Is This Implantation Bleeding?
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Hoping for BFP - March 29

Today 28/3/06 is cycle day 24 - 10 days past ovulation. Early this morning around 3am I used the bathroom - upon wiping I saw a pinkish-brown discharge on the napkin - wore a sanitary napkin wholeday but had no more discharge.My AF is not due until saturday Could this be implantation bleeding?
Been ttc for 2 years now, was diagnosed with pcos,left blocked tube and insulin resistance, 6 failed clomid and 3 failed iui cycles - decided to take a break from drugs this cycle - husband insisted I try ovulex after reading about it online so I have been using it for 1 1/2 wks, also taking prenatal. I trully pray this is implantation bleeding.
Babydust to all ttc...


Lynn - March 29

Please monitor your bleeding. August of 2005, did an IUI and it ended in an ectopic. I bleed once a day and levels continued to rise. After 6 weeks, ultrasound showed nothing but uterus full of blood. Long story short, not trying to scare you, just making you more aware of yourself. I wrote when I bleed the whole time until D&C. Advocate for yourself. Good luck


pj - March 29

i heard implantation happens arond two weeks from ovulation....maybe you can test in a few days.....hope you have a BFP


bump - March 30




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