Just diagnosed w/ PCOS...
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Betzy - May 20

Hello everyone. I am 26 years old and have been having irregular periods for quite some time. My doctor would always tell me that I was ok as long as I got my period atleast every 40 days. My last period was March 3, I have never been this late. My doc just shrugged it off and prescibed prometrium to bring on my period but I did not take it , I wanted to know the source of the problem not just treat the symptoms. I kept insisting that they do something and finally they scheduled me fo an ultrasound, which I had yesterday 5/19. The u/s showed that my ovaries were enlarged and contained many little cysts. I can't help but wonder if my doc had been more concered or caring maybe he could have diagnosed this before. I wasn't really trying to get pregnant, but now that I know that I am not even ovulating, it's all I can think about. The doctor told me to take the Prometrium and then once I get my period to start on Metformin. Feedback from anyone that has this condition is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Good luck to everyone!


Kirk - May 22

HI Betzy!!

I to have PCOS, so I know how you are feeling. We were TTC, as we have a 4 year old and want more children. After trying for a long time, trying to chart, and not having regular cycles I went to my doctor. He immediately sent me to a fertility specialist. Well with my first visit to the specialist, I was put on the south beach diet and given Metformin right away!!! I strictly followed the diet, and the medication. I lost 38lbs in 4 months. The Dr. then put me on one cycle of birth control so see if that would get my ovulation started. That did not work. So then I went back 2 months later and as I was still not ovulating went on Chlomiphine. A low dose of 5 pills, on the 5th - 12th day of my cycle. That was April 18th. I found out on Thursday I am expecting. I am 4w3d. You can do it!!! Just make sure you are happy with your current Dr. If you aren't then you need to find someone else that will help you!!! I am crossing my fingers for you.


Mega - May 22

Congrats! on the BFP Kirk. That's wonderful. Have a happy, healthy 9 mos.
Betzy--At least now you know what's going on. I have PCOS myself, I've been dx over a year ago & been working with my RE since July. I had Ovarian Drilling done in Feb, which is helping me O much sooner in my cycle. I'm still waiting for that BFP, but there are tons of options out there proven for PCOS women. Alot of women who take Metformin for PCOS have luck with it, too. Hopefully you will too. I'm glad you're insisting on getting help, it's your body, trust your instinct. Also I agree with Kirk about the importance of finding a dr you like & trust. Maybe a RE who specializes in PCOS, that might be a good option for you. Anyway, PCOS is very treatable. Good luck. Hang in there!


Betzy - May 23

Hi Kirk and Mega! Thank you both for your replies and all the useful information. I feel alot better now that I know that there are options and treatments for this condition. You guys are definately right about finding a doctor I feel comfortable with, I have been with this one for years but it is time to move on. I have scheduled an visit with another gyn for the 16th and started the south beach diet. Kirk, congratulations! I am very happy for your success and also wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy. Did you already have an ultrasound? How exciting!


Betzy - May 23

Mega, thanks again for your reply. I am thinking of looking up a RE in my area as well. I wish you lots of luck and hope you get that BFP very soon! Lots of babydust!


Kirk - May 23

HI Betzy and Mega!!! Lots of babydust to both of you!!! I know it will happen for you. We can all do this!!!! Betzy, good for you for starting the south beach!! I found it so easy, I know you will to!! It was life changing for me. Mega, just let us know when you get the BFP, it is coming!!!! Both of you keep me up to date on things!!! I have my first ultrasound on June 1st. So I am crossing my fingers that everything is going to be okay. Okay, more babydust!!!


