Just diagnosed w/ PCOS...
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TOGIRL - June 1

hi ladies your stories really give hope i was diagnosed with pcos 1.5 yrs ago and just recently had a molar preg. anyways how did you guys lose the weight i have tried everything to lose weight my doc is even at his wits end. been on metformin that just caused liver probs for me so any advice will be appreicated


Mega - June 1

Hi ladies. PM, Togirl, welcome. Betzy, There is a small increased chance of multiples with Clomid. For twins it's like a 10% chance, only 3-4% for triplets, less for higher order multiples. Twins run in my family too further increasing my odds but I still only produced 1 follie on Clomid. The higher odds are on injectibles though. Up to 15-20% for twins, I've read. So you want twins? I'd love twins too. Actually a friend of mine had a neighbor conceive triplets on Clomid, I never did hear how that pregnancy progessed but I hope it went well. I'll have to ask my friend for an update. My RE says it can take up to 2 weeks for Provera to induce AF, any longer than that though I'd call your dr again. The one time I had that fail, it turned out I had a cyst which fortunately went away by itself pretty quickly. I hope AF comes soon so you can get on with this TTC business. JB--how'd your u/s appt. go today? Hope you have several big follies. Well, I have 3 definite follies, 1 at 20, and 2 around 17 and 2 more that are around 14.5 or so that may end up releasing too. By far this is my best stim cycle, so I'm very happy about that. It proves to me that I'll respond well when it comes time for IVF. Kirk--I hope your u/s goes well today & you get to see your healthy little bean. Please update us when you get the chance. PM--Wow, 75 Ibs, that's great. Yes, I'd also like to hear how you did that. I think after this cycle I'll be taking a 1 to 2 month break to save $ for IVF so I might as well try to lose some weight. I'm sorry that that didn't keep you more regulated though. PCOS is such a weird thing. TOGIRL, wow, you've been thru the ringer lately. I'm so sorry about the molar pregnancy. How long do you have to take a break for until you can get back into the TTC business?


pm1307 - June 1

Well honestly i lost it by leaving my ex- it was so much stress and not a healthy relationship. anyway and i started swimming and going to the gym everyday. changed my diet, i've gained like 15 pounds back, but i look great, my family said i was getting to thin before. and i've just tried to stick to that, i dont swim as much but i go to the gym 5 days out of the week. im really hoping i can start ovulating and that my AF come normally. Has anyone else taking provera and metformin? did anyone end up PG? And mega Thanks for welcoming me.


Mega - June 1

PM--You're welcome! :) Anyway, good for you for recognizing that you were in an unhealthy relationship & having the guts to leave! I'm on Met now & have been since last July. And like most PCOS women, I've used Provera more than a few times to induce AF. For some lucky PCOS'ers all it takes to get straightened out is Met. Maybe you'll be one of them!


pm1307 - June 1

Mega- So are you using met, for ovulation ? when i went into my doctor the other day she told me if all the blood work came back negative( she's also taking a PG test to make sure im not, cuz i havent got AF since 3/10, Then 16 days later i got it again but for 2 days and it was spotting) she's trying to be sfe with me. then she'd put me on provera and then metformin, and then she told me that when on metformin you have a chance of getting PG, I would hope i would, then if i dont get PG , she said we'll go on clomid. i really hope im a lucky one and all i neeed is to start ovulating and then i can get PG. Have you had any side effects from metformin? my OB is really understanding , she also has PCOS, And has 3 kids. so she understands were we are all coming from. im 23 and she said that its better i start sooner, rather then later.


Betzy - June 1

Hi ladies hope you are all doing well today. Mega thanks for the info. Yes, I would love twins. Maybe you and I will get lucky and have some :-) Let me know how things went for your friend. So, you are going to go with IVF? Hopefully this month you get that BFP on the Repronex. Good luck! Hi PM, It seems we're on the same boat. It's great that you have the discipline to keep an active and healthy lifestyle and that you have a good doctor. I hope metformin works out for you, I am supposed to start in a couple of weeks, maybe you and I can compare notes. Kirk and JB, how did the appointments go???


Betzy - June 1

Mega? Repronex is used to try on your own and for IVF right?


Kirk - June 2

Hi ladies!!! Hope you are all having a good day!! JB let us know how your appointment was??!?! I just got back from mine not too long ago but had to talk to every family member first before I could get on the computer!!! lol Oh I am so please. I did know that I ovulated a little late, so from my LMP I am 7 weeks today, but the little bean is measuring 6w. We saw it's little heart beat and my Dr. said everything is perfect. Yeah!!! Yeah!!! It is so hard for us with PCOS, you ladies all know, it is almost all we can think about. I know for all of you it is coming. Anything new with anyone??


Betzy - June 2

Hi TOGIRL, I am sorry to hear about your molar pregnancy and the metformin not working for you. Some of the ladies here have mentioned the South Beach Diet as a means for weight loss and success on other meds to promote fertility. I know that you can find what is right for you. Are you currently seeing an RE? Good luck.


