high PROLACTIN levels
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Amber - June 9

Hey Trudy,
That is GREAT news!! Congrats! I hope I am as lucky and am quick to get pregnant. This will be my first full month on Dostinex so hopefully things get back to normal levels and everything is fine! :)


jodi - June 11

I have a reported prolactin level at 33.4, and will by starting dostinex very soon. I also have a lower progesterone level, however i get a period regularly and i also ovulate. My fsh levels also came back great. My R.E. feels that this was the problem for my pregnancy loss. does anybody feel that these medicatuons could do the trick? And maybe help us get pregnant?


Rachael - June 12

I think I may have high prolactin which may be keeping me from getting pregnant. My fertility monitor says that I'm not ovulating and I have milky breast discharge. Does anyone know what causes this? I'd really rather not take drugs if possible but am 37 and we have been ttc for 6 months...


Amber - June 12

Jodi....Dostinex will lower your prolactin levels and from what I have read online it is fast acting and it warns that if you are trying not to conceive right away to use other forms of protection.....so I am thinking that it regulates levels quickly and will help with pregnancy. Check online for more information.
Rachael...I would suggest seeing your doctor about the breast discharge...That can be a sign of high prolactin. My levels can get very high but I have never had the discharges althought that question was asked by my doctor all the time. Also, high prolatin can prevent ovulation and infertility....but with medication this can all be fixed up!


jodi noel - June 12

amber, thanks for the info.. it gave me some hope, because i could find no other info on dostinex, except for what it is used for.


Sara - June 15

My most recent prolactin was 45. I am currently on Dostine (for one week) Is 45 really high, or just a little high. Has anybody had close to these levels. I also have not had a period since January. What are my chances of conceiving?


Andrea - June 15

I have had an elevated prolactin level for over 5 years, and had a pituitary tumor diagnosed about 4 years ago. I have taken both Dostinex and bromocriptine. Apparently the later is recommended for those ttc, though it has nasty possible side effects. Elevated prolactin will affect fertility, and I personally believe contributes to miscarriage, but my Dr. refuses to admit it was the cause. After taking bromocriptine I did become pregnant again and had a healthy baby boy 2 years ago. In short, the meds work. Good luck.


Shalini - June 15

hey guys i too have had high prolactin
and it went as high as 114 but i took cabergoline and everything is all set now yes i too had breast milk n so on but all was tajen care so dont worry


yemmy - June 16

What is the causes of high prolactin level


merlee - June 17

Hey everyone. I also have a high prolactin level of 28. I have always had VERY tender and Painful breasts because of it, but didn't know until January. I believe this is the cause of my infertility (12 day luteal phase). Now I use Natural Progesterone cream after ov. each month and my breast are not the least bit tender, my angry phase of PMS and cramps are all but gone and my luteal phase is now 13 -14 days. This month I ran out of Prog. cream and I was very weepy, rageful, and my breasts hurt so bad it hurt to take my bra off. I was a mess. I will never miss using the cream again even if it doesn't get me preg. Has anyone else tried Progesterone cream?


Renee - June 20

JODI - Seems like we're in the same situation. I have regular periods and ovulate but haven't been able to get preg for a year -- my prolactin is 35 and I just started Dostinex last week ... Have you started it yet?


Liz - June 21

i just found out that i have to get an mri done to make sure i don't have a pituitary tumor or hyperprolactinemia, what happens if i do have a tumor? does it get removed? my levels are at 44, my RE told me that 29 is normal.
i have regular periods and ovulate every month...so i'm confused as to why my levels are high and i don't have any symptoms of it.


morgan - June 24

I am ttc- and after not succeeding, I went to have blood work done. The results were all good, my progesterone level was 13.5- eight days after I ovulated, but my prolactin level was at a 77. I have, strangely enough, had numerous symptoms for a few years. But never had any real answers as to why or what was wrong with my breasts. I am just glad to now have the answers- and hopefully with that my Husband & I will concieve. With levels this high, should it be long before they are lowered? And should I go to see an R.E. or a regular endocrinologist?


Nicole - June 27

I have high prolactin levels as well. I just found out a week ago and was put on dostinex. My levels were 34, and another time 39. I am 23, and was diagnosed w/ polycystic ovaries when I was 15. Except for the first 4 periods, I've NEVER been able to have a period on my own. Alll of my other hormones are totally normal. Do you think high prolactin levels could be the cause of my annovulation? I've gotten an MRI, and it was clear.


Tonya - June 29

Hi everyone. My prolactin level was at 198 when I begin taking dostinex in January of this year after a tumor was ruled out. By the end of May my level was 15. I no longer have the breast discharge, but my periods are still irregular????...I'm 26 and have been pregnant 3 times but none to term. What other options are available?


N - June 29

I have had nipple discharge for some time, but I didn't bring it up to the doc, I am ttc again now, I have had children before. My cycles are longer (35 days) but regular. Do you think my prolactin levels could be to high? Should I get that checked out?



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