baby soon and me praying and crying here and he take it very easy so GIRLS YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! let me know how you doing mega , just keep saiyng to yourself will be your time soon ! and i will keep you in my pray thats all i can do !


katie - December 12

somthing is wrong with this site i couldnt log in !


Ann - December 12

Hi katie, you must be an incredibly great person and very mature to have gone through everything you and your dh have been through in the past few years and to only be 27. That is great that you know you can get pg although of course I am sorry that you lost your first one. A friend of mine didn't use protection for years (had two m/cs also), and she is about to deliver now. It will happen for you! I went in for a sono today to check my follicles. I have three good follicles (they measure 28, 27, and 21). My dr had to check with a specialist because she was hesitant to do the iui at risk of triplets, but the specialist said less than 1% chance of that happening. So, we are on for the iui tomorrow morning (13th)! I am so nervous/excited that I can hardly work. My dr said there is a much better chance of fertilization w/iui, so hopefully that will be all you need!! I live in the U.S. (Texas). Where are you? Hi Mega, sorry hear your unwanted af arrived for a visit!! Hope she stays away soon.


katie - December 13

HI Ann , thank you for your very kind words! yes i have been tru lots of difficult time im not strong ,great person but i do believe in God and i ask him everyday to guid me for making right decision! im glad i stayed cus my husband needs me and i cant see my life without him ! YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE how much iam haapy for you , triplets sounds so cute and VERY busy , i can undrestand that you cant work the moment that you were waiiting so long is here mmmm im so jealous! :) ok i can cry now ,! just try please try to relax and think about him or her tomorrow by this time is inside you ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!let me know how you doing i pray for you and your baby ! by the way im from belgium .


Ann - December 13

Hi Katie, I had the iui this morning. My dh did his part, so hopefully with 3 possibilities from me I will at least get one to work!! Parce que tu est belge, tu parles francais, non? I hope your dr tells you he/she can do iui for you. I can't wait to hear what happens at your appointment. I think 2006 will be the year for all of us!


Ann - December 13

katie, also my first iui hurt quite a bit but this one wasn't bad at all. Maybe that is a good sign?


Mega - December 13

Thanks Katie, thanks Ann. Katie--you're very strong, based on your posts. Strong doesn't mean you can't be upset, break down occassionally, you're dealing with a lot & you're there for your husband, you're a great support system for him. Lucky guy. And thank you for your encouragement, I needed that yesterday. My dr (fertility specialist) wants us to call on day 1 of our period for an appt. on day 3, just basic u/s monitoring, no biggie. My poor dr doesn't know what he's in for tomorrow, I have a ton of questions for him! My last cycle I took 100 mgs of Clomid, I might try to get 150 mgs this time. Maybe with a little begging my dr will give in. I'm not sure when the next IUI will be, my ovaries take their own sweet time growing eggies. It'll probably be the week after Christmas. Ann--good luck with your IUI today, though I'm sure by now you already had it. Hang in there through your 2 WW. Your 3 follies sound great by the way, sounds really good! Keep us posted.


katie - December 13

it will work it has to work everybody deserve to become a mother !5 days untill my first Appt i really do hope she will say yes , cus if we didnt have problem we would do the job ourself ! im even afraid they say yes we do it but my husband cant do the business ! but lets be happy for you , im smiling here ...:) by the way how come you speak french ? i dont live in french part so i dont speak it at all !!! is good sign say to yourself is good sign and im sure one out of 3 will hang in there !! how long do you have to wait until you can test?


Ann - December 13

katie, I just speak French for fun. I have been trying to learn for years (France is my favorite place to travel). I have started helping my stepson learn as well (he is 10). I am not good at it, but we take lessons as often as possible. I have a friend that just got back from working in Brussels for 3 months. She had a good time there. I am supposed to go back to the dr on Thursday for another sono to make sure I ovulated. She said she would then set an appt for me two weeks from today (Dec. 27) for a blood test (assuming af doesn't arrive sooner!). Knowing me, I will test before then. I am going to ask her when the soonest possible time would be. When you said that part is difficult for your dh, I hope that your dh can give the part that you need for iui. Does he want you to get pg as much as you do? Sometimes my dh just seems so laid back about it. You are really lucky that you are young and have lots of years to have kids if you want more than one!


katie - December 13

Ann; you are doing well , french is difficult language and agree france is one of the nices place and i love to travel over there !so you do have stepson that is so cute !do you have more or is he only one? i know if i was you i coulndt wait either i would test 50 !!!! to be honest i dont know if my husband can do that he is not depressed anymore , he used to go to see doctor and do session untll end of spring then he so we took step by step we are trying for 2 years but not that we did have sex evreymonth , until last month i coudlnt anymore had enough of it m im sorry to say but it hurts when he cant finish it ! i even didnt write down when i ovulate cus there was no used! i dont want hurt him so i cant tell him if we do IUI can you finish the job? he wants to have kid he even working harder and trying to save for our baby ! but i know what you are talking about we are more worry than they are we show emotion more than they do thats why we fight many times ! :) do you mind if i ask how old you are ? i would be happy with one i just wish i knew when is my time ? ????try to take it easy remember everything you do can effect your little one ! good luck to you


Monica - December 13

To: Katie/Mega/Ann/
you guys are wonderful, I just finshed reading your stories, and I can't help, but feel compeletly hopful for you all ...both Katie, and Meg (congrats ANN!!)
my story is dh 32 me 26 married 5 yrs ttc 4, 2yrs in which I used clomid, each cycle my does was increased..never worked. I just found out 3 wks ago that I have PCOS... I started my first round of injectables (gonal) 75 units last Tue...sat had and u/s, and blood test to see how big my eggs were, (not big, and just eggs in the right ov, not the left) so Sat night my injection does was increased to 175 units (which my RE says we have to be careful b/c we don't want 11 eggs..LOL) I go in for another u/s this Friday (prayfully my eggs will have grown) if my eggs have grown then they will do the trigger shot, and then IUI... this will be our first one, and I'm praying our only one.
Q: did any of you use other types of meds to help w/ your IUI?


Ann - December 14

katie, I don't mind if you ask at all. I am 36. My stepson is an only child. My dh and his ex-wife split up when my stepson was 2 and my dh and I have been together since my stepson was 3. Even though we have been together for 6.5 years, we have only been married for a little over 2 years. My stepson is such a good, well-behaved kid. I have warned my dh that, if we have one, he/she won't be so easygoing, because I am very stubborn! My stepson doesn't call me "mom" or anything, but he refers to me as "my mom" if he is talking to his friends about me. It is very strange, because I don't feel like I have any kids even though he thinks of me that way!! Is your husband going to go to any more sessions to try to work through his feelings? Everything was ok before all of the bad things happened in his life, right? So his problem isn't physical? That is a really tough situation for you to be in to have to wonder if he can finish so you can do iui. I see why you can't ask. Is he going to your dr appt with you on the 19th? Maybe the dr has experience with this and could help both of you. I really want this to work out for you so bad!!



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