Mega - June 2

Kirk--I'm so happy that your u/s went so well & you saw the bean's heartbeat. How magical that must've been for you. :) PM--Good luck with the Beta, the light AF & spotting could be a good sign. Fingers' crossed. Let us know when you get the results back. PCOS can get go so confusing. That's good though that your OB has PCOS too, mine did too, she was the one in fact that first diagnosed me & I found it helpful that Clomid helped her conceive her kids as well. I've been on Met for over a year, but always used it in conjunction with fertility drugs never really on its own. Abdominal type s/e are common, I get loose stools which is supposed to go away after a month or so but not for me. Though that could also partially be my IBS. TMI I know, & I apologize. :) Betzy, the twin pg thing sounds like a plan. Let's do that & we can be buddies during the whole 9 mos. :) Repronex can be used for IUI & IVF. I'm just using it for IUI right now, but I'll probably use it again when I do IVF, since I have a box left anyway. I just read a really cool success story from a lady who used Repro for IVF, she made 23 eggs & is now pg with twins. :) Well, have a great weekend, ladies.


Betzy - June 3

Hi Kirk. I think it's great that everything is going well. How did it feel to see the little heartbeat? Was DH there with you? How exciting! Mega, sounds good! There is hope for us all, you were right when you said there are numerous options. Hope you a great weekend as well, same goes for all of you ladies...


Carragh - June 3

Hi Betzy, I have PCOS too. I took Clomid for a year with out ever ovulating, then i suggested to my Dr. that i might have PCOS and she agreed that maybe I was right. She gave me Metformin and I got pregnant that next month. I then had a miscarriage (sad but early and at least I knew now I could get pregnant) I continued the Metformin and got pregnant and took Progesterone the first 3 months of pregnancy and now I have a 13 month of beautiful baby girl! We are trying for #2 now and it's again not as easy. I starting taking Metformin with nothing and now I am taking both Metformin & Clomid. I think I ovulated this month but still waiting on getting pregnant!. So Yes it works great!


JB0405 - June 5

HI Ladies... Sorry that I have been MIA for a while, I have been preoccupied with work and I am moving this weekend, aaaaaaggggggghhhhhh, so many things to do with so little time to do it all... Welcome Togirl & PM!! I am very excited for you Kirk, sounds like things are working out very well. My appt was last Thursday and I have 6-7 follicles all in early stages(6-9mm) but they're definitely there... I was told to continue the gonal F shot every morning until tomorrow when I go back for another u/s to check the status of the follicles. It is very encouraging but I don't want to get my hopes up and then get disappointed, I know I don't have to explain that to any of you... If they're at a good stage tomorrow, I will get the HCG shot and then IUI the day after... With that being said, I am anxious to see how they've grown on this new drug...Betzy, yes there is an increased chance of pg & multiples with clomid and that together with a drug like gonal f, it is even more of a possibility. Keep your fingers, toes & eyes crossed for me...LOL!!! I will report in as soon as I am able... Love, baby dust & belly rubs


pm1307 - June 5

so i got my results back on friday. Not PG :( But she called my prescripton in for provera and then on the 10th day im supposed to call her so she can call in my prescripton for Metformin, so what is the metformin going to help me with? im confused b/c she said it would help me ovulate etc., but then i read it doesnt', someone help me out with explaining what the provera and metformin will do for me? iknow provera will help me shed the uterine lining, but the mtformin? thanks


Betzy - June 6

Hi PM! Hope this helps:

Metformin is indicated for the treatment of diabetes and acts as in insulin sensitizing agent. Between 40%-70% of women with PCOS are insulin resistant which means that their bodies try to compensate by “overproducing” insulin. Insulin resistance can be detected by fasting serum levels of glucose and insulin.

High insulin levels produce excess male hormones by increasing androgen production by the ovaries leading to increased PCOS symptoms. Androgens are male hormones such as testosterone. High insulin levels also increase the production of LH by the pituitary gland. The high LH in turn leads to an even higher level of male hormones. In several recent studies, Metformin has demonstrated effectiveness in inducing ovulation in some women with polycystic ovarian syndrome by lowering both LH and male hormone levels.

PCOS is characterized by numerous small cysts on the ovaries and high levels of androgens which leads to excess body hair, a classic “pear shaped” body appearance” and anovulation.

Metformin reverses insulin resistance by sensitizing the cells to insulin thus lowering insulin levels, reducing androgen levels, and enabling ovulation. Metformin is usually administered at a dose of 500 mg three times daily (1,500 mg daily). It may be combined with Clomid if ovulation does not occur.


Betzy - June 6

PM, I was prescribed metformin, but I decided to start it after my appt with an RE. I just want to make sure they check my hormone levels before I start taking it. Metformin has been able to regulate ovulation for some of the ladies here and I am hoping it will do the same for me. Good Luck. Hi JB! I congrats on the follies. I hope they are nice and big tomorrow when you go for your u/s. I definately have my fingers (and toes) crossed for you! Let us know how it goes when you can. Are you moving far? Good luck. Hi Carragh! Welcome. Thanks for sharing your success story. Congrats on your baby girl! I am sure she'll soon become a big sister! Good luck to you and all the other ladies waiting on that BFP!



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