how do check your cervix ??
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Susie - May 1

Hi all, I am sorry for being so stupid but in a lot of the threads on this site people are saying to check the position of your cervix, where is it and how do i do this? Again sorry for my ignorance, All help would be gratefully recieved. Thanks.
Good Luck and LOADS of BABY DUST to all. x x


andrea - May 2

Hi Susie, It's really easy. Sit or squat (i do it at the toilet) and use a finger (make sure they are clean or you could cause an infection) and insert it. At the back of the vagina you will feel a round ball kind of thing. This is your cervix. In the end is the opening which is known as the OS and it opens and closes depending on where you are in your cycle. When you are very fertile your cervix is very high and you can barely touch it. It will also open up. When you arent fertile it will be low and closed. After a month or 2 you get the hang of it along witht he mucsous signs etc and it can be a great help at figureing out when you are fertile. My high is about 3 knuckles, my low is one knuckle up. Also it changes from firm like the tip of your nose when you are not fertile and soft like your lips when you are. I havent been able to figure out the soft and hard mine seems to always feel the same but I've read alot of people cant figure that part out either. Hope i helped.


susie - May 2

Hi Andrea, Thanks ever so much thats really helpful, The more I can check the better. Good luck ttc. x x


Amanda - May 3

What do you mean 1-3 knuckles??



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