JB0405 - May 23

Hi Betzy, I had been diagnosed with PCOS years ago and wasn't really treated, I mean they did do blood & ultrasounds but yet I wasn't being treated, I was just told that I need to drop some weight and that is so much easier said than done for me. At the urging of my cousin, I started going to an Endocrin early last year and was put on METFORMIN & synthroid (for my hypothyroidism). Before we got married, we knew we wanted children so last year we were married... and this past February I started to see an RE, they did all the blood work and they did an ultrasound and saw the cysts like yours, many little ones(they call it a "pearl necklace") surrounding BOTH ovaries. You are not alone... My dh already has 1 child from a previous relationship and so we are tring for our 1st together. I just did IUI recently and am hoping that af does NOT show! Hi MEGA!!! How are you? Kirk-I am planning to start the south beach next week, would you mind if I ask for your help to get thru it? I have tried many things to lose weight but with the meds & everything else it is getting tougher... LOTS OF LUCK, BELLY RUBS & BABY DUST!!!


Mega - May 23

Kirk--Thank you. I'll definitely keep you guys posted. Good luck on your u/s on 6/4, I'll keep my fingers' crossed that your pg goes smoothly & is very healthy. Keep us posted on you & your little bean too. Betzy, great, I'm glad you're feeling better about your dx of PCOS, there are lots of us out there. And I'm so happy that you're looking into REs now as well. I highly recommend them as oposed to OBs. Good luck on your dr hunt. And I hope your OB appt. on the 16th goes well too. JB--Hi! So you're in the 2 ww now, huh? Good luck. What DP IUI are you now? I'll keep my fingers' crossed that AF is a no show. Was this your 1st IUI?


Betzy - May 24

Hi everyone! Hi there JB! Thanks for the reply! It helps alot to know that there are others out there that understand and are so supportive. I hope that the IUI worked for you and AF doesn't come around! How did you do with the metformin? Did it help with any symptoms or regulate your cycle? Good luck with the diet! I read that our condition can make it more difficult lose weight and I am sure that the meds like you mentioned don't help, but I know we can do this! I just started on Saturday and so far it hasn't been that bad, I just miss sweets. I guess I'll stick to my sugar free jello. Hi Kirk and Mega, thanks for the words of encourgament! Kirk, how are you feeling? Are you having any symptoms? Mega, how are you? I looked up an RE and made an appointment for the 16th and cancelled the other one. Did it hurt to the ovarian drilling? Hope you guys are having a great day! Best wishes to all!


Kirk - May 24

Hi ladies!!! JB... No problem I am here to help!! I found the south beach awesome. My DR actually told me to not lose anymore weight. He was shocked!! I think that it might have been the combination of the metformin and the south beach. Betzy don't worry about those sweet cravings they will go away and you won't even miss it!!! I was a candy addict!!! lol You guys will do great!!!! Betzy glad to hear you are seeing someone on the 16th. All the best!!! Mega, any news on a BFP yet!!! I have started to get just a few symptoms now, fatigue, sore chest, and cooking dinner last night wasn't really agreeing with me. lol Oh well I am sure it will get a lot worse. Hope everyone had a great day!!!


Kerri_md - May 24

Hi Betzy... I just wanted to share my story very quickly. I was dx with PCOS in July'05 b/c I had periods that were irregular and my doctor was going to start me on Clomid. He did an ultrasound and found the multiple cysts, so then he scheduled me for an HSG to make sure my tubes weren't blocked and then I began Clomid at 50mg in August when my period started over. Clomid didn't make me ovulate with the window that it was supposed to...but I did ovulated on my own on CD31(I used OPK and temping to know that I was O'ing) and we bd everyother day and I began taking Metformin 1 dpo. My doctor wanted me to increase the Metformin to a 2000 mg dosage, but I found out I was pregnant and so he kept the dosage at 1000mg which I stayed with until last week. Today at 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I will have a final sonogram because for some reason this baby girl is so comfy where she's at and hasn't begun to drop---she's very healthy and her birthday will most likely be tomorrow around noonish---so I just wanted to encourage you to hang in there, it can and WILL happen. Remember, I found out in July and by the next May I will be holding my precious baby (all within a year) Good luck to everyone and I can't believe it's truely happening...I'm gonna be a Momma tomorrow!


