Just diagnosed w/ PCOS...
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JB0405 - May 25

Hey all... Thanks for the words of encouragement...I appreciate it... Mega your "in the neighborhood" comment... VERY FUNNY...Betzy, thanks...It is tough and yes mega you're absolutely correct about all that you said... My dr wants me to try GonalF($150)...have any of you heard of this or tried this drug? I will go in tomorrow to learn more and iwill be on GonalF & Clomid...don't know if we're doing IUI again or just trying naturally with the drugs... I will update you all as soon as I can...


Betzy - May 27

Hi Ladies! JB how did your visit to the Dr go? Kirk how are you feeling? Ready for your appt next week? Hi Mega, how are you? Hope you guys are doing well! Have a great long weekend!


Kirk - May 29

Hi ladies!!!

Kerri_mb, are you home?? How are things!!! We are so excited for you!!! How is everyone this week?? Anything new and happening?!?!?! I have been reading some of the other posts for PCOS, and WOW there are a lot of different opinions from different Dr's. Like we said earlier, I think we need to find a Dr we are comfortable with, and the right program that works for us!! One thing that I really liked was all the information on the fertility clinic's website. The have stats on there for success % for their clinic and the National (Canadian) success rates. Gave me great confidence in the specialist I was sent to. Also there is great reading and links on there. If anyone wants to go on there here is the website www.victoriafertility.com, and if you go to the downloads section there is tons of info.

I am looking for ward to my ultrasound on Thursday!! Yeah!! Other than that just mild nausea and fatigue!!


JB0405 - May 29

Hi Betzy, things went well...I am on gonalf and clomid, I messed up with the gonalf pen ALREADY... good thing my mother in law works for my doctor... she is a fertility nurse specialist...I have to have 3 self-administered shots and I go back to the dr on thursday...baby dust & belly rubs...


Kerri_md - May 30

Hello everyone, wanted to post real quick! Kalyn and I are doing great, today is the first night home and I can't stop gazing at her!! C-section went well, recovery...a little rough, but worth it all!!! She was 8lbs, 7oz. and 20.75 inches long--her nursery pic. can be seen at www.growingfamily.com, select view web nursery, born May 25, 2006, mom's last name is Dakin and state is TX. Just wanted to report all is well and breast feeding is going great so far---wishing all the baby dust in the world for everyone one you!


Kerri_md - May 30

opps, everyone "of" you


JB0405 - May 30

HI KERRI!!! I am so happy for you... I could just feel your excitement... I will be checking out that website today... Good Luck with everything & please keep us in the loop whenever you can... Baby dust & belly rubs to all!


Kerri_md - May 30

you might need a password for the website---it is Dakin if it's needed


Mega - May 30

Oh Kerri, how exciting. Congrats! Glad you & Kalyn are doing well. Can't wait to see her pic! I'll check it out right after I post this. Hang in there. Hope you feel better soon after the C-section. 8 Ibs, 7 Oz, that's a very healthy size. JB--glad the appt. went well. Good luck with the Clomid-Gonal F combo this cycle. You should get a great response. I can't wait to hear about your big follies. Wow, your MIL is a fertility nurse, that's a great family connection to have. And I'm guessing your ins. covers injectibles, is the $150 your copay? If so, that's not bad. I'm on Repronex & it's all out of pocket. I started cycle 2 of Repro this weekend & I already have a 16 mm follie, but we're taking a calculated risk & waiting til Thurs. to trigger. I'll be doing 3 vials tonight of Repro & 3 vials tomorrow night. We're hoping my smaller follies will get a sudden growth spurt & play catch up. I'll find out on Thurs. I guess. Okay, I'm going to go try to find Kerri's baby's pic now. Later ladies!


Mega - May 30

Kerri--Kalyn is goregous! All that dark hair. She's a beauty. Thank you for sharing the pic. with us. What a joy!


JB0405 - May 31

HELLO ALL!! Kerri, I tried to go on to that website but it says the site is closed... I will try another computer...can't wait to see Kalyn. MEGA, is that 1 follicle at 16mm? My MIL and SIL work for my doctor...at first it was very uncomfortable but I have gotten over & thru it... Yes $150 is my copay... why is it a calculated risk to wait till thursday? Isn't it better to wait until the follicle is about 20mm before you get a trigger shot? Let me know... in the meantime, I also have to see the dr tomorrow morning 1st thing to check the follicles and find out when I do the hcg & iui. WIll keep you posted... Baby dust & belly rubs all around!


Mega - May 31

JB--Yes, that's just 1 follie that's almost mature. The others are a little smaller. My dr tends to trigger at 17, 18 mm so the egg won't try to release pre trigger. Different places do it different ways, I'm finding out. But we want to give the smaller eggies a chance to grow too & hopefully release. Frankly, I'm more interested this cycle in gaging how I respond to meds than thinking seriously that I might get PG. My dr tested DH's morphology last sample & it was 0% so I'm afraid it won't be much/any better this go around either. Wow, a $150 copay, that's great. Good drug coverage. I didn't think about it that way, I guess it would be ackward at first to go to the same dr your MIL & SIL work for. Glad you feel better about it now though. And I'm guessing/hoping they're very supportive of you & what you're going thru. I'm excited to hear how your appt. goes tomorrow, hope there are lots of follies in there (but not too many) & they're growing nice & ripe. We can compare follies tomorrow. Maybe your IUI will be on a similar timeframe as mine.


pm1307 - May 31

hi- i have PCOS also , i was diagnoised at 18 , and at firsdt it wasnt a nig issue, i wasnt trying to get PG. but as i got older and i am in a relationship , the idea of a baby is in my head, and we are ready for it. about a year and half ago, i lost 75 pounds and that did help with my period but not for long. so i know what your going through. well just yesterday i went to my doctor and she is going to start me on provera and then metformin, im hoping it wont take long to get PG.


Betzy - June 1

Hi there ladies. Kerri, your baby is sooooooo cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I hope you are recovering well. Hi JB & Mega, I hope all goes well for you guys this cycle, lots of baby dust. I didn't know that they tell you the follicle size and everything. I can't wait to start trying too, but I haven't even gotten AF and I finished the prometrium over a week ago :-( Hey Kirk, good luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes. Hi pm! Thanks for sharing your story. How did you manage to lose 75 lbs? That's great. I am sorry to hear that the irregular cycles returned, I know that can be very frustrating, my AF went AWOL too! Did they give you Provera to bring on your period or is that part of the treatment? Good luck to all.


Betzy - June 1

Hey JB! I hear there is an increased chance of a multiple birth with clomid, is that true? If so, that's what I want the doctor to give me!


TOGIRL - June 1

hi ladies your stories really give hope i was diagnosed with pcos 1.5 yrs ago and just recently had a molar preg. anyways how did you guys lose the weight i have tried everything to lose weight my doc is even at his wits end. been on metformin that just caused liver probs for me so any advice will be appreicated



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