IUI Sucess Story
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Tracy - April 6

My husband has poor morphology (1st SA was 1% and 2nd SA was 3%). We've been ttc for 13 months and just learned yesterday I am pregnant. I know how stressful and emotional it can be and welcome any questions you might have.

For all the women trying to conceive, I have often thought, I wonder if I have the emotional fortitude to survive another failure and another starting over, but each month we start over I find the strength and the hope is renewed. The waiting... it almost seems cruel, but as my husband reminds me, "good things come to those who wait." I hope good things (either pink or blue) come to each and everyone of you.


Mega - April 6

Congrats! Tracy, wonderful news. Have a wonderful, healthy, happy 9 mos. Good luck. And thanks for sharing. My DH has low morphology too & we're doing IUIs as well. Each subsequential BFN is tougher & tougher. But you phrased it beautifully, we find the strength to go on & hope is renewed. So it's always nice to hear a success story. Keep us posted. Also, what meds do you use on your successful cycle?


Tracy - April 6

Thank you so very much for the well wishes and I keep all of you ladies in my prayers. I used subcutaneous Gonal-F injections and HCG trigger shots (Ovidrel). We did two rounds of inseminations this month. Our Doctor (who is truly wonderful) doesn't feel like the odds are any better than one well time IUI, but I had read conflicting information on the internet so pushed to do it.


JENZEY - April 6

Congratulations Tracy!!!


Mega - April 6

That's great Tracy. I'm on my 1st injectibles & IUI cycle. I'll be on Repronex, starting tonight. So it's esp. timely to read your success story. Do you credit the back to back IUIs then?


Tracy - April 6

In a way yes... They say you are suppose to ovulate about 36 hours after the trigger shot. So if you take the shot on Wed night, the IUI is scheduled for sometime Friday morning.

My bbs are always sore after I ovulate. I was not temping (taking by basal body temp)during our 1st IUI, but me breast became sore the night after the trigger shot which made me think I ovulated within 24 hours of the trigger shot, so when we did the IUI the following day, it might have just been too late (without temps though I didn't have proof), but I got a BFN.

This time I temped... The only problem was my temps were inconclusive. They went up the day after our 1st insemination and went up further on our 2nd insemination. I plot my data in FertilityFriend.com and the program kept moving the ovulation day back and forth. Needless to say, I think the more inseminations you do, the better chance of timing it perfectly.


Tracy - April 6

Oh - and good luck!!!!!!


Angie - April 6

Tracy, I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Take care of your body and your baby. I really want to believe what your husband says.


isa - April 7

Congrats Tracy -what after wash count did your dh have and what kind of motility? I am in my 2ww now after 6th iui (5 cycles on injections, 2 chemical pregnancies) and 1dpo, 1dp 2nd iui. I too like the double iui's. dh has low count and low motil. I have age issues.So glad to hear of a bfp this week.


TracyR - April 7

Congratulations Tracy!!! I am soooo excited for you! You are so supportive to everyone on this site and so knowledgeable... now you are an inspiration to us... We will all be in your shoes someday! (baby dust) to the rest of us!


Tracy - April 7

My fingers are crossed for everyone. I used to read this website regularly always looking for hope and want you to know there is hope!! Before washing: Volume was 2.6ml, Count 37 million/ml, 62% motility, 23 million/ml concentration, 60 million total motile sperm, 2.5 forward progression. After washing: Volume .5ml, Count 64 million/ml, Motility 93%, Motile sperm Concentration 60 million/ml, Total motile sperm 30 million, 3 forward progression. Also, dh is 41 and I am 36 and a half... this is our first. Keep the faith.


tsho20 - May 3

hello ladies, I'm the same Tracy that started this posting. Decided to change to tsho20 a while back due to some confusion.... Needless to say, I have an update. Triplets!!. Please keep us in your prayers, we have a long road ahead of us. Guess this only goes to show, can't depent too much on morphology. DH hit the bullseye three time in one month. : )


tonia - May 3

WOW!! Congratulations Tracy! You will be in my prayers! Good luck to you and dh!


TL - May 3

Just curious what day post IUI did you get the positive test? Did you do a pee test or just blood?
I am 13d/p IUI and I am getting anxious!
Best of luck to you :)


tsho20 - May 3

TL, I tested 9dpo and got a BFN and tested again 12dpo and got a BFP almost instantly (both were peeing on a stick). I went in later that day (12 dpo)and had a blood test, I got the results the next day confirming the pregnancy. Remember, our 1st month failed so don't lose faith if you aren't successful this month, but let's hope for the best!!!!GOOD LUCK!


JB0405 - May 3

Hi everyone, Tracy, WOW!! CONGRATS!! I have not done IUI but my dr wants me to go that route... do they inject all the sperm at 1 time or is it over a few visits?
BABY DUST to everyone!!!


tsho20 - May 3

It's a one time injection for each ejaculation. Our 1st IUI we did once. Our 2nd IUI we did twice (back to back days). Once on Thursday (one ejaculation) then again 24 hours later on Friday (DH made a second donation). Dr. thinks 2 is overkill, but I pushed to have it done twice. If you read backward on the postings you can get some more specifics (i went into more detail).



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