ladies who doen IUI
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katie - December 5

i have appintment (first time ) to talk with Dr about IUI , what should u expect , what is he going todo ?


carlon - December 5

Good Luck.. i woudl like to know too.. as i started clomid today, and i start IUI this month sometime!


Mega - December 5

Hi ladies! I'm currently in my 2 WW after my 2nd IUI. IUI's are pretty painless. For me, I took Clomid 100 mgs. CD 3 thru 7. On day 10 I had my first u/s. Both cycles my follicles were pretty small so I had to come back once or twice for another u/s. Then when my follie (I just had 1 each cycle) was 15.5 to 17 mm the dr would have me wait one more day & then trigger. The trigger is a shot which forces your body to release the egg. I had the actual IUI 36 hours after the trigger. An hour & 1/2 before my IUI, my DH would have to go there first to give a sample. They'd wash the sample & we'd come back and they'd use a speculem & a cathetar to insert the washed sperm inside. Then I lay on the table for 15-20 mins. afterwards & that's it. Pretty simple. The first time was a little crampy, the 2nd time I didn't feel a thing. Good luck Katie & good luck Carlon! Baby dust!


KellyN - December 6

I've had 4 IUIs, and all were pretty painful for me, and there was a lot of blood associated with it. The first time they had to dialate my cervix - youch! The next two times they had to 'straighten my cervix' - double youch! The last time it was smooth and easy. Its different for everyone, and can be different from one time to the next. Like Mega, I too had an u/s to check for follicles. Once it was confirmed they were the right size, they gave me the hcg trigger shot (note, this shot is the same stuff that is detected in hpts, so you need to wait about two weeks after this shot to test, or you could get a false positive (been there, done that!). If your regular paps are painful, as they are for me, you may want to take Tylonol (acetomenophene) before the IUI. Do not take Advil (Ibuprophin - sp?) or asprin. These can actually keep you from ovulating, or cause you to ovulate later (may shrink the follicles). Your doctor will be your guide, so don't be afraid to ask questions (like I was). The more you know, the better off you will be!


carlon - December 6

Thanks KellyN.. that was great.. How long have you been trying?


katie - December 6

Hi Mega, Thanks alot for your answer im so worried that we get _ answer ! i wish you lots of luck with your 2WW and hope and pray for +++ answer


katie - December 6

carlon , goo luck to you to , i didnt start clomid yet im not sure if i need it but any way i wiil see my doctor in 12 days !


katie - December 6

Kelly N; sounds so sad that you had to go tru so much pain i also believe is diffrent with everyone ! well all i can think is it doesnt matter how mych is gone hurt or is gone cost i want my BABY,and yes you are right the more i know the better and easier is gone be . GOOD luck to you


Mega - December 6

Thanks Katie! Good luck to you too. IUI's have a pretty good success rate overall, but be prepared that it could take you a few tries to get your BFP. Don't be nervous (easier said than done, I know) you're making the very important first step towards that BFP, going to talk to a specialist about IUIs. I'm interested to hear how your appt. goes. Keep us posted. How long have you been trying? It's been 15 mos. for us.


katie - December 7

Hi Mega , is nice that we can talk about this things with eachother ,im hoping that we get answer from first IUI , cus i know they wont pay IUI back only if we do IVF !we tried for 23 months im healty just he has problem with his friend down there !!! so we thought IUI would be last chance ! should be hard for you tring for 15 months and nothing ! but now you are in good direction ! do you know why your first IUI didnt go well? i really do hope you get +++ and you will , thanks for advice i will do my best to relax and try to take it easy! i let you know about my Appt and let me know how you r 2 WW is going ?


Mega - December 7

Good morning Katie! Yes, it's very nice to have people to talk to on this board who can relate. I've read lots of IUIs that are successful the 1st time. I'm hoping IUIs are the answer for us too, IVF is pretty expensive, though we are saving for it just in case. I feel pretty confident now though that this might be my successful IUI. I don't feel the same way that I did last time, if that makes sense. Last time I had very sore bbs, much worse than usual & a handful of other minor signs. Though it was typical of AF for me, the increase in breast tenderness made me sure I was PG. But I got that BFN instead. Now I really don't have any signs, my bbs aren't tender at all, which is unusal. I'll definitely keep you posted. :) My husband has morphology issues & I have PCOS. I'm not really sure why the 1st IUI didn't work, other than it's like when 2 problem free people try to have a baby, each time they only have like a 20% chance of conceiving. Good luck. Hang in there! It'll happen for you.


sherry - December 7

i didn't need trigger, i "o"-ed on my own, then called the office, the next day went in, and they just took the sperm, and inseminate it, past my vagina into the uterus, to get the sperm closer to where it has to be. my first one hurt alittle bit, and the second, the next day, was less painful, i think it was the dr. and not the procedure, so have no fear, and take a pain pill before you go, if you have a real low tolerance. it worked for me the first round, i hope you have the same luck. sherry


carlon - December 7

Hi guys,
Okay.. i'm on day 3 of clomid.. so far so good.. anyone else??


katie - December 7

Mega keep thinking +. i know is not easy i walk around and cry than i go look on website to have some idea for baby room than i cry again going MAD but im glad i have my husband he keep saying is gone be okay, and in my heart i know one day i will have my baby in my arms , mmmm sounds like a sweet sweet dream !i really do hope that you get your BFP this month , and yes you are right it will happen for us !


katie - December 7

im not on clomid , i O myself so do i need that i dont know yet ! I have so many question in my HEAD !


Mega - December 7

That's great Katie, keep believing that one day you'll be holding your darling child in your arms. That's a powerful image. What keeps me in the game month after month is the vision I've had of me in my bedroom one night & I look over and next to my bed is a bassinet with a sleeping baby. MY sleeping baby. And I know then it's going to happen for me. Might sound nuts but it's what keeps me making those drs appts, scheduling those IUIs cycle after cycle. I can also relate to surfing on the net for baby items. I research strollers, cribs, pack & plays. I also like to look at maternity clothes online. I don't buy anything, too cart in front of the horse, but looking makes me feel connected. Hang in there & keep picturing your baby in your arms. That sweet baby smell.


katie - December 7

Mega your sweet thoughts brought me tears , i always thought i will buy him a big bed so i can sleep next to him and hold him everynight , but that is a nice thought just looking at him or her while they sleep evening thinking about it brings me peace ! i know what you mean is not easy what we are going tru but thinking about the moment i will have him in my arms make it lil easier , i also didnt buy anything yet i wait until first Appt , im so nervous that i called DR again to make suer i have Appt on 19 DEC ! by the way how long did it take from first day you had your appt with your Dr until you did IUI ? we are hoping to do it in FEB 2006! i will have pray tonight and i pray for you to..



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