Mega - May 24

Betzy--Yay! I'm so glad you're going to a RE. Good luck with the appt, keep us posted. The Ovarian Drilling wasn't too bad actually. It's done during a laporoscopy so I was asleep the whole time. Afterwards they pump you full of drugs so there's not too much pain afterwards. Even DH admitted I wasn't "too whiney" (his words) as I was recovering. And best of all it's making me respond better to meds, though I wish I was producing more eggs on the Repronex. But I'm Oing so much faster than I ever did before, my cycles are sooo much shorter, which is nice. Ovarian Drilling isn't a good option though as a first pass thing. But it's something to consider later on down the road. Kirk--still working on that BFP! :) AF should come today so I can start cycle #2 on the Repronex. Sounds like Morning Sickness might be fast approaching. Feel better. Best yet, make your DH cook, say you're allergic to cooking for the first trimester. Ha! You know I've been on Metformin since July of last year, & I've always occassionally like sweets but no major sweet tooth or anything, & it's funny but since I've been on the Met I've had these major sweets cravings. Anyone else notice it getting worse on the Met? Or is it just me? I haven't really tried any diets yet or anything, but I might try South Beach for a month or so before I start IVF (which is my plan should this next injectible cycle not work). Especially since you all are doing so great on South Beach.


JB0405 - May 24

Hello ALL!!! Mega, this was the first IUI, it was done 2 Thurdays ago and I SAW signs of AF on Sunday then nothing till this morning when I went to the bathroom and there was a sign of AF so I am going to say that AF has won this round AGAIN!!! I don't feel anything right now, kind of numb...don't know what to say or do or think!!! Trying to stay positive...we'll see how it goes. CONGRATS Kerri_md...I'm sure she's off having that precious gift by now... Good Luck to everyone!!!


Mega - May 24

Wow, Kerri_md, what a great story. Congrats! Have a smooth (as smooth as can be) labor tomorrow. Good luck. I'd love to hear what you named your dd & how big she was, etc., so post back after she's born, when you're feeling better & if you have the chance too. I know you'll be busy...busy...busy. But thanks for sharing your success story.
Oh JB, I'm so sorry. It never gets easier. The only thing I can say is pamper yourself today. Do whatever it takes to get through this--hot fudge, crying, massage, WINE, whatever. Just to let you know though, it's not uncommon for IUI to take a few times before that wonderful BFP happens. So just b/c this IUI was a BFN does not mean you won't have success with IUIs. Hopefully try #2 will be your lucky time. In the meantime, hang in there. If you need to, come back here & VENT AWAY...That's what we're here for.


Betzy - May 24

Hi Kerri, thank you so much for sharing your story! Congratulations! I wish you lots of luck on your big day tomorrow, keep us posted! Hi JB, I am sorry AF showed up this time, but I have faith that your BFP is coming soon. Maybe you'll be next month's success story! We're here for you! Hey Kirk! I think Mega is on to something there, I think having dh cook is a great idea! Haha! I know I wouldn't mind! I hope you are feeling better today. Hi Mega, I am glad the ovarian drilling wasn't that painful and that it has worked for you! I didn't know about that procedure. I hope this next cycle gives you a BFP! Best wishes to everyone!


Mega - May 25

Thanks, Betzy. Yes, Ovarian Drilling (AKA diathermy) is just one of the zillions of possible options for PCOS. I really only had it done b/c I was getting a laporosocopy anyway, so since my dr was "in the neighborhood" anyway we decided doing the OD too would be a good option to try as well. Good luck to you this next cycle as well.


JB0405 - May 25

Hey all... Thanks for the words of encouragement...I appreciate it... Mega your "in the neighborhood" comment... VERY FUNNY...Betzy, thanks...It is tough and yes mega you're absolutely correct about all that you said... My dr wants me to try GonalF($150)...have any of you heard of this or tried this drug? I will go in tomorrow to learn more and iwill be on GonalF & Clomid...don't know if we're doing IUI again or just trying naturally with the drugs... I will update you all as soon as I can